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It is now seven years later. Inuyasha is the owner of one of the biggest corporations in Japan. Kagome works with her and in her free time she takes care of the kids in a mansion. (OMG YES I SAID IT KIDS! COOL MANSION!) Sango is the vice president of a very, very successful corporation and Miroku is the president. Kagome and Inuyasha have three kids and one on its way, but Inuyasha doesn't know yet. Sango is in the same situation, but she has four kids. (Ooh Miroku… Inuyasha…) Well let's see how things are going.

"Inuyasha where is the darn FOOD!" Kagome yelled to Inuyasha.

"I don't know… why are you so hungry, we went out for food like two hours ago…" Inuyasha said looking at his paperwork.

"Why… so I look faattttttt!" she said at she started to cry. Inuyasha ran up and hugged her.

"No you don't look fat, you're perfect," he said still holding her.

"Are you sure…"

"No… I'm positive."

She smiled then kissed him. Then one of their 2 year old kids came in and said, "Ooh… I saw mommy kissing daddy…"

They broke the kiss and Inuyasha ran over and picked up the 2 year old and said, "So, why are you being so nosy Hikaru? Oh and where is nanny Kaede?"

"I'm not nosy, I'm just cute!" Hikaru said.

Inuyasha laughed and said, "Well yes you are, but do you know what nosy means? (She shrugged)… so where's nanny Kaede?"

"I don't know…"

"Fine, then go over to the playpen next to here okay?"

"Okay daddy…" He put her down then she left. He turned to Kagome and said, "Now… where were we?"

She smiled and was about to say something then she felt like she was going to throw up and ran to the bathroom. She came back after about 10 minutes in the bathroom and said, "Uh… sorry what were we talking about?"

He walked up to her and put his hand on her head and said, "Kagome are you okay?"

"Uh… ye-" she started to say.

"Don't say yes because I heard you throwing up."

"… I'm fine, I… I… just…"

"Kagome… something's wrong, tell me…"

"It's just that…" RING! The phone rang and Inuyasha went to go pick it up and Kagome ran out of the room. When Inuyasha finished on the phone he was about to go look for Kagome when the doorbell rang. Then Inuyasha opened it to find an ecstatic Sango.

"WHERE'S KAGOME AND WHY DID YOU GET HER PR-" was what Sango said before Inuyasha covered her mouth.

"Damn haven't you noticed that my ears are sensitive and I don't know where Kagome is and what did I do?" he said as he rubbed his ears and took his hand off Sango's mouth.

"Oh then go find her," she said then she said in her mind, "I guess he doesn't know."

"Well that's what I was trying to do before you came and what did I do?"



"I… I… oh look Kagome's here let's go Kagome!" she said as Kagome came down the stairs and she ran up to her and she pulled her out the house leaving a confused Inuyasha.

"Uh… bye Kagome… I guess…" he said as he watched them leave.

"What did I do to Kagome? Let me think all I did was…" he said in his mind until he was pulled out of his thoughts by a cute little three year old.

"Daddy!" said the cute little three year old.

He smiled and picked the three year old up, "Hi Misaki, how's one of my favorite girls?"

"Fine and you," she said with her little lisp.

"I'm fine… where's nanny Kaede?"

"She's playing with Ryota."

"Oh then go take Hikaru and go play with Ryota and nanny Kaede."

"Okay daddy…" she said as she hugged him and left.

With Kagome and Sango…

"Ugh, Sango you almost told him!" screamed Kagome.

"Sorry… it kind of slipped out," said Sango.

"Okay I'm going to tell him tomorrow, but how?"

"I don't know…"

"Oh, I've got it!"


"I'm gonna make baby carrots, baby ribs, and baby… baby…"


"Yeah! Okay now how are you gonna tell Miroku?"

"Tell me what?" said Miroku as he walked in.

Sango froze. Then she said, "Um… tell you that… tell you that…"

"Tell you that she burnt the food so she's gonna order out?" said Kagome as she saved Sango's life.

"Oh, okay what do you want?" said Miroku.

Sango was still frozen so Kagome said for her, "Pizza she wants pizza."

"Okay…" he said as he left while a small child came in.

"Mommy Gome, Gome!" said the small child as she ran to the two women and hugged them. (She can't say Kagome.)

"Hi Emiko," said Kagome.

"Hi Gome!" she said.

"Emiko go play with your siblings: Chiyo, Hajime, and Eiji," said Sango.

"Okay mommy bye!" she said as she ran out.

"That was a close one," said Kagome.

"A close one? That was closer than close!" said Sango.

"And I thought that I was having mood swings…"

"I am not having mood swings I'm just crazyyyyy!" she said as she started to cry.

Kagome sighed and comforted Sango.

With Inuyasha...

Inuyasha was in his study, still thinking about what he did to Kagome.

"Okay… we had one fight, but I took her to her favorite restaurant and said sorry. She can't be still mad we even made up… UH OH!" Inuyasha thought, "She can't be… she would have told me… I think. I guess I'll just wait and see."

Kagome came back home a couple of hours later. She waved bye to Sango and walked upstairs. She changed her clothes and checked up on the kids. They were all asleep. She smiled and went back to her room and laid down next to a sleeping Inuyasha. Well what she thought. As soon as she lied down Inuyasha turned to her, which kind of startled her.

"I- I thought you were asleep…" she said. He said nothing. "Inuyasha?"

"How come you didn't tell me?" he said quietly.

Her eyes widened. "Um… wh- what are you t- talking about?"

"You're going to have another baby…"

"I… um… well…"

"Kagome…" he said as he kissed her forehead, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm sorry I thought that you were going to be upset…"


"Because a couple of weeks ago the kids were playing rough and they broke one of the vases and you said why do you kids have to so rough go to your rooms and I don't want to see you until dinner. Then when they left you said there are too many kids in this house…" she said on the verge of tears.

"Kagome… and you thought that I would be upset because I don't want anyone else in the house?" he said. She nodded. "You idiot… I'm thrilled and you should be too."


"No buts…"

"You're not upset?"

"Of course not because I love you and I love everything that you bring to this world."

"Thank you Inuyasha…" she said as he hugged her and kissed her.

"Another new beginning to this crazy little book we call life…" he said as they kissed again.


Aw, how sweet! Now let's talk about the ending… Inu said that there was a new beginning to this crazy thing called life. So… new beginnings means… NEW STORY! YAY! Okay that was the surprise. So look out for my next stories: 1 Inuyasha with more Sango, more Miroku, more Kagome, more Inuyasha, and more… SHIPPO! YAY… yes you can do happy dances, a couple of Inuyasha stories about them in our time, a couple of other stories about other shows if I want… SO YAY!! SEE YA IN THE NEXT STORY!! BYE, BYES!