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Unearthed and Unnerved


summary: It takes a while to realize what you've lost and, for James Potter, seeing Lily again reminds him of a blithe epoch that he desperately wants to return to. After years, he's finally ready to be with her, but is it too late? Has Mr. Right lost out to Mr. Now? Moving on is hard, watching someone else move on is harder.


Chapter I: Prologue
song: What I'm Trying to Say by Stars


You look so good in the clothes of a poseur
And when you smiled all the kids fell apart here
I know a place where it's warm and it's dry, dear
Let me take you there

"You may not have cheated on me, James, but let's be honest with ourselves here, you would have, you and I both know that… breaking up with me, it was just so you could avoid the inevitable. The truth is that we're not really meant for one another, we never were and our history, our relationship is more than enough proof of that fact. Let's just mend what we can, why try for something that we're so clearly incapable of succeeding in?"

"That's not true," he gruffly told her, clenching his jaw as he listened to her practically spit on, what he believed to be, a rather heartfelt speech on his part. Bloody chit, he thought to himself, trying to rationalize why the hell it was that out of all the women in the world she had to be the one he fell for, the most stubborn red-head to ever grace the planet.

"Don't be an obstinate prat," she chastised him, smiling weakly. "You and I… that's just territory that's better off being left uncharted, at least this time," she told him, leaning back against the counter. She let out an exasperated sigh as she watched him standing there stiffly, clearly unwavering in his stance. "Come on, James," she pleaded weakly, ashamed of her own desperation, "we tried it, we failed, that's just how it is sometimes, let it go and move on… I have."

"But I've tried it all, Lily," he burst out angrily, his temper getting the better of him. "I've seen the grass on the other side and all that shit and it's not nearly as green," he retorted, nearing her, his scent enfolding her and unknowingly forcing her into a state of reverie as she was forced to remember all of those happy times… Merlin, he always smelled so good, it was a curse on her part, really, made him so damn tempting. She felt her knees weaken as he moved in on her, nose to nose as he leaned his forehead on hers, and try as she might to push him away she just couldn't bring herself to.

"Why can't we just give it another go? I know that you feel it too, that you want it as well, so why not try, what's the harm in at least trying?" he breathed out, bringing a hand to her face and rubbing her cheek softly.

She looked at him wearily, finally breaking out of her daze and gaining the strength to move away from him, scoffing as he finished his absurd declaration. "You ended it, James, not me. I wasn't the happiest towards the end of the relationship either, but I didn't give up, you did, so don't give me this shit about how there's no harm in trying! You broke my heart once by leaving and I'm not stupid enough to let you do it again. Like I said, James, I've moved on, I really have despite what you may think—or, better yet, want to believe. Just leave me alone, let go."

I am trying to say
What I want to say
Without having to say
I love you


author's note: just a short prologue, look into the future, really, and I know that I really shouldn't be taking on another fic given my state of writer's block, but this idea just won't stop pestering me so I need a means of getting it out of my mind, lol. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, more to come as soon as possible all depending on my writer's block and please review.

p.s. please note that each chap in this fic will be inspired by a song by Stars that I will add a link to in my profile so that you can listen to it if you'd like to.

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