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note: I'm not going to put anything non-canon, meaning that everything will be left as is. Ryoma will not be dating Sakuno, nor will he be in love with any of the regulars, and the same goes for all the other characters. if you want a specific character, do tell me, and I promise I'll do it! and of course, I'd love your feedback because this is the first time I've written something so...well, like this.

disclaimer: the idea and layout is courtesy of SOYBEAN. the characters are courtesy of Takeshi Konomi and all other copyright owners. I seriously can't take credit for anything all in this fanfiction. (and if you think it's an awesome idea, make sure to tell soybean, except they haven't been on FFN in over 3 years...)

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Appearance: Ignoring the fact that certain brilliant color schemes declare his hair to be a shocking variation of purple (this is the anime, but of course), Yagyuu most certainly has brown hair. His skin is also surprisingly light in complexion, particularly because he's a tennis player (and a Rikkai Regular at that...), but maybe that's just a sign of winsome genes. He's the guy who will blend into the crowd surprisingly well, you may feel free to refer to YANAGI RENJI for anything along such lines. He is not a complete wallflower of course, seeing as how he's sporting platinum blue hair with a ponytail half the time.

Clothing: Unsurprisingly, Yagyuu would definitely have more than a school uniform and tennis-playing uniform. He has five different sets of casual wear, two pairs of suits for the formal evenings, and even a legitimately traditional hakama (most likely stolen from Sanada by Niou and then dumped in Yagyuu's house--though it might've been Yagyuu disguised as Niou who stole it in the first place...)! Naturally, his taste of clothing will vary drastically, particularly since he might just be MASAHARU NIOU and vice-versa half the time. No need to worry about his style of dress if the two of you ever manage to go to a fine and dandy restaurant, but you should most certainly be worried about whether or not the person next to you is really your beloved.

Intelligence: Naturally, he plays tennis and wears glasses and is great! at calculating things. Being "The Gentleman" and all, he's probably ridiculously good with calculators and statistics and all that mathematical joy. In another life, you would most certainly see Yagyuu playing the part of the accountant--stern-faced and steel-strengthed. Of course, one cannot possibly forget to mention the fact that he is Niou's partner. Yes, that Niou, the one that probably joking stole the lollypop straight out of your mouth, and then proceeded to run around school, laughing inanely (right now, you should be praying that that was actually Niou). In being Niou's partner, he's bound to have a couple tricks up his sleeves as well (many of which will probably include some variation of getting-out-of-trouble. Street and book smarts, what more could you ask for in a partner?

Personality/Socializing: At day, Yagyuu Hiroshi is the quiet boy who sits in math class. He does not raise his hand often, though his scores are always the highest, and the teachers simply adore the way Japanese flows from his lips. He blends in well with crowd, he could sit one table, two tables, perhaps even two feet away from you, and you would never know. But at night, Yagyuu Hiroshi sheds his quiet persona to become... Masaharu Niou! As Niou, he flips tables (and skirts), steals loose change (and loose cannons too!), and protects the whole of Tokyo from justice and monotony! But by day, he becomes Yagyuu Hiroshi once more, with a straight back and soft voice, and overall inability to properly socialize without looking just that bit-of-uppity with that oh-so-aristocratic glasses-flip.

Finances: Rikkai Dai, Tennis, Glasses, and (anime-approved!) Golf. Not to mention the nickname of "The Gentleman." If you manage to get your hands (paws, claws) on Yagyuu, the real one, I mean, and are happily wed, you can be certain that you'll never have to scavenge for expenses ever again! He'll be more than delighted to do so for you, when he's being his alter-ego, Masaharu Niou, of course. But still!

Home Economics: Kitchen burning down? The fire department beginning to charge you for the fifteenth call for help? Various commercials for products ranging from oven mitts to escape ladders centering around the constantly-charred cinders of your once-lovely home? No WAY would that be because of Yagyuu. Nope; totally Niou's fault. (Note: you might still want to learn how to cook, seeing as how these repeated incidents might be Yagyuu's way of conveying passive-agression.)

Combat: By day, he'll stare the enemy down! By night, he'll be on the prowl! He's... Yagyuu Hiroshi, the high school erm, middle school tennis player that leads the double life of double lives! Go with him on a date, and he won't hesitate to defend your honor! In the same manner, he will not lose face when hightailing it out of that dangerous situation, with you of course (he might forget you on a cloudy day, particularly if he is not actually himself on that day)! Yagyuu would be the person you wouldn't bring to a knock-out, drag-down, pull-over battle royale. Though he is Masaharu Niou by night, it is only an alter-ego, and he is really Yagyuu Hiroshi deep, deep, deep down inside. And therefore, not the type to directly engage in combat, and most certainly not the type to "rise to the occasion" if that "occasion" means, in any which way, having his skull bashed through a wall. Now, I know that many people might think that Yagyuu is a wimp for choosing this road, but just remember: it's the smart and sane ones who live to see their genes passed to tomorrow (aka: get any).

Competition: Due to the incessant mentionings of fangirls (both for Yagyuu, Yagyuu-as-Niou, Yagyuu-mistaken-to-be-Niou, and Yagyuu-and-Niou-together), I'll glaze over those entirely. Just remember that they exist, and they are out for your blood. But besides blood-thirsty vampires, erm, fangirls, there is one other roadblock in the way of your happily-ever-after with Yagyuu: Niou. Yes, actually, Yagyuu's alter-ego isn't actually only an alter-ego, he's a real human being too! And the two of them are the best of friends. It doesn't matter if the fangirls/books/comics deny this; heck, it doesn't matter if the two of them deny it, because they switch bodies and rackets and abilities and sweat-soaked articles of clothing. Granted, I'm only laying out the facts of this tightly-knit pair, and Niou is bound to be just that little bit of possessive. Here comes the trickiest part of your future relationship with Yagyuu: make sure you let Niou know that you will not be interrupting any of their happy-happy PlatinumPair!moments. He'll still be a little bit reluctant to be the best man at your wedding, but it with in my expert opinion that I suggest you be satisfied with having any time with Yagyuu at all.

Family: Mother, father, belovedly annoying younger sibling; your typical nuclear family. They'll be delighted to share that yearbook from third grade with you, except they just can't quite seem to find it, just like all other Yagyuu-memorabilia within grabbing-distance of Niou. But nonetheless, they will be very supportive of you, and definitely your strongest supporters in the steep, uphill battle against Niou, armed to the tooth with fangirls. Seriously.

In Bed: Sex with Yagyuu would be sweet. He would be charmingly and adorably awkward and treat you like an actual lady and manage to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Sex with Niou is inthinkable and unspeakable, because you are not marrying him, you are marrying Yagyuu (and yes, they are two different people who simply overlap ninety-five percent of the time). Sex with Yagyuu-who-is-actually-Niou would be like sex with Niou. Except, as you can remember from the 'In Bed' section of MASAHARU NIOU, there is really no sex. And no reallyenthusiastic!foreplay (on your part, at least). But if you can get Yagyuu in bed and in marriage (not necessarily in that order), then keeping Yagyuu is only going to be... five times as hard.

Conclusion: Yagyuu would be the perfect husband, so long as you manage to marry him, and not Niou (watch out, he might actually be Yagyuu under Niou under Yagyuu, and simply testing your faith in love... or he might just simply be Niou, really mad). You're in for a hell of ride for your marriage (between Niou, the smoke alarm's well-tested shriek, Niou, tennis, Niou, and Niou), but on the plus side: you'll never be bored -- and you might even be on fire! But all the same: sane and smart, and sporty too; if that's what you want in a significant other, then Yagyuu's the one for you!

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Thanks for having a loud enough voice to request Yagyuu! I'm sorry I poked so much fun at the body-switching (no, seriously) he did/does with Niou. More characters? Comments/suggestions? I'm totally open for everything!