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Dear Reader,

For if you are a senior reader, you will know that TDoHS once gave me the impetus to revise this hit-or-miss after losing my appetite for TMoHS. That motivation died quickly, so I entertained the thought of eventually deleting the entire story. On the night of, I had my cursor ready to click the delete button, but I couldn't do it. I have, rather belatedly, chosen to let the fic be; I will republish the chapters I erased from the fic's archive, only editing structure, pace, and minor scenes to give the story a face-lift. This surgical process will be painfully slow.

To humbly echo what I had confessed eons ago:

I can not make the story more than what it already was by tearing down the entire skyscraper. I can only add equilibrium and realism. Authoring this at too young of an age, I remember not being very serious about TMoHS. I stumbled upon one fic, came out inspired, and wrote the first episode of "Unmasked" without discretion. I also didn't have a bond with the TMoHS novels, so my drama relied on the dubbed anime's first season.

The dub moved me enough to experiment with painting a dark portrait of Itsuki Koizumi's internal destruction. After doing so, I came up with the plot as I went along and did some character-mining late in the game. In spite of these flaws, the fact that I was emotionally invested into Unmasked was the best thing about writing it; I can't knock that. When you think about it, having that kind of attachment would probably be the most important factor. I learned a lot about my own subconscious mind.

I have been on a Frozen/Tangled (Disney) donor crusade lately, so a conclusion to Unmasked is not in the wind, but a rewrite of the raw content will soothe my conscience so that I won't be tempted to remove it again. The explicit MA version will be placed on Archive of Our Own while the tame material stays here.

~Your Unsound Authoress,


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