Jack was in his cabin, looking for his hat, when someone yelled, "LAND HO!" from the crow's nest. He walked out onto the deck. "ANYBODY SEE MY HAT?" He shouted. Barbossa walked over and slammed the hat on Jack's head.

"Why don't you just keep your bloody hat on yer head?" Jack looked at Barbossa.

"I try to. But yer monster of a pet keeps running away with it! It would be easier if the monkey could just die!"

Barbossa glared at Jack, then walked away. Jack smiled, then he looked at the rest of his crew. After sailing around for a year, they were ready for their annual visit in Tortuga, or rather, a visit at the Faithful Bride. Jack, however, was more excited about visiting his family...

The whole crew ran about to prepare the Pearl for the last turn before getting into the harbor. The deck was covered with excited pirates, ready to set foot on land. Even Jack the Monkey was excitedly helping with whatever he could help with. When they saw the town, the whole crew stood still. Jack looked and saw Tortuga, or what was left of the pirate town. The whole town, but a few buildings was destroyed...

Jack ran through that streets of Tortuga, not even worrying about the debris on the ground, trying to get to his house as soon as possible. Barbossa followed, half because he was forced to by the other crew members. Jack got to where his house was, to find only one hallway standing. Jack ran into the hallway and found a closed door. He walked in.

A little girl with red shoulder length hair looked up at his, with the same brown eyes as him. "Daddy! You're back!" She shouted, running over to him. Jack sighed, relived that she was alright.

"Amara, where's your mother?" The little girl stopped smiling.

"She went to get some lunch."

Jack knelt in front of his daughter. "Does she know you're home alone?" Amara nodded. Jack gave her a stern look. "Amara, does she really know you're home alone?" She then shook her head. Jack rolled his eyes, remembering doing the same thing when he was her age.

"Well, look what we have here." a voice said. Jack turned around and saw James Norrington standing behind him.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be elsewhere, trying, unsuccessfully, to arrest someone?" The man shook his head. "I quit, and decided to become a pirate."

"Where's your wife?" Jack asked. "Shouldn't a British man keep his wife by his side in a town like this?" Norrington shook his head.

"She's out side with Roxxi, Barbossa, and the Turners." Then they heard running, and Roxxi shouting. "Amara Sparrow, where are you?" Jack pushed Norrington aside. "Roxxi, don't worry. She's in here!"

"Jack, you're back!" Roxxi said, nervously. She walked over, trying not to make eye contact. Jack noticed that she was blushing, but more then he has ever seen her blush.

"Roxxi, did something happen?" She nodded. "Jack, a month ago, we were attacked by the East India Trading Company and they took Jackie while I was distracted."

"Why didn't you go after them?" Jack said, angrier then usual.

Roxxi stopped blushing. "I sent my parents on my ship to get someone to watch Amara!" Jack watched as Amara ran out side, to play with Jack the Monkey. Norrington followed to avoid being in the cross fire of the pirate couple's fight. "Roxxi, she can go sailing, Jackie went sailing when he was even younger then she is now!"

"I took him to the Turners because I knew he would be safe there!" Roxxi shouted, now glaring at him. Jack glared back.

"So, you were planning to sit here until I came back, so I can do all the work to get our son back?"

Roxxi took off her wedding band. "I would never leave the fate of my only son in the hands of a worthless idiot like you!" She shouted, then she threw the ring at him and left.

Later, Jack walked out and found Barbossa waiting for him. Barbossa could tell that Jack was upset about something. "Hey Lad, they rebuilt the Faithful Bride. Wanna go get a drink?" He asked, trying to cheer Jack up. After all, seeing the usually happy Jack acting depressed almost made him feel depressed. Jack nodded, not saying anything, and walked away, not even a bit happier...

The next day, Jack was working at his desk when he heard knocking at his door. "Come on." He called from where he was. Amara came in, holding Jack the Monkey. "Daddy, can I play in here?" She asked.

Jack nodded. "Just do touch anything!" She nodded, but then Jack heard something shatter. "Oops, sorry Daddy." Jack shook his head. "Amara, where's your mother."

"Mommy went to go get Jackie." She said, sitting on a chair and swinging her legs. "She told me to stay with you and with your crew!" Then she squeezed Jack the Monkey. "So I'm playing with Jack the Monkey!"

Then Barbossa came in. "Jack, did you shoot my monkey again?" Amara smiled at him, then jumped off the chair.

"Ahoy Barbossa! Are you looking for this monkey?" She held up Jack the Monkey.

Barbossa nodded. "You can play with him, just ask next time, ok?" She nodded, then left. "She's something, that one." Barbossa said, sitting in a chair. "Jack, where are we going?"

Jack smiled. "We're going after Roxxi, but first, we'll visit Tia Dalma."

A few weeks later, Roxxi was at the helm of the Treasure, looking every bit like the pirate she was, wearing her usual with a black jacket and matching hat. The hat was a tricorn hat, just like Jack's hat, but she obviously took better care of it. Her red and black hair was being blown about, even with the hat on. She sighed, thinking about how long it takes to not only untangle it, but also to separate red from black...

Then she saw the ship she was after. Roxxi took out a spyglass and took a closer look at the flag. Recognizing it, she pulled a lever, causing the cannon ports to open. She had loaded them the night before, so she knew she was ready. Only problem now was that, if they had to get personal, it was all of those soldiers against Roxxi and a cat...

"Mrs. Sparrow!" The captain of the other ship shouted when they were close enough. "Don't fire, unless you're really ready to risk your son's life!" Roxxi realized that she had over looked that detail, and surrendered.

When the two ships where next to each other, Roxxi gasped. Mercer was the other captain! He walked over to her. "So, since you responded so quickly to that warning, I'm guessing you don't know what happened, do you?" She took a few steps back, then shook her head. Mercer smiled. "The Black Pearl was caught in a hurricane. There were no survivors."

Roxxi was speechless. She just kept thinking about her last words to Jack. 'I would never leave the fate of my only son in the hands of a worthless idiot like you!' She knew that now, she could never apologize. Then her vision went black and she felt herself falling...

Meanwhile, unknown to Mercer and his men, they were being watched by the crew of the Empress...