Another life

Chapter 21 - The Future

Alexander paged through Dark Magic, Creatures and Potions, looking for one specific potion recipe. For a potion that would enable him to see the future.

He knew he had to know. He had to know how things would turn out - between him and Hermione. Three days had passed since her sudden confrontation, and he had not seen her once. For some reason he felt saddened, but at the same time he knew that he was not allowed to. Not allowed to fall for a muggle-born girl.

Ha! he thought, smiling, as he found it. The recipe which he needed. Alex knew what would be happening once he'd drunk the potion. He'd fall asleep, and during his sleep he'd dream of the future. The duration of the sleep would vary on how much would happen in his future that was worth seeing. It could only be a few minutes long, but it could also take hours if not days. It was a dangerous thing to do, and the potion was one of the most darkest of dark magic potions. He was willing to take the risk of death to find out what would happen. Whether he'd change school and never see Hermione again. Whether she'd change school. Whether they continued hating each other. Or whether they'd admit their love for one another and live happily ever after.

To brew the potion it would take several weeks, probably months. So he had to act fast. And the first step was to get the ingredients.

The next day in potions Alex made sure that his Pufferfish eyes which were in a phial which was unbreakable landed on the floor and rolled to the desk in front of him, at which Neville Longbottom sat, struggling with the potion they had to brew.

"Doesn't look very good," Alexander muttered looking into Neville's cauldron as he, leaning on the table, got up after he'd picked up the phial. He used his hand to wave some of the smell towards his nose, and at the same time he dropped some leaves into it. "And smells disgusting," he said, grimacing, as he walked back to his seat.

As he was back at his seat he just had enough time to dive under the table before the cauldron exploded and its contents splattered all around the classroom, leaving a slimy green liquid upon furniture and students.

"Everyone who got something of this mixture on them go to Madam Pomfrey instantly," Severus ordered, striding over to Neville's cauldron.

Although he hadn't gotten anything on him, he too walked with the others out of the classroom, but slipped away into the door leading to his godfather's ingredients cupboard. There he hastily took all the ingredients he needed for his potion and slipped out again, following the last students on their way to Madam Pomfrey. He found Draco among them and stepped beside him.

"Where were you?" Draco hissed, trying to get the slime off his clothes.

"Don't," Al said. "If you get it on your hands it'll burn like acid."

Draco's eyes grew big. "Oh no you didn't," he breathed.

Alex glared at him and tugged him to the front of the group.

"Don't say anything about this to anyone," Alexander muttered as they came neared to the infirmary ward.

In April he finally had the potion finished. There had been a few more attacks, but he didn't care. He always carried the phial in which the potion was with him in case there was a moment he could use it. In the book it had said that the potion could last only a few minutes or hours or even days.

One morning at breakfast there was an announcement by Professor McGonnagal. Dumbledore had been sent on holiday by the school government.

"Dear students," she said. "As there were even more attacks and as the Quidditch has been canceled, the school government found it too risky to let you go to Hogwarts until this problem has been solved. So I have to break to you the bad news that Hogwarts is going to be closed."

A few of the girls and even boys fainted. Not able to think of a better moment to do it Alex pulled the phial out of his robes and gulped the silvery liquid down.

Alexander didn't know where he was. There were people in the room, but none of them seemed to notice him.

"Malfoy, Alexander," a man said. Before Alex could react a boy, thin with blue-grey eyes and blond hair had stepped out of the line of boys, all his age. Alex recognized him as his older self. So the potion had worked!

"What are your best abilities?" a voice asked.

"I am excellent at Potions, Arithmency, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Ancient Runes, my Lord," Alex answered.

"I see. You are very intelligent?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Did Snape teach you Advanced Potions?"

"Since the beginning of my fourth year, my Lord."

"And why do you want to become one of my followers?" was the last question.

"So that I can serve you with my life and help you with my abilities, my Lord."

"Bow down."

Alex saw his older self do as he was told. His father first wanted to move, but stayed where he was as he saw the Dark Lord's glare.

"Normally Lucius would give new followers the Dark mark, but you seem special to me. It is an honor for everyone to get the mark from me, and you shall get it. Will you serve me with your life, even if you should die?"

"Yes, I will."

"Will you do anything in your power to help me with whatever I want?"

"Yes, I will."

"Will you die if I tell you to do so?"

"Yes, I will."

"Will you kill whoever I tell you to kill?"

"Yes, I will."

"Then so it shall be. Mordsmordre!"

A pain stroke Alex as the Dark mark formed on his older self's left under arm, but he didn't scream. Screaming was a sign of weakness and weakness was what the Dark Lord hated, no matter if he could hear him or not.

Al found himself in the same room, but that time alone.

"You wished to speak to me?" Alexander's older self spoke as he entered the room.

"I have been watching you, Alex," Voldemort said, appearing out of the shadows."And you have been better than anyone else. So I had an Idea. Alexander Aldrich Malfoy, would you be willing to be my right hand and heir?"

The older Alex, surprised by this question, answered: "Of course, my Lord."

"I was right when I thought that you would be surprised," the Dark Lord spoke, chuckling. "I will explain to you why I asked you." He began pacing around Alexander's older self. "You are intelligent, a natural Potion Master and that is what I need. You see, if I shall ever die, I need a heir. The same is with being my right hand. Snape does give good reasons why I should or should not do things, but I can still not tell him anything. But I trust you, more than anyone else. And I need someone who could watch him while at Hogwarts."

"I will do whatever you want me to, my Lord."

"You don't have to tell everyone straight away. I would say that you surprise them with it, don't you think so?"

"Of course I do," the older Alexander said, an evil smile appearing on his face. He exited the room and Alex followed him.

"What did he want?" Severus asked as his godson came back to the Lab. Alex had slipped in before the door had closed.

"Can I trust you?"

"You can," Severus answered, irritated about this question.

"The Dark Lord asked me to be his right hand."

"He what?!" Snape couldn't believe it.

"And something more."

"What more?"

"You will see in time," Alex's older self simply said, cutting dragon hearts.

"Where is the Dark Lord?" McNair asked as he entered the Dining Hall.

"Out," Al said.

"And where, Malfoy?"

"That shouldn't matter to you, McNair," the older Alexander sounded annoyed. Alex followed the conversation with interest. Him the Dark Lord's heir and right hand?

"I have a right to know where he is! You are only a bloody 16 year old boy and I'm a grown man!"

"Dinner is ready," one of the house elves interrupted them.

Everyone sat in their normal seats, only Alex's older self went to the chair on the right side next to Voldemort's throne.

"Move, Lestrange," he said and the hall went silent.

"How dare you!" she yelled at him, standing up.

"How do I dare what?" sixteen-year-old Al asked crossing his arms.

"To ask me to move away!"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"The Dark Lord will punish you," Bellatrix hissed.

"And why, may I ask, should the Dark Lord punish his heir and right hand?" Alex grinned.

"Alexander...," Lucius began, but a voice from the door interrupted him.

"Do as he asked you to, Bella."

"Of course, my Lord," she replied through gritted teeth, glaring at the older version of Alex.

"So, you told them the news, Alexander?" Voldemort began as he sat down.

"Yes, I have."

"My lord, you can't mean that...," Malfoy Senior started again.

"Mean what, Lucius?"

"That my son is your heir and right hand."

"But he is, and he will tell me any misbehaviour that occurs during my absence."

"...As it looks like the-boy-who lived is too weak to go against me," the Dark Lord said. Alex looked around. They were in some sort of forest opening. But what forest? The Forbidden Forest?

"No, I'm not", Neville replied, stepping out of the shadows from the trees.

"So you came?"

"Yes, I came," Longbottom said beginning to shake.

"Avada Kedavra!," Voldemort suddenly yelled.

To everyone it looked that Neville got hit, but the curse actually only touched Neville on his side, nearly missing him. The next thing anyone could remember was that he collapsed.

Ah, you done it.

Although he didn't see anyone Alex could clearly hear the conversation that was being held.

Done what?

Get killed by Voldemort.

What do you mean?

Don' t you want to know who I am?

Of course, but...

Then just ask.

Who are you?

My name is Albus Percival Brian Wulfric Dumbledore.

But, how can that be? Aren't you dead?

Yes, I am dead, but I came to speak to you.

What do you mean?

I was wrong, you aren't The-boy-who-lived.

Why not?

Because I simply didn't really research what could have happened to Harry.

And what did happen?

Someone took him and gave him what he would have never had.


A family.

And who took him?

Lucius Malfoy.

You mean Draco is Harry?


But you said...

Draco has a twin, Neville.


Yes, him.

Why didn't he know?

Because Lucius and Narcissa creased their memory so no one could take him from them.

So, will I ever live again?

No, Voldemort killed you.

But you said...

The killing course touched you, even if it didn't hit you.

So, who will tell Alexander the truth?

Voldemort knows it as well. He will fight him when the time comes.

Then why did he make Alex a Death Eater?

Because he is powerful and intelligent, and he isn't just a Death Eater.

What more?

His heir, magical heir and right hand. You have to go on in a few moments


Do as I tell you, Neville.

Can I see my grandmother?

When the time comes.

Alex saw figures again, but not the ones of Longbottom and Dumbledore.

"Narcissa, examine him."

"Of course, my lord."

"Is Draco all right?" she whispered as she leaned over Neville.

"Longbottom is dead, Master," Narcissa reported as she didn't got an answer.

"NO!" were the screams of the people standing in front of the ruins of Hogwarts."He can't be dead!"

"But he is," Voldemort said."Now, who will become the first Death Eater of you? What about you, Weasley?" he asked, pointing at Ronald.

"I never will!" was his answer.

"Then I shall let you see what I do with people like you," the Dark Lord warned.

"I don't care!"

"Like you wish." With that he put the sorting hat on Ron's head and said: "Incendio!" The moment the hat caught fire Weasley threw it down. Suddenly there was a sword. Ronald took it and instantly cut off the head of Nagini, Voldemort's snake. The battle began again, everyone was moving inside to the Great Hall.

"Alex!" a female voice yelled. Both Alex and his seventeen-year-old self looked around.

"G-granger?" he stuttered.

She looked into his eyes and saw pain, a strong will to kill and more, what Hermione couldn't read, in them. Alexander saw what he always saw when he looked into her eyes. Love. How could she love him?

"Alex," she said again, now standing in front of him.

"What do you want?"

"You," she whispered, leaning forward. Alex's older self couldn't resist and done the same. It was as if the time had stopped when their lips met, everyone watched them kissing. Finally they broke up.

"After Longbottom has died, I would like to speak to the real Boy-Who-Lived," a cold voice said.

"But Harry disappeared!" someone yelled.

"No, he didn't," Voldemort argued."He is here. Alexander Aldrich Malfoy, could I have the pleasure?" Everyone gasped as that was said.

"Of course, my Lord," the boy answered, stepping to his master.

"You didn't know it."

"No, I didn't."

"Do you remember what I said the day you got the Dark mark?"

""Normally Lucius would give new followers the Dark mark, but you seem special to me. It is an honor for everyone to get the mark from me, and you shall get it"," seventeen-year-old Alex replied, remembering the exact words as if it had just happened moments ago.

"What did I say the day I offered you to be my heir and right hand?" With that everyone gasped again.

""You are intelligent, a natural Potions Master and that is what I need. You see, if I shall ever die, I need a heir. The same is with being my right hand. Snape does give good reasons why I should or should not do things, but I can still not tell him anything. But I trust you, more than anyone else."" Nobody would have believed that if they didn't just heard it.

"You see, even if you are The-Boy-Who-Lived, I never treated you like it because you are special. I didn't just make you my heir, but also my magical heir, which means?"

"That if you die, I get your powers," Alexander's older self replied calmly. The people around were thinking about fainting, but they wanted to hear the rest.

"Some people wonder how I could make Alex my heir," Voldemort spoke again. "The answer is simple: Lily Evans was never muggle-born. She was from a long line of squibs. And by chance this line begins with a man called Salazar Slytherin." By now a few of the listeners reached the floor. "His wife gave birth to many sons of which one of them was a squib and there begins the line. Alexander is, in fact, my great-great-great-cousin." More and more people fainted. They just couldn't take the information. "So, it is Alexander's choice if I die or not," the Dark Lord finished.

"But how can he be a Malfoy and Harry Potter?" a man dared to ask.

"Lucius and Narcissa blood adopted him, so practically he isn't Harry Potter any more, but he was."

Alex couldn't take it any longer. As he saw his older self's wand rise he too lost consciousness.

"Alex! Thank god!" he could hear Draco's voice as he slowly opened his eyes. He was in the infirmary. "You've been unconscious for three days!"

"I-is Hogwarts not closed?" Alexander muttered, the memories of his future slowly coming back. The memories of how his future would be.

"No," his twin answered, smiling broadly. "It is not. It was found out what caused all these attacks to be happening."

Alex smiled too. Now that he knew his future he knew what to do. The first thing he'd do once he was out of the infirmary ward was to go and talk to Hermione.