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Kaiya tossed and turned in the massive bed. She'd lit the candles placed around the room, hoping they would soothe her, but no avail. Finally, staring at the ceiling, she closed her eyes.

I'm going home, she thought, and I may never see my mother again. My inheritance is being given to some elected person who probably won't even run this place right… it's so fucked up. It's so unfair.

A crash, followed by shrieking, jerked her from her thoughts. Kaiya let out a cry of pain as the back of her hand burned and the Master Sword began to clatter in the sheath. She leapt from the bed, yanking the sword out as she sprinted down the hall.

Out of breath, she arrived at the ornate, ajar door to her mother's chambers. There was a surge of bright light, followed by a scream and a yelp. Running through the door, she began to follow the hall.

"She killed you! They told me!" Midna.

"Bah! She has no true power. She's just a child, with no strength or desire, or the true courage it takes to harness her power!" Gannondorf? How is he here? I stabbed him! Kaiya thought, following the voices to another open door.

A black and white wolf lay against the wall, looking almost broken and unmoving. Near the fireplace, Midna was held up by the base of her neck, by none other than Gannondorf. Kaiya lifted a finger to her lips, so her mother wouldn't give her away.

I can feel it… energy. It's almost overflowing from my arm! She thought, stepping toward the desert dweller.

"Oi!" she called, pointing the sword at him. "Put her down. What'd you do with my father?" The irises of her eyes went orange, the whites yellow. She noticed the blue-green patterns glowing on her skin, but didn't allow it to phase her.

The villian smirked. "Well, well. You've certainly become more tuned in to your power!" He dropped Midna to the floor, who rushed to the wolf's side. "Fight me!"

He unleashed a blast of energy from his sword—

- Oh shit oh shit oh shit I'm going to die kaasan tousan help me please help—

- and then repelled it with a burst of her own, from the tip of the Master Sword. Kaiya stared down at the blade, covered in the same marks as her skin. Both Midna and Gannondorf's eyes widened in wonder.

"How did she—? She's just a child!" Gannondorf yelled, sending another burst of magic Kaiya's way.

But she knew what to do this time. Tightening her grip, the edges of the blade surged with visible energy. Wait for it, wait—! It sliced Gannondorf's energy cleanly in half before striking him.

"You little bitch," he snarled, hands on his knees, "I'll show you!"

"No!" she screamed as a black ball of energy enclosed Link and Midna. Before her eyes, they materialized. "What did you do?"

He merely grinned, his own shock of red hair flying in the energy generated by Kaiya's rage. "They're just going to spend some quality time with me, and of course their dearest friend…" Before she could react, a blast of energy struck her, knocking the sword from her hands and the wind out of her.

"See you soon." Gannondorf chuckled as he, too, materialized.

Kaiya coughed. Every beat of her heart hurt like hell, the blood rushing through her veins like needles poking at the skin. Her vision blurred. What did he do to me? She wondered, coughing in attempt to force air in to her lungs. The pain was now in her very bones, as though they were breaking and re-setting themselves. She couldn't hold it anymore; she let out a blood-curdling scream, allowing the sheer pain to tear through her vocal chords. But the end notes turned from human to animal; from scream to howl. Kaiya barely had time to register the change before she blacked out.

What happened… everything hurts… she thought, opening her eyes. Then, closing them again in shock as the memories rushed back. Her vision had changed; everything was heightened, colors distorted. Her sense of smell, too, was stronger; she could distinctly pick out thirteen different people with no effort at all.

What in the name of Nayru is going on here? Her mind shrieked. Her voice, however, barked.

"Ahhh! Kaiya-sama!" An attendant stooped down to meet her eyes. "Are you awake? What do you need?"

"You're an idiot, Kyohei." A woman Kaiya recognized as the First Seat Councilwoman barked at the boy. "She can't speak to you. And I don't believe you can hear her thoughts, yes?"

Kyohei bowed his head. "My apologies, my lady."

"Kaiya-sama." The First Seat Councilwoman knelt before her, touching her forehead. I can hear your thoughts this way— a voice filled Kaiya's mind— so please, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

What the hell happened?

Gannondorf's evil magic has transformed you in to a wolf. Like your father, your true spirit takes the form of a beast of the twilight. Gannondorf believed that sealing you in such a form would prevent you from stopping his evil plans.

Which are?

To take Hyrule and the Twilight Kingdom as his own.

Kaiya closed her eyes. How do I get back to Hyrule, and out of this form?

Only your master sword, combined with your will, can break the spell upon you can get that far on your own, we will assist in your return to your world.

Kaiya nodded. Thank you. The Councilwoman removed her fingers from Kaiya's forehead, and the connection went dark. Kyohei suddenly knelt before her again.

"Kaiya-sama!" he yelled, "The Master Sword!"

Laying on the cushion, it looked more like an artifact than her weapon. Still, she sensed its power, and touched her nose to the tip.

Again, the full body pain struck her, forcing her to cry out. Though her body told her to run from it, her mind knew—to run from her own blade, the "blade of evil's bane", would surely condemn her to life as a dark beast. She snarled

and the pain subsided

and she rose as the light faded.

"Well done, Kaiya-sama!" Kyohei exclaimed as she took up her sword. She smiled at him before turning to the council members.

"I fulfilled my part of the bargain. Please, bring me my weapons and provisions… and some new clothes."

Now in a dress similar to the one she had worn to the meeting—but in a simple, lightweight green fabric and gold thread stitching it together, with white tights, brown boots and gloves—Kaiya strapped the Master Sword across her back and adjusted the packs at her belt.

"'Scuse me," she muttered to Kyohei, "but could you do me a favor?"

His eyes lit up. "Anything, princess."

She pulled a dagger from her belt. "Please cut my hair. It's far too long and will get in my way on my quest."

Kyohei's eyes widened in shock, but he obliged. Soon, her once waist-length hair stopped near her chin, layered so that the topmost pieces were only an inch long. She patted him on the back.

"Thank you, Kyohei. I'll make sure something's done about the way the council members treat ya." She promised, striding out the door of her room, then the castle, toward the portal.

Many a mouth dropped at the sight of her hair, but Kaiya's eyes remained fixed on her means of return. She nodded at the First Seat.

"Once the light from this portal hits you, you will be free to travel about Hyrule as you please. Our only wish is that you return to us our queen, unharmed, and that you remain safe." The woman told her.

"Thank you very much for all your kindness and hospitality. My mother will be in good hands, once she's out of Gannondorf's." Kaiya told them, attempt her most regal, authoritative tone, before she stepped up the stairs and allowed the light to hit her skin.