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:Chapter One:
180 Degree Emotions

I was drowning.

Water surrounded me, filling up every space, every gap, every atom. I was breathing it, hearing it, choking with it.

"SAKURA!" Like a lighthouse in treacherous rains, a sharp yell broke through my consciousness.
Rough hands grabbed the fabric of my shirt heaved upward.

No, not heaved. Sasuke never heaved. I was plucked rather. Plucked from my dark water-filled abyss and dumped unceremoniously on concrete flooring. I barely managed to croak "Thank you" before a rather large amount of chlorine saturated water flowed from my mouth.

How attractive.

"What was that about?" Sasuke asked an hour later. We were sitting in the nurse's office waiting for her to find some dry clothing in my size.

I shrugged. "You were there. I'm sure you saw it."

"It was a bit hard to miss," he said dryly. "Our gym class was taking a short cut to the east gym that took us through the pool room." His mouth twitched as if he was hiding a one of those arrogant smirks of his. "You tripped and I end up pulling something akin to a drowned rat from the pool."


Drowned rat?! I wasn't a raving beauty – that I was sure of – but surely I didn't look like the estranged fifth cousin to Mickey Mouse!

"Here you go, honey." The nurse emerged from the back closet carrying what looked like an entire week's worth of clothing in her arms. "These should fit you just find."

I gingerly accepted the massive bundle from her. "Um, thanks."

"No problem, honey." She patted my shoulder and I flinched. "Would you like to change in the back room?

No, I'd rather just strip down right here, I thought, rolling my eyes.

I trudged my way over to the back room, leaving damp footprints in my path.



No no no no no no no.

I stood in front of a cracked mirror staring – no, glaring – at my appearance. Or lack thereof. The school nurse was either blind or I was harboring an extra 100 pounds of fat that I was unaware of.

I checked the tag on the pants just to make sure I wasn't going senile.

Nope, I wasn't.

A bright red XXXL glared at me. I let go of the pants.

And they fell straight to my ankles.

The sweatshirt wasn't much better. I had to push up the sleeves just to use make my hands visible. The neckline plunged like a Hooters tee and the hem fell just below my knees.


I painstakingly made my way back to the front of the nurse's office. Simultaneously holding my pants and neckline up.

Sasuke – God help him – looked as if he was going to burst. His body was wracked with shaking spasms and his mouth took on an odd twist. It was obvious what he wanted to do. He wanted nothing more than to collapse on the floor in an apoplectic laughing fit. I was sure of it.

Damn him.

"Oh dear," the nurse said, "This won't do at all. Wait a moment." The nurse went into the supply closet.

She came back holding a long length of bright yellow rope.

Before I could protest she began wrapping the stuff around my waist.

She stood back, "There, that should do it."

I looked down not knowing what to expect (a miracle perhaps?).

As it turned out, the nurse had made a makeshift belt with the yellow rope. So instead of sagging to my ankles, the pants were now held firmly in place only about three inches below my… bosom.


Sasuke was an unsurprisingly good sport about it. Other than his near breakdown in the nurse's office, he didn't mention or acknowledge my ridiculous attire. I did get quite a few stares and comments (from Ino, "What the heck happened to you?") but overall the rest of the day went by without a hitch (in other words, no more falling into pools).

He did, however, mention the incident as he was giving me a ride home. "Why didn't you tell me that you can't swim?" he asked.

"I can too swim!" I said indignantly. "I was taken completely by surprise."

"Hn," he said. He appeared casual but his body was rigid and his hands gripping the steering wheel were chalk white against the already bright paleness of his skin.

I nearly jumped out of the car when Sasuke pulled up to my house. He was getting in one of his brooding moods and I didn't know why. "Bye!" I waved and darted to my front door.

But he was straight on my heels. I gave myself a reality check as I felt a shiver run down my spine. This is Sasuke, I thought. What do I have to be afraid of?

Nothing, of course. But as I noticed a dark gleam in Sasuke's onyx eye's, I started to think I wasn't so sure…

"Do you want to watch TV?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I want to talk."

Talk. Okay, he wants to talk. No problem.

"But maybe you should change first."

I looked down. I'd completely forgotten about the clothes that I was literally swimming in. I shrugged. "I'll only be a minute."

As I shed my clothes I pondered over Sasuke's drastic change in attitude. A Uchiha thing perhaps? Yes, that must be it. A strange sort of Uchiha PMS. How could I have not seen it sooner.

I had just pulled on a pair of loose jeans when I felt another shiver run down my spine.

I whirled around.

And there he was.

I opened my mouth but the words had formed a jumble in my brain. I could only comprehend one thing.

Sasuke was in my room.

I stood in jeans and a bra and Sasuke was in my room.

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