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It was already noon when Will finally arrived in the village of Gottingen again. It had caused him a lot of trouble to get on his brother's horse, not only because the poor thing was quivering and snorting and nearly scared to death, but also because no-one else but Jake had ever ridden on it before. Finally, he had ended up having to get off and pull the reins of the horse, urging it on, so it was no surprise he was unbelievably tired as he got back in the town at long last. His vision was clouded and hundreds of thoughts were swirling madly inside his head. He had left Jake. Jake had been taken by a monster. He would never see Jake again. Jake would die…

Once he had made it to the square where they had taken their department, his legs trembled, too weak to support his weight any longer. He searched for any form of aid by leaning against Jake's brown horse, but the animal wouldn't let him and chose instead to step away from him, making Will's knees buckle. He sank onto the ground, one hand still holding the reins. At this point, the only thing he could mutter feverishly like some sort of mantra was his brother's name.

'Jake… Jake…!' It barely came out as a whisper. Black spots were dancing in front of his eyes, and if Will hadn't known better, he would have thought he was on the verge of fainting. But he couldn't pass out. Not now. He had to alarm the village, the mayor, everyone, anyone. He had to tell them what had happened. And he still needed to find Jake. 'Jake…' He blinked furiously, almost angry at the fact that the black dots still blurred his vision. It was then that he could make out a shape on the square. First just one, a tall silhouette that he didn't recognize. But then, as the figure began making some agitated movements with his arms and hands, there came more of them. More shapes. And one of them happened to be familiar: round and puffy, like some kind of bouncing ball.

A light smile swept across Will's face as the mayor hastily made his way over to him, looking at him with a concerned expression in his friendly eyes. As the mayor's mouth opened and closed itself in words he couldn't hear, Will finally understood what Jake had seen in the man when he had told him that he was kind. He finally saw why Jake had defended him against Will's harsh words. And he finally knew that he was in good hands now, whether his brother was there or not, as gentle arms wrapped themselves around his body as his vision went completely black. Jake had been right all the time. And only now he noticed.

He woke up again in a room he didn't recognize first, but as he slowly blinked to clear his sight, he could make out the familiar shape of a dark, brown closet made of the wood of an old oak, a small bureau with a comfortable chair and a bedside table next to the bed he was lying in. Apparently, someone had brought him to the nice warm room in the nice warm inn he and Jake had been staying in, and that someone was bent over him, a look of concern but now also relief on his facial features.

'So you finally woke up, Will Grimm. We are happy to be able to count you to the living again.' Will weakly smiled up at the round, red head of the mayor who was patting his shoulder, before that smile completely vanished as he remembered why he was lying in his bed again. 'Jake,' he murmured while trying to get up, only to be pushed back hastily by the old man. 'He'll be fine,' the man tried to reassure him. 'You must rest now, too. I don't know what happened or what had gotten to you, but you've got a serious fever. You should stay in bed for the rest of the day.'

Will's eyes widened in disbelief. Was the mayor implying he was not allowed to leave the inn, even… Even now Jake was in danger? Then a thought struck him. Of course. The man didn't know that his brother was taken away from him. 'No… You don't know what happened, indeed… Jake is gone. A monster took him – something similar to your description, but still not quite the same… And my horse vanished as well. They're both taken… Or dead… No, Jake's not dead… But he isn't here anymore, and I've got to go back to that forest to save him… That's why I came back, I need your help, I need… Reinforcements of some kind… Otherwise Jake is lost…'

An elder, small but somewhat corpulent woman with small wrinkles around her brown, concerned eyes, bowed over the mayor and whispered something in his ear. If Will hadn't been listening very carefully, he wouldn't have understood what she had said, but unfortunately for her there was nothing wrong with his hearing, so he was able to make out something along the lines of 'The fever is causing him to be delirious'. He became rather annoyed with her attitude, and he slapped away the hand which was heading for his brow with a cold, wet compress.

'I'm not raving! Jake has been taken by the thing – Sir, you said it yourself: there was a monster with red, gleaming eyes and tentacles, and I'm telling you: I saw it! No, I mean… We saw it. Or at least something that resembled it. This thing had eight tentacles, and a huge body… We saw it appear in the woods, and we were too stunned to do something. Then it looked around for a bit, as if searching for something… And suddenly there was a white, blinding light in the shape of a cross. When I was able to see again… Jake was gone… And my horse too. But Jake was just gone…'

His voice cracked, but he didn't notice. The only thing he was able to sense, was this strange feeling, somewhere inside him, tearing him apart, ripping his heart out… Was it fear? He didn't know. Probably not, because it felt much stronger, more… More painful. Was it guilt? For what? For not being able to protect Jake? Or because the last thing he had done with Jake, was arguing about the most stupid things? Perhaps both. Or perhaps it was even stronger than that, going back in time for more than just a few days. Perhaps it was guilt because only now, he realised that he had treated Jake badly. At least not the way he should have been treated. Yes, he hadn't treated Jake properly. Then this was revenge?

He swallowed as he heard the voice of the woman that had been hovering over him waver. Why? Couldn't she talk in a normal way, so he could at least hear her? But then it hit him that he couldn't hear the mayor talk anymore either. He clenched his fists as he realised his mind was going to give out on him once again. 'No… First Jake…' he murmured, more to himself than to anyone else. But he also knew no-one else was listening to him. Not to the message he wanted to deliver. They both wanted him to stay in bed for the rest of the day, and let Jake be for what he was.

'Could it be…? Or perhaps it was… No-one would… Even if… But I don't know…' Snatches of incomplete sentences were the only things he could still make out. Maybe it was because he knew it was of no use. They thought Jake would have to wait… While he thought that if they waited too long, there wouldn't be anything to wait for anymore.