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Chapter Thirteen

Ginny walked into Draco's dorm to find him still sleeping in the bed. He looked so amazingly innocent when he slept that she hated to disturb him. But she needed to talk to him. It had been two and a half weeks since they began to date and told the other that they loved each other. Things were amazing, too, but with graduation three days away Ginny really needed to talk to him.

She crawled into his bed and threw the covers over herself, cuddling up next to him, getting as close as possible. He moved his arm to wrap it around her and opened his eyes to look at her.

"I could wake up like this everyday." He said, kissing her lightly on the cheeks. Ginny scrunched up her nose a bit.

"If you brush your teeth first." She said playfully and he smirked at her.

"You're up pretty early for feeling so sick last night." Draco said and Ginny frowned a bit when he mentioned her being sick.

"Yeah. I guess I just needed sleep. And I missed you of course." She said flirtatiously and Draco smiled at her. A genuine smile that only the rare saw.

"So what's on your mind?" He asked, obviously knowing something was eating at her. She was not normally a morning person and yet here she was at eight in the morning, wide awake.

"Where do you see us going after Friday?" She asked and Draco shifted. They hadn't really talked about it until now, but they both just assumed the relationship would continue the way it was going.

"I will have my own place and I will save you from your over-protective family. You can live with me and we will go to school. It will be perfect." He said and Ginny nodded, trying to fight away tears. She succeeded without Draco noticing.

"So we're going to stay together?" She asked and Draco nodded, kissing her on the forehead. "What if something messed up the plan you have?" She asked and Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing could mess it up. I love you and you love me. It's fool proof. We will live together and go to school together in the healer program. You have your scholarship and I have enough money for my school and to support us throughout school. Then we will get married and have our own family." Draco said and Ginny laid her head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. "I always wanted to be a healer and because of you I am going to do it. This is the dream Ginny." He said and she nodded, seemingly satisfied. Draco nodded and kissed her head, before slowly drifting off to sleep once more.

After an hour nap, Ginny woke up to find herself still in Draco's bed. He had rolled to the other side which made it easy for her to sneak out of the bed. She placed her feet on the cold stone floor and slipped on her shoes once she reached the door. She looked back at Draco once more and sighed.

"You can keep your dream. I guess I will be making my own." She said, placing a hand on her stomach. She quickly wiped away a tear and rushed out of the room, afraid of crying completely.

Draco jumped up when he heard the portrait shut. He looked around and realized Ginny was gone now. She probably went to get food. He sat up scratching his head, wondering if he actually heard her say anything or if he dreamt it. Either way he couldn't make out what she said.

Ginny walked towards the Great Hall, grabbing Veronica as soon as she saw her. She didn't say a word to her friend as she dragged her away from the crowd of hungry students. Ginny held Veronica's arm and brought her to the corridor by Dumbledore's office. That's when she finally stopped.

"Gin what's wrong? You look like you've been crying." Veronica asked, immediately concerned for her best friend.

"Veronica tell me you will do anything for me even if I don't tell you everything right at this moment." Ginny said and Veronica raised an eyebrow at her closest friend before nodding slowly.

"Of course I will. You know that." Veronica said and Ginny nodded taking a deep breath.

"Go see Dumbledore. He has something for you. It will probably take all day but I really need you to do it and I need you to understand that it is important." Ginny said and Veronica looked at her confused, but sensed the urgency and nodded. Ginny walked with her friend up until they reached the Gargoyle leading to Dumbledore's office. Ginny then hugged her friend tightly, told her that she loved her and promised that it would make sense later.

Ginny stood and watched Veronica walk up the steps. She waited until the Gargoyle was back in its normal position before walking away. This was the right thing to do. It just had to be.

Ginny then spent the remainder of the day avoiding every person possible. She ran into Colin and Faye once, both asking if she had seen Veronica at all. She shook her head and made an excuse to leave. She spent the day thinking away what she was doing and repetitively telling herself that it was the right thing to do. No one may know it now, but one day they will see how right it is.

Ginny woke the next morning to Veronica shaking her rapidly. She groaned and looked at her friend, before looking around to see an empty common room.

"Why did I just take seventh year NEWTS so I could graduate Friday?" Veronica asked, worried that he friend had completely lost it this time. Of all the things Ginny ever asked her to do, this was the most bizarre. Ginny stretched and sat up, explaining the story to Veronica, who sat there, staring at her in complete shock.

"I couldn't tell you before you took the tests because I needed your mind on the tests so you could pass. I knew you were smart enough to pass now and I couldn't imagine doing this without you." Ginny said and Veronica nodded.

"I tell Colin tonight." Veronica said, understanding the importance of it all and that Ginny's mind was completely set.

Ginny looked at herself in her gold gown. She would be graduating in an hour and then everything would be different. She walked down to the common room and noticed Veronica and Colin on the couch. Ginny really did feel bad for separating them, but she knew they both understood. In a year, Colin would join them, but for now this is how it had to be and they accepted that.

They noticed her and walked over to her. Colin gave Ginny a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She thanked him a million times, holding back tears. A bell rang throughout the school, telling the graduates to head to the Great Hall. Veronica kissed Colin about fifty times, before they finally walked away from him. Ginny wiped away a tear knowing she was putting them through hell, but she needed Veronica by her side. Now more then ever. But she also knew that this would be the last time they would see each other for a year.

Once in the Great Hall, Draco rushed over to the two girls, Blaise at his side. They exchanged glances, wondering out loud why Veronica was graduating.

"You think I can let you guys have all the fun." She said and they joked for a few moments, before Dumbledore told them to line up in alphabetical order. Draco smiled at Ginny once more and kissed her deeply.

"I'll see you after we graduate." He said a devious smirk on his face like always. Ginny chose not to comment on it.

"I love you." Was all she said and he responded with the same. He squeezed her hand wishing her luck and telling her not to trip. She forced a smile, although her stomach and heart were in a mess.

Ginny placed her hand in her pocket as she walked with Veronica to the edge of the forest. She had her trunk shrunken and in her pocket as well as any other belongings. Veronica had done the same, but she also carried a backpack with the essentials they might need full sized.

Harry stood waiting for him and for a moment, Ginny wanted to turn around, but knew she had to do this. It was the best for Draco. He could go through school and live a happy life with no responsibilities just yet. Harry smiled as they walked over to him.

"Why did you change your mind?" He asked while grabbing their hands, ready to apparate them away to the place he had picked out.

"I'm pregnant and I love Draco more then anything. I couldn't ruin his dreams by giving him an unexpected child. He has so much planned and I don't want to ruin it for him with this." Ginny said quickly and bluntly. Harry nodded, figuring it was something like that. He knew Ginny loved Draco, he could tell by the look in her eyes. He knew they were over, but he still loved her and she would always be a close friend.

"Well then your child will have the best mother ever. As well as a supportive Aunt Veronica and Uncle Harry." He said and Ginny smiled knowing none of this was easy for him. He nodded at the girls and the responded with a nod, letting him know they were ready. They needed to leave before anyone saw them. It could ruin any chance of escaping without anyone telling them no.

Harry apparated them away with a loud three person pop. None of them were aware of the several pops that appeared suddenly around them as they disappeared.

Who would have thought rouge Death Eaters would attack the school on graduation night…