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Another life

Chapter 1-A Mistake

"You can't possibly leave him here!", a woman yelled.

"They are his only family, Minerva", an elderly man said.

"They might be, but I watched them the whole day! You can't get anyone who is more 'normal' then them. They despise magic!"

"But the blood wards, Minerva", the man spoke again.

"I don't care about them, Albus", Minerva McGonnagal said."Give him to someone who loves him, not to those muggles."

"Hagrid will bring him any moment", Albus Dumbledore tried to convince her.

"There is no way back."

"Oh yes there is!", she argued.

"Here he comes", Dumbledore said happy.

"Professors", a giant greeted them."Here is young Harry."

"Thank you Hagrid", Dumbledore thanked him with a smile.

"Always, Professor Dumbledore."

Albus walked with the baby in his arms to number 4 Privet Drive and lay him on the door step. Then he put a letter next to him.

"Albus...", Minerva tried again.

"No", he interrupted her." Harry will live here with his relatives. I will come back when he turns eleven to get him. We must be going, before the muggles wake up." And with that he turned and left. Minerva sighed, looked at the peaceful sleeping baby, before she said:" I hope you have a good life with those muggles, Harry."

After everyone was gone, a man with blue eyes and long, blond hair came out of his hiding place, shook his head in a disgusted way and took the child with him.

"You will have a much better life with me, Harry Potter", he whispered as he, too, left.

Back at home his wife was already waiting for him.

"And?", she asked as he finally came through the huge main door.

"Dumbledore, this old fool, wanted to leave him with bloody muggles, so I took him", he said."This boy is powerful. We will blood adopt him and raise him as Draco's twin. After we adopted him we will vanish this memory so no one can take him from us. "

"And what shall be his name?"

"Alexander Aldrich, Narcissa."

"Means what, Lucius?"

"Great Protector, Old wise Leader."