Teague was walking through New Orleans, enjoying himself. There were a lot of fellow pirates, who practically worshiped him. He thought he even saw some of them bow down to the ground to him, not that he didn't mind...

He then saw what had to be the most comical sight he's ever seen. Barbossa, Fitzwilliam, and Norrington hiding behind some bushes, watching something. "Oi, mind if I join you?" He whispered, noticing that the show was Jack talking to some lad. "What's so interesting about Jack recruiting crew members?"

"He never recruits crew members on his own." Norrington whispered back. "When I joined his crew the first time, Mr. Gibbs was recruiting the crew members while Jack drank rum."

"Is there anything Jack can do without drinking rum?" Teague whispered, concerned about this habit.

"With or without, he's unbearable." Fitzwilliam whispered. "And just in case you're wondering, when I joined, as a teenager, he had Arabella with him. Even then I had to-"

He stopped talking when they saw Jack kissing the lad. "JACK?!" All four men shouted, jumping out of their hiding place, and tumbling into each other.

"Jack, Roxxi is still out there!" Teague shouted.

"And even if she's long gone, there's still other women!" Norrington shouted.

"Most likely better women!" Fitzwilliam added. "Who are far prettier and smarter!"

"What did you say Fitzy?" The 'lad' growled, reveling the fact that he was a she. She took off her hat, causing her red and black hair to tumble out, it was Roxxi. They could all see her hand clenched into a fist that, if Jack hadn't grabbed her wrist, would've ended up in Fitzwilliam's face.

"Where's the kids?" Jack asked, noticing that they were not with them.

"We left them with Pintel and Ragetti." Fitzwilliam said.

"You left two little kids with the most idiotic pirates in the Caribbean?!" Roxxi said.

"What's wrong with them?"

"If you were those two, where would you go?"

Pintel and Ragetti were sitting at a table in a tavern with Jackie and Amara, when the doors to the building flew open. Jack walked in, grabbed his kids' hands, and walked out, mumbling about how he doesn't know what the world's coming to. Once out, Jack knelt in front of his kids. "Did you get anything to drink?"

"Aye, Mr. Gibbs got us some coconut milk before he left." Amara said, not smelling like rum.

"We dunno where he is, though." Jackie said, not smelling like rum either.

As soon as Roxxi saw the kids, she knelt down to them. "Are you two alright?"


"That's good, cause look at what I got!" Roxxi said, pulling out a folded piece of paper and handing it to Jack. He opened it and looked at the map drawn on it. It had two lines; one leading from New Orleans to Florida with an X labeled: Aqua de Vida, another line leading from Florida to the Mediterranean Sea with another X labeled: Atlantis.

"Roxxi, where did you get this?"

"I met my parents on the other side, and they gave it to me."

"I've been meaning to ask: Why didn't you ever go to the Fountain of Youth, Jack?" Barbossa asked. "You had the charts."

"That lovely dinghy you gave me when you left me in Tortuga somehow caught on fire off the coast of Shipwreck Island." Jack said. "I lost the boat and the charts, but I saved the rum!"

"And you got what you came for." Teague added. "Crossed the Pacific, in a dinghy, just to ask for some money from your father!"

That night, right at midnight, everybody was back at the docks, ready to board the four ships; the Black Pearl, the Treasure, the Misty Lady and the Fleur de la Mort. Roxxi stood in front of the Treasure, waiting.

"Roxxi!" Megan shouted as she, Jade, Phebe, and Sammy walked up to her.

"Megan, I want you to have this." Roxxi said, holding a red ribbon in her hand. The ribbon held a key with 'the Treasure' engraved into the metal. "She's yours."

"Roxxi, you're giving me the Treasure?!"

"Well as First Mate on the Black Pearl, I can't keep her." Roxxi pointed out. "Besides, I trust you with her, just go on one more adventure with us and she's yours!"

"You're blackmailing your own sister?"


"So what's the adventure?" Megan asked. Roxxi just smiled at her sister...

"Where does this swamp end?" Jack complained as he, Mr. Gibbs, Roxxi, the kids, Megan, Jade, Phebe, Sammy, Barbossa, Norrington, Teague, Arabella, Pintel, and Ragetti made their way through Florida's swampland. "And where are these bugs coming from?"

"Will you shut up?" Teague asked. "We're all hot, tired, and frustrated, but complaining about it will not make us feel any better."

"There should be a clearing up ahead." Roxxi said, pointing. About five minutes after she did, they found the clearing, a goblet, and a fountain.

"There it is; the Fountain of Youth!" Pintel said.

"I wonder what this is?" Jackie asked, pointing at a large button, about the size of an adult's hand.

"I dunno." Amara said. "Maybe we should try it."

Jack was just about to get some of the fountain's water into the goblet when the fountain started to glow. "Bugger."

Everyone managed to take cover just before the fountain exploded. "What happened?" Roxxi asked, shocked.

"She did it!" Jackie shouted at the same time as Amara's "He did it!" Both of them were pointing at each other.

Meanwhile, the other seven Pirate Lords were hearing rumors of Captain Jack Sparrow knowing where Atlantis is, along with the lost city's treasures...