Hello everyon! This idea has been running through my mind for a few days. I finally decided to actually write it thanks to the support of two of my friends here. I'm not sure about the idea yet but I hope that you'll find the story intresting enough. The story is not GokuderaxOC though even though I have entered a weird OC in. I would really appreciate your comments on this, sorry for my grammar though, if there is anyone who is inresting to be a beta for the story I would be really thankful if he/she can help.

Disclaimer; Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn belongs to Akira Amano

Namimori; a peaceful, beautiful place to spend a normal daily life; well, it used to be like that before certain people move there. Since then, and under everyone's noses, Namimori has been an active location for Mafia and has a great future ahead of it when it comes to this; but that's a completely different story, as Namimori is not what this story is about.

Let's focus on someone else, one of the 'certain' people who moved there; Gokudera Hayato. Gender; male, age;15, hair; grayish, eyes; green, dream; to become Vongola's boss right-hand man. Our story started about a month ago. By that time our hero was supposed to be assassinated, that peaceful evening in Namimori was when everything begun. Gokudera was loitering around the streets with a rather stiff expression on his face.

"Che... Jyundaime went to that party along with the baseball mutt. It seems that people pity Yamamoto and invite him everywhere. Like that he can approach Jyundaime and trash talk for me in order to obtain the position of the right hand man. Everything come to pieces, I knew that this mutt was planning something!"

Of course that was only Gokudera's point of view. The clear truth was that his schoolmates were afraid to invite him for three reasons; they were finding him scary, they were finding him scarier when he was holding dynamites claiming that he had to protect a Jyundaime, his Mafia boss, and they were finding him even scarier when thinking of the time he blew up a birthday cake saying that it was poisoned and he had to protect his boss, in the first and last party they invited him. On the top of that, Yamamoto wasn't the type who would trash talk anyone so, obviously, he had nothing to do with this.

"I must find a way to beat him!"


Busy people-actually normal people-think about their problems. Candidates for the position of the right hand man of a Mafia boss worry about how to beat their rivals and strange people laugh randomly in a weird way in front of random citizens. Gokudera met one of them that time, maybe the weirdest one.

"Gokudera Hayato!"

Of course our hero wasn't used to something like this; not everyone jumps out of nowhere and points at you calling your name loudly; especially when he is someone you have never met before. In that case that weird pupil was a girl between 15-17 with blond hair and black highlights who was wearing a long grey trench coat and she was holding a gun; obviously a foreigner. Gokudera, naturally, arched an eyebrow, that girl had stood there in a challenging way and he didn't know what to think. Stalker? Crazy? Weirdo? She could be all of this if a small detail was missing; she was holding a gun and not one which could pass unnoticed; a German 'Schmeisser" MP-40. Who knows how this gun had ended in her hands.

"Just who the hell are you?" he asked.

"HahahahahaHAHA-ha! Thanks for asking! I'm Cameo Croceverda! Croceverda's awesome hitman!" she said pointing at herself.

"Ahhh... I've never heard about you..." he said. "So, just go away. I don't have time to-"

"You should know me! I'm an active member of Cosa Nostra, I even have an alias! How mean!" she claimed crossing her arms, nodding to herself.

"Then, why do you use your real name to introduce you self?" he asked pouting.

"Euh?" she exclaimed and turned nervously but then she shook her head and stood in a supposed-to-be cool way while pointing at him. That was to confuse you!" she claimed.

"Yeah right, I'm outta here," he said.

"Don't underestimate Croceverda's Hitmen! Die, Vongola's consigliere!"

Gokudera turned with his eyes wide open, ready to avoid the attack but instead of that he saw that weird hitman standing there with a frozen evil smirk on her face, probably surprised as much as him. He sweat dropped; that Hitman was pulling the trigger again and again but no bullet was coming out and with each try her smile was getting more and more nervous. She was stubbornly pulling the trigger again and again until she started panting.

"Get ready to die!" she said focusing her attention on the gun.

"Really, I'm surprised you managed to get info on my family, but are you really a Hitman? I don't waste my time for third rated assassins, especially when they are girls," he said ready to leave.

"Don't underestimate Croceverda's Hitmen! No matter what gender they are or how they eat their spaghetti!" she said surrounded by a strange aura which was making her hair waving. "Arrivederci Vongola's consigliere!"

Gokudera looked at her surprised, the Looney was ready to make a comeback. However the gun she was holding that time was rather unusual. It had barrels to both sides, something he had never seen before, and in fact, could someone use a gun like that?

"Hea-OH! I forgot! I'm prohibited to use it here!" she said and the aura vanished just like that.


"Hold on, I'll chan-"

"Like I'll let you do that!" Hayato said attacking the weirdo.

That made the gun slip away from her hand and fall on the ground, but that wasn't all. That strange gun discharge and a blue glowing bullet flied directly to Hayato's chest. After that, a pink fume covered them, Gokudera assumed that it was another strange weapon; who would ever attack with pink fumes?

When the fumes finally cleared, the so-called assassin was still standing right in front of him blinking; such an audacity she had. He was ready to start yet another fight when that girl let a scream and backed off looking frightened.

"That wasn't supposed to happen you know," she mumbled. "Arriverderci Gokudera Hayato. Cameo Croceverda will return! HahahahaHAHA-ha!" she laughed with that weird way running away with her gun. "...Probably.. Or not..."

"Che... No one mess with the Vongola!" he said. "Being called consigliere wasn't bad though," he mumbled.

Finally, he was able to continue his way. That day was rather exhausting and random assassins never make a day easy. As usual, the infamous smoking bomb took out a cigarette, but when he was ready to light it up another disturb came to him; two punks he had never seen before.

"Cigarette's are not for ladies," the first said slyly.
"You should be more careful, you'll damage your perfect skin like this," the other said wrapping his hand around Hayato's waist.

Gokudera's blood started boiling, the last he needed was men hitting on him and insulting him by calling him a lady. Without a second thought -as always- he took out his dynamites grunting, but those fools just smiled.

"These are dangerous things for a girl," the first said leaning down. "What about y-"

"Who did you can girl? DIE!" he barked.

Few minutes later, when the fumes finally cleared those two guys were on the ground uttery beaten by the explosion and Gokudera was standing over them taking deep breaths. He had to calm down, loosing his cool wasn't an option. He had to train his self to stay calm if he wanted to beat Yamamoto on that. Hoping that no one else would block his way he put his hands into his pockets, took a big breath and started walking again. His nerves and mood were in bad condition yet again, maybe worse than they were before he met that hitman.

"Hn. Nobody calls Gokudera Hayato a girl! I, Gokudera Hayato, am a growing-up, powerful, trustful..." he started, flattering his own self, and he finally looked into a glass to take the whole picture. "GIRL?"

His voice echoed into the streets drawing the attention of many people who were just passing by... But that was only the beginning...

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the first part. More chapters will come as soon as possible,