How Can I Love You While You Hate Me

How Can I Love You While You Hate Me?

Disclaimer: "Once upon a time, there was a little fan girl who liked to play with Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Though, she was very upset when she found out they weren't hers. But she was already happy when she could just borrow them from Terry Gilliam, and so she lived happily ever after."

Warnings: Perhaps it is a little bit early to say this, but I think I will put in some Grimmcest in this - yes, just because I like it. Of course it's not from the beginning, but if you're already disgusted by just the idea: there is still time to leave. Thank you very much.

A/N: Well, let's try and see if I can make other stories about other movies too beside from Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. This is my first drabble for the Brothers Grimm I post on Fanfiction, so I hope you will enjoy!

It was on a cold November night, two lonely riders entered the small town of Gottingen. The wind was almost freezing, rain was pouring down on the pavement and the time of the year didn't really help either to make the two of them plus their horses comfortably warm. The moon shone blankly and plain as it reappeared from behind the dark, grey rainclouds and it looked almost like it was laughing with the two men on horseback, because they had travelled all night long while the moon had just stood there in heaven, warmed by the sun from behind it. One of the riders stopped, making his brown horse snort disagreeing.

'Perhaps we should have stopped in the forest, Will. I don't think that much people would appreciate it if we just dash into their town in the middle of the night, selling our pretty stories. I don't even think they would understand them at this time, let alone buy them.'

The man pulled off his black hood, revealing his brown curls and making the moonlight shine on his glasses, which he quickly pushed up his nose again before they would fall on the dirty ground below him. A flash of lightning lit up a pair of chocolate brown eyes behind those glasses, looking up at the sky and closing shortly in fear upon hearing the thunder roll through it. The other rider chuckled in a sarcastic way, before throwing off his hood too, exposing blond, curly strands of hair above two crystal blue eyes.

'You're already scared to death by one flash of lightning, and you want to sleep in the forest? Do you really prefer rain, wet wood, a small campfire and rocks as a pillow above a nice, warm bed in a nice, warm inn in a nice, warm town? Do you, Jake?'

The other man glanced at the muddy ground below his horse's hooves, then blinked twice at the rain falling on his glasses and in his eyes as he looked up to the sky before shrugging briefly. 'I wouldn't want to wake up people from their sleep and peaceful dreams,' was his short but simple reply. The blond man shook his head and shot back sharply: 'Then you're even crazier than I had already suspected. Now shut up and come with me into the town, Jake. Who knows, perhaps there is a man who sells magic beans over there.'

The brunette called Jake seemed to flinch and fixed his eyes on the ground, watching a puddle of water overflow with rain. 'Please don't say that, Will, please. You know that was an accident,' he added in a soft, quiet voice, looking up at the blond man named Will. This one glared back with an unreadable expression in his eyes, before sighing and continuing with a harsh tune in his voice: 'Come along then and I'll stop. You wouldn't want another accident like that to happen in that forest.'

When Jake still didn't seem to be very sure of what to do, Will rolled his eyes and tried his best to be a little nicer to him. 'And who of those town people would dare to hate us for waking them up? We are here to help them! You hear me, Jake? We're here to bloody help them! With those pathetic stories about vampires and werewolves and all that stuff… We must help the people who need our help, don't we? Though we don't exactly do that much…' At this, Will was relieved to see Jake smile softly. 'Perhaps you're right,' this last one said, before urging on his brown horse to the big gate of Gottingen. 'Besides, we really are the Brothers Grimm.'