Title: Unmasked
Category: Anime/Manga » TMoHS
Author: xXxJazzy B. RealxXx
Rating: Mature
Genres: Horror/Violence/Romance/Adult Content
Published: August 13, 2008

Author's Note

About a year ago, I wrote a letter stating that "Unmasked" was cancelled. Fortunately, most of you were right about one thing: The Disappearance film did open new gates, and I plan on penning fresh stories for this pairing when I get the chance! Of course, getting such a chance is going to be difficult, but I am working towards it! Before I pursue said stories, I'd like to revise "where it all began."

It will take a while, but "Unmasked" is going to have a redaction, and possibly, a continuation. If not a continuation of the full story, then I plan on posting the chapter I had in the closet. It won't be an "ending," but it'll be an addition. However, I am not sure if I should delete the chapters that are already up or simply leave them as is; what do you think about this? Is that the proper thing to do when you're revising? I really want to "move on" from this story, but I feel like I won't be able get into another if I can't look back on this one without sneering.

Authoring this at age sixteen, I remember not being very serious about this series when I jumped into writing out a messy little drama for it. I also didn't have the tightest relationship with the TMoHS novels, so I mostly depended on the dubbed anime for emotional investment, and I believe Unmasked was written before the second season came out. In the midst of this, I had also stumbled on one fanfiction, came out inspired, and wrote the first chapter of "Unmasked" rather whimsically. After that, I sort of "came up with the plot as I went along" and did some character-digging late in the game. In spite of these flaws, the fact that I was so emotionally invested into Unmasked was the best thing about writing it, and I can't shun that. When you think about it, having that kind of attachment would probably be the most important factor. I learned a lot about my own subconscious mind during it, so the story was therapuetic for me.

I have not tackled the other chapters yet, but chapter one has already been preened up and posted, so you can take a peek, if you'd like. I still have extra scenes to add to it, but my energy level needs a boost [I also see that punctuation, font styles, sentence structures, and words have either been tossed around or deleted when the site seems to undergo maintenance]. To my distress, I can not make the story more than it already is by tearing the entire platform down and reconstructing it with a more realistic portrayal; I can only stitch up loose ends. What I mostly hope to do is give the story more stability and drive, so for now, I hope you're not too upset about this goal. I'd also like to thank my successor for inspiring me again! She even got me on track with reading the new novels, and I have to say, I am very grateful to her! Thank you, starspatter―and thank you all for having read this story. I hope we meet again someday!

~ Your Friend