Chapter 1: Worried Beginnings

Chapter 1: Worried Beginnings

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Not even in my wildest dreams did I consider becoming a God, but here I am, being blasted by pure energy the Olympian Gods are releasing upon me. The air itself seemed to crackle, and it was hot and humid. My body was racked with tremors, and my mortal blood was evaporating into red clouds as my blood was replaced by golden ichor. My head seemed to explode as the pain of my body expanding and my muscle ratio rose at alarming rates. After the seemingly unholy ritual was over, mist cleared and it revealed a new god, me, Percy Jackson.

But let's take a step back in time, about a week and a half. I was just coming home to my mother, Sally, and my father-to-be Paul Blofis, or as I often call him, Mr. Blowfish. They were spending some quality time together before their wedding which was in a few weeks. They were to busy laughing about something, that they didn't even notice him sneak in and walk upstairs. It wasn't easy being a Half-Blood and it was even harder being a son of one of the Big Three, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, my father. One example of this was keeping his currency called drachmas away from prying eyes, especially Paul.

I recently learned from a Naiad that the water was inside him so he called forth a stream of water, making a rainbow.

I threw the drachma into the rainbow, and said,"Annabeth, Camp Half Blood,"

The mist shimmered and a picture appeared of Annabeth. She was busy talking to Beckendorf about how if he twisted his hand when he riveted metal; he could smith much stronger things. A few seconds later she noticed me.

"Hey Seaweed Brain, I don't have time to talk. You need to meet me at Olympus the Gods want to see you, now," Annabeth said quickly.

She ended the message before I could say anything. A cold pit of fear popped into existence in my stomach. Had Kronos done something? Or had he finally launched an attack somewhere?

I thankfully didn't dream that night.