"What do the colors look like, Sokka?" I asked as we (or rather, he) stared into the (general direction of the) setting sun.

He was silent, tracing circles in the dirt with a lazy finger. "Well…I don't know how to explain it, Toph. There's red, green, yellow, blue…"

"Start with the first one!" I urged, punching him in the shoulder. "Start with red. Sokka, please?"

He sighed, but I knew he was happy to be helpful even if it was helping a blind girl understand colors. "Red is…red is the color of blood. Of the setting sun. Of apples. Of your face when you blush real bad." He shrugged. "Think about fire and Zuko. That's kinda what red is, I guess."

"What about green?"

He looked at me and I could tell he was smiling. "Green is you. It's trees and the earth and…well, you, Toph. It's the color of the clothes you wear, the faintest hint of color in your eyes."

I blushed a bit (Red, remember blushes are red, I thought) and nestled myself in-between his chest and his out-stretched arm. "I'm green…" I muttered before asking about the third color, yellow.

"This one is a little harder to explain," Sokka thought out loud. "Yellow is…the color of the sun in the middle of the day. Or a lemon."

I nodded. It made sense so far, kinda. I could see red as a blaze of fire or Zuko fighting Azula. Green was totally me, as Sokka said. And yellow…well, I figured it was something close to Aang.

"What about the last color?" Sokka asked me, staring back into the vast blankness in front of us. "Blue?"

I sighed, knowing he was planning something. Fortunately for me, I didn't know what. "Sokka, what about the color blue?"

He smiled a wide, broad grin that stretched from cheek to cheek. "Me. Blue is me, Toph."

He pressed his lips against mine and an explosion of color rocketed through my mind. Reds and yellows, but especially green and blue. I understood perfectly.


AN: Can anyone tell I'm in a Tokka kick lately? -ha- Well, another one to add to the pile, I guess.