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note: I'm not going to put anything non-canon, meaning that everything will be left as is. Ryoma will not be dating Sakuno, nor will he be in love with any of the regulars, and the same goes for all the other characters. if you want a specific character, do tell me, and I promise I'll do it! and of course, I'd love your feedback because this is the first time I've written something so...well, like this.

disclaimer: the idea and layout is courtesy of SOYBEAN. the characters are courtesy of Takeshi Konomi and all other copyright owners. I seriously can't take credit for anything all in this fanfiction. (and if you think it's an awesome idea, make sure to tell soybean, except they haven't been on FFN in over 3 years...)

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Appearance: He's got golden-yellow cat eyes, complete with ever-changing hair. One moment it's black, the next it's blue-green, and after that some crazy shade of black-teal...the list goes on. He's not really tall (as his sempais like to point out all the time), but you can assume that since he's only twelve years old, he's still got quite a bit of growing to do.

Clothing: Ryoma is always, always, always found in some sort of tennis attire. He IS the Prince of Tennis, after all. He seems to like Fila shoes, and he's normally seen with a tennis cap. And although most people wouldn't call a tennis racquet "clothing", I'll be damned if you can't find one within his arm's reach.

Intelligence: Of course he's awesome at school too. He likes science the most, but he's probably great at English as well (being raised in the states and all). He seems like a really smart guy, being able to access and analyze situations faster than normal people--one of the many points as to why he's such a good tennis player. He's also able to learn moves amazingly easily, meaning he's got a great memory as well.

Personality/Socializing: This is the part where Ryoma sucks at. He's not one for careless chatter, and half the time he's speaking, he's either goading someone or insulting them. It's sort of obvious by now that he's arrogant, and is able to back it up as well. He also has hordes of fangirls, but doesn't pay any of them much attention, and he's not really one to get subliminal messages, verbal or otherwise. In short: if you're one for chatter, you're better off with a brick wall.

Finances: Between playing a million tennis matches and having so many fans, I have absolutely no doubt that he'll be rolling in cash eventually.

Home Economics: From what we've seen of Ryoma's household, the cooking is done either by his mother or his cousin. He's probably too obsessed with playing tennis to learn how to cook properly anyways. So if you're planning on being a good spouse, you better learn some culinary skills fast--or get ready to eat cup noodles day in and out.

Combat: As long as Ryoma's got a tennis racquet, he'll be guaranteed to protect you from all the world's harms.

Competition: If we can overlook the hordes and hordes of admirers, we've got Ryuuzaki Sakuno (who seems to be harboring some sort of shy, schoolgirl-type crush over him), which is probably the closest thing to a girlfriend he's got. He seems to be sort of protective, but it could be a good-friend sort of protectiveness, and if so, she wouldn't put up much of a fight. If she put up a fight at all.

Family: Ryoma's got a kind and caring lawyer of a mother (although if you're bad, you might want to watch out), a sweet cousin who helps around the house, and an adopted elder brother that's never home. Oh yeah, and he's also got the most shameless, perverted father in the world. Don't be surprised/offended if you see him looking down your shirt, or flipping through some porn magazines. Actually, be surprised/offended, Ryoma feels the same way.

In Bed: Can you see Ryoma in bed? I know I can't see him in bed. Or at least, not without a lot of alcohol and/or drugs involved. The kid's WAY to obsessed with tennis to even care. However, if you do manage to get him in bed, I suppose he'll be awkwardly loving the first time, and like new tennis moves, be steady and totally awesome all the times after that. And if you got him into bed against his will, you're probably better off sleeping with a rock.

Conclusion: The biggest problem with Ryoma is convincing him that you're worthy of him. And cracking through the arrogant, icy personality so that you have someone who's not a brick wall sitting with you at dinner time. Easiest way to get him to notice you is to beat him at tennis. But since that's almost impossible (and if you started training now, you'd both be in wheelchairs before you manage to beat him), underhanded methods (coughstalking) might be a solution as well. Just watch out for tennis balls (and racquets) if he doesn't like your affections!

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