.oO Chapter 7 (New) Oo.

The fanfare played and the opening credits dashed blue across the screen. I didn't care, the music could have been crap and the names illegible.

The security I felt, I could have been staring into the flames of a blazing tornado and still felt at peace with the world. I loved the way my body fit his perfectly, how his strong arms lay by mine. His hand lay on my stomach, the liquid joy that rocketed through my body was almost unbearable. The music of the film seemed to mimic my emotions.

I vaguely noticed the man speaking had hair as white as Inuyasha. He was Jor El, Superman's father. I wondered why a man with a new born baby had such a white head of hair. Could it be he had him in old age? Or was it something related to the fact he wasn't human?

I fantasied, what if that was the explanation to Inuyasha's odd color? Not stress, a disease or anything of that sort. What if he was something mythical or alien? I didn't care much for his silver tresses, as beautiful as they were, but it would be something if he was more than human. Which hardly seemed fair.

I felt him shift a beneath me.

"Am I too heavy?" I asked twisting my head around to see his face. He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"No. You ain't heavy." The slow deterioration of his speech somehow excited me. He was wilder, more attractive if possible.

We continued to watch the movie. We sat in silence until Clark Kent and Louis Lane were getting mugged. Inuyasha snorted as Clark and Lois were shoved up against the wall.

"What?" I asked turning to see why he disapproved.

"He's pathetic." Inuyasha said throwing a hand up at the screen.

"Well, he can't go all Superman in front of Lois Lane."

"Yeah, I get that." He paused as the gun was fired.

"But see, there he catches the bullet." I said trying to stick up for Clark.

"He pretends to faint."

"Nothing bad happen."

"He didn't need to act so, helpless." Inuyasha said wrapping his arms around me once more. His hands clamped onto opposite arms, I swooned in his tight embraced. "If…" He hesitated before continuing.

"If I was in his place, I wouldn't have been so useless. I wouldn't even needed to go superman on him. He could have just taken the gun from him and there. Normal people are trained to do that. It's not an impossible skill."

"What if he had fired a shot while Clark tried to take it away?"

"It wouldn't have happen. He didn't need to react at super sonic speed, just faster than the other guy."

We didn't talk much else throughout the movie. Near the end of the movie, my phone sounded and while still in Inuyashas arms, I pulled it out of my shorts pocket. It was a text from my mom.

Just got to the hotel. Going out to dinner with co-workers. Love you

I wasn't worried she wouldn't make the plane trip, but still I was always relieved to know my mom had landed safely. I replied quickly.

Im going 2 eat soon 2. Love you, b safe 3

As the message sent and I closed my phone, I felt Inuyasha's arm slide up. Before I could do anything he snatched my phone away from me.

"What is this thing?" He asked in mild disgust as he held it to his face.

"My phone, give it back!" I said trying to squirm out of the one arm grip he had me in.

"This is a phone?" Inuyasha said in mock horror. He flipped it open. "It doesn't even have a keyboard!"

He showed me my phone as if that was something I hadn't noticed. His face couldn't deny the incomplete smile on his face. "You have to use the dial pad to send texts!"

I could feel my arms break free of his grasp. I snatched my phone from him and held it to my chest.

"Not all of us can have cool new iPhones." I said defensively as he pulled out his phone.

"Yes, but we can." He said punching in his passcode faster than I could read.

"What are you doing?" I said, curiously looking as he opened up the web browser.

"Ordering a new phone." He said nonchalantly as a website popped up.

"What wrong with the one in your hands?" I said, a bit grumpy.

"Nothing." He paused and pulled my hand from my chest so that I held my phone up to his. "But there are a million wrong with yours.

I looked at the phones side by side, and internally winced. His was sleek, black and shiny. Mine was a fat, grey old thing with scratched marks and a cracked screen. I knew if I flipped it open I would see the faded buttons, and a scratch on the bigger screen. Still I pulled it away and sat up.

"I don't care." He shifted so that he sat next to me on the couch. "Don't you dare buy me a phone." I added trying to fill my tone with threat.

"Why not?" He responded rather annoyed.

"Because, you shouldn't buy people stuff like that, especially not with your dad's money." I tried to guilt him. I was surprised to find a slightly sour look on his face. He was on his phone again and in a hard voice he said:

"Fine, I won't buy you a phone today." He said and then thrusted his phone at me. "But I hardly ever ask the old man for money, I'm not like Sesshomaru. I don't need luxuries."

I tenderly took the phone from him and gazed at the web page. The banner at the top read in an odd font: RedChapter, and in smaller letters: Clothing By Mark Palmer. Very gingerly I touched the screen and scrolled down. It seemed like any other online clothing store. I looked up from the phone, unsure what to say.

"I helped him- Mark- start that line." Inuyasha said taking the phone from me. "He is an incredible Ambigram artist. Decided to give him a shot and spent all my saved up money on that. My dad said I was a foolish investor." Inuyasha smirked. "It's not a fortune, it doesn't make me a millionare, but he's had growing success." He handed me the phone again, and this time it was picture of the same girl in different shirts. I stared at the model in wonder, we were barely out of high school and he had already invested in a business.

"But all my money is my own. I don't spend anymore than I need to, and I definitely don't need a new car every year." He said taking a jab at Sesshomaru's car leasing habits.

"What's an Ambigram?" I asked as I scrolled down the page. Inuyasha took over the phone for a moment once more and handed it back to me. Back on the homepage, my question was answered.

Ambigrams are stunning works of lettering art that can be read from more than one direction, like the Red Chapter logo at the top of this page that can be read both forward AND upside-down.

I scrolled back up to the top and quickly flipped the phone over. Before the phone tried to correct for the change in orientation, I understood. The font was odd, because it was an Ambigram!

"That's so cool." I breathed in wonder. Inuyasha spent the next few moments showing me the different clothing and Ambigrams. I grew fond of a beautiful blue shirt whose Ambigram read Faith one way and Hope the other.

We would have stayed looking at the clothes on the website just a bit longer if Inuyasha's stomach hadn't growled.

"Oh." I said quickly jumping up. "I'm starving you."

"It's fine Kagome." Inuyasha tried to reassure me as he stood up and slowly followed my path to the kitchen.

"No, I need to feed you." I said, ignoring the pain in my leg.

"If you insist." He said taking a seat at the counter.

We didn't have a table, a proper one. It was just me and my mother and the house was too small one anyway. My mom had expanded the counter one summer, and we threw a couple of chairs their so we could eat somewhere else besides the couch. I was overwhelmed at the though of Inuyasha, sitting at our makeshift counter, our kitchen no where close to being as elegant as his.

I searched frantically, and realized I should have gone grocery shopping a day or two ago. I had no ingredients whatsoever to make a decent meal. It's not like I would have the courage to try with Inuyasha watching anyway.

"All I have that's a suitable dinner is this." I said holding up two cups of Ramen I had fished out of the pantry. "It's no soup of the day, but it's not a generic brand." I said, hoping he wasn't completely repulsed.

Instead, with sudden child-like brown eyes of curiosity on his face, he reached out and took the styrofoam cup from me.

"There's soup in here?" He asked shaking it.

"Yeah." I said cautiously. I slipped the kettle off the stove and filled it with water.

"And you just add water?" He questioned as he peeled away the plastic.

"If you wait for the water to boil, you can see for yourself." I said placing the filled kettle over the fire lit stove.

I never believed I would have prepared Inuyasha's new favorite food, much less that it would end up being something so cheap and common.

"This is fantastic!" He said slurping down his third cup of noodles for the day.

I smiled, I couldn't help it. I loved his enthusiasm with such a trivial thing.

I glanced around as I waited for him to finish his soup. I didn't know how else to entertain him, and I knew I had to think of something quick, I didn't want him to leave.

"Excuse me." I said as I made my way to the bedroom and grabbed my laptop. There had to be something we could do, if only just browse.

I could tell from the look on his face, he didn't approve of my little old laptop.

"Does it still dial up?" He said in between gulps of soup.

"Hah, funny. It connects just fine to our Wi-Fi, thank you very much." I placed it gently on the counter though, I didn't want anything happening to it.

I let it start up and wondered where on the world wide web I would journey to first. Once I opened the window, I typed into the search engine Red Chapter Clothing.

I browsed through the women's section. As much as I thought the designs were well done, I felt besides their cut and fit, they were still a bit too masculine.

Underneath some of the products, there was a video of Mark Palmer himself showing of the shirts and decribing them. He seemed like a good guy, his hair was short and light brown, and he had startling blue eyes. He wasn't hard on the eyes at all. Though, he couldn't compare to Inuyasha.

"He was married recently." Inuyasha said, I hadn't realized he was hovering over my shoulder. He pulled out his phone and brought up pictures.

"Mrs. Mark Palmer." He presented me pictures, I could only assume was of their wedding day. She was beautiful, her skin was balanced perfectly in the middle of the color spectrum, not too dark, not too light. She had small, sharp features, but somehow remained beautiful, adorable and desirable. Her hair was just over her ears, I couldn't tell if she had short hair or if it was done up for the wedding. She looked like she belonged in flapper era, she was so gorgeous in the black and white photos.

"She's breath taking." I said after I handed him back his phone.

I looked back at my computer and decided to tell Inuyasha my thoughts.

"You know, these shirts a pretty cool and the designs are incredible. But I wish the girl's line didn't look like they copied and pasted male ambigrams onto female styled shirts."

"Really." Inuyasha said intrigued. "You do realize they are different images surrounding the ambigrams, and they are all rock inspired."

I bit my lip.

"Its just the ambigrams themselves. They look too similar to the guy's line. Or at least trade some of the foil for gemstones scattered around the ambigrams, ."

"Your complaints are noted and I'll have a chat with Mark about it. I want to point out, I have no control of his creativity, and if he doesn't feel it, he doesn't feel it." He ended with a shrug. He turned the computer toward him and I nearly tackled him.

He lifted an eyebrow, and somehow understood I had something to hide. Of course the one thing I didn't want him to do was check the history. He checked the history.

"Huh." He said, as I looked horror struck at the list of websites I had visited.

"Why, Kagome, are you looking at Sex Tips?" He asked as I watched the mouse roll over and high light that link. I my heart thudded as I heard the click and the page popped up.

I shut my eyes and twisted away, I felt so embarrassed. Of course I had no experience, I hadn't done anything with a boy before. I was just trying to learn more, learn a lot, so maybe when I was in the middle of the heat and passion, I could remember a thing or two.

I never imagined he would ever be looking at the sights I had visited, some only for a brief second before I exited, running away either overwhelmed or in fear.

I felt my face burning up, I could probably cook something on my cheeks. I felt his hands on my shoulders, twisting me and the chair around so I was facing in his direction. I kept my eyes on the ground, I could not bear to look up at him.

Somehow, with controlled strength and tenderness, he pulled my chin up, and I faced him. I only then realized my eyes were blurred with would be tears.

"Oh, Kagome." He said softly. He took his hand and caressed my cheek. Standing up, his other hand slid from my shoulder, up my bare neck and gently held the base of my skull. He leaned in and sweetly pulled me into the gentlest kiss imaginable.

I was disappointed it seemed to end too soon.

"You are ridiculous."

I was still blushing but I was distracted by the feelings of beatitude.

"I should leave, it's getting dark." I panicked, not wanting him to leave I grabbed his arm.

"Please, stay." In my haste to get the words out, I didn't realize my nails had bit his skin, or my plead was a bit too loud. Inuyasha pressed his lips together and glanced at the door before studying my face. I tried to beg with my eyes, pout my lips a bit. I wanted him to stay, I didn't want to be without his company.

"I really shouldn't stay." He said, but his stance had relax and his body did not lean toward the door as it had a moment before.

"Please stay the night with me." I whispered, hardly realizing what I was asking.

I was still sitting, and holding his arm as I looked up to his face to watch as he made his decision.

"Alright." He said. I broke out into the widest grin that was quickly reflected on Inuyasha's face.

"What are you so happy about." He said in a mocking voice as he leaned forward and briefly rubbed my nose with his.

I turned away, and shrugged. "I'm just happy." I told him.

I looked at the time and noticed it was barely half past seven. I was going to get up and go change, when I realized Inuyasha probably had nothing to sleep in.

"Do you want me to try to find some clothes for you to sleep in." I chewed my tongue, trying to remember where my old high school gym clothes were.

"I'll be fine." Inuyasha leaned toward the computer. "I'll just sleep in this shirt and my boxers."

My heart drummed. I tried very hard not to picture Inuyasha in his boxers as I searched in my drawer for the best underwear I had, or at the very least a bra and panties that matched.

I decided to wear a black combo I had and pulled my faded duck pajama's on. I hoped that I was at least somewhat appealing. I ran my hand over my leg to make sure they were presentable and took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

Walking back into the living room, I saw Inuyasha had transplanted himself and my computer onto the couch. I sat myself on his left side and pulled my legs up underneath me.

I dared to lay my head against his shoulder and was pleased when he did not shove me away.

"Should we discuss in more detail, our arrangement?" He said, so suddenly I almost didn't understand what he meant.

"If you want to." I mumbled, turning my face more into his shoulder.

"I just want to know what I can and can't do."

"You can do anything you want, just as long as you run it by me first." I said pulling my face away from his arm and curling my arm around my legs.

"Let me run a few things by you then." He said taking the laptop off his legs and turning towards me. My heart sped up and I heard the blood rushing in my ears.

He looked into my eyes, with those beautiful golden orbs of his and I fluttered mine closed when I felt the velvet skin of his lips press down on mine. This kiss began soft just like the other ones. But now instead of his hands traveling to my neck, his lips slowly inched away from my lips and massaged my jaw as they slowly ventured down to my neck.

"Do you approve of this." He murmured into my neck and I felt the fire spark in my core.

"Yes." I managed a quiet gasp as his mouth placed soft kisses along my collar bone. I felt my belly tighten with pleasure for a moment before his face came back up to level with mine.

"What about this." He asked innocently as he attacked the area just between my jaw and ear with soft nibbles and delicate pressure.

"I…" I could hardly contain myself. I trembled as I felt myself become wet, a mild throb that was echoed everywhere in my body as blood rushed.

I felt his hands grazed my thighs with light finger tips, I shivered from the feeling. His mouth found its way to my lips again and pressed eagerly.

I threw myself at him, my body not willing to bear the absence of his touch. Other lips fought against each other, and I felt goose bumps where his hands grabbed my waist.

Our tounges tentavely met each other, shy at first. But I could not hold back for long. I tasted him and he explored my mouth in return.

We broke apart and I had not realized how hard I was breathing. He was panting as well and we looked at each other with uncertain eyes.

"I think…" He began, still trying to catch his breath. "I think that is enough for tonight." He finally said, his hands tightened, and carefully guided my hips back down to the couch. I had not realized I had risen to my knees. I flushed as I realized I had been hovering over him, my attack had trapped him.

"I'm sorry." I was red and I brought my fingers to my mouth and chewed on the skin beside the nail of my thumb. I was shamed at my sudden loss of self control.

"Don't be." Inuyasha said with a smile as he carefully pried my hand away from my mouth. He pulled me so I lay on top of him, my ear pressed firmly against his chest.

I heard his heart beating frantically, I felt comforted. He was just as I was, both our hearts erratic. Laying there in silence, we let our breathing become one, he stroked my hair with loving care. I was again at peace with him, happy he was beside me.

What was to become of this relationship, of this arrangement? He was a handsome eighteen year old, but what else? I still hardly knew who he was, though I felt I could trust him complete. I felt I did really know him, I felt as if the last puzzle piece to my heart was simply that moment, laying there with him in his arms.

But no, I shouldn't think that way. I shouldn't hand him over my heart so free, so willing. I had to put a halt to it. I had to separate the feelings from the attraction, the body from the heart, the lust from love. If I didn't, it was going to hurt. It was going to be a pain that no drug could assuage, and no words could heal. He was a man and I was a woman, though still young, that was our essential core.

"Do you want to fuck or make love?"

His question tore me from my thoughts, the crass way he said it sent a lone shiver down my spine.

"What?" I asked, turning to lay on my stomach, I bit the inside of my lip as my breast pressed against his chest beneath my weight.

He leaned forward, bending only just.

"Are you a fucker or a lover?" He asked, a sinful smile on his lips.

My breath hitched. Why was I turned on by those words? I felt my thighs slide to either side of his hips and I pressed myself against him. I heard him gasp, and felt his hips buckle against mine. I leaned in slowly and feeling my throat thick with arousal, I said sensually into his ear:

"What do you think." I bit the last word, hoping the sentence was saturated with unspoken promises.

"You are too sexy for your own good." Inuyasha said thrusting his hips upward, catching me off guard. He grabed my shoulders and held me in place while he stood up from the couch. I could barely make out the slight buldge in his pants as he turned away from me.

"Bathroom?" He asked as he walked towards the hallway.

"Second door, right." I said as he disappeared into the darkness. I took a deep breath and collapsed on to the couch, letting the pulse I felt in between my legs fade away.

And he's spending the night. I thought as I began to calm myself. I was now worried. Was I ready tonight? Could I, if the moment came, could I really let go and let him take me, completely obliterate my innocence?

I moaned quietly. I wanted it so bad. I knew I was on the verge, my body was aching, it knew what promise of plesure and satisfaction awaited with Inuyasha. I moaned again as the carnal thoughts stroked the fire between my thighs.

How was I going to last through the night?


Oh my.

So I finally got a hold of Fifty Shades, and I gotta say, I'm disappointed considering all the hype surrounding the series.

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