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Untamed: Lecherous Hand, Wandering Iris


"You see," Miroku had said to the others, "it began sometime after I left the village…" And so we begin the monk's story…


Three years earlier…

For everybody's sake, Sango, I cannot stay in the village. No matter how much I may care for you, in the end, I just can't change who I am. And to avoid causing tension among the others, I must leave. I am sorry…

Miroku sighed, remembering his last words to the youkai slayer before he had left her and his old friends behind in the village. He stopped in his path along the desolate road and closed his eyes.

"Master Miroku…?" The timid tanuki beside him ventured, turning his curious eyes upwards to his old friend, "Is something the matter?"

The monk opened his eyes and shook his head, quickly resuming his pace along the trail. "No, nothing is wrong, Hachi," he answered to his huffing companion, who was forced to scramble ahead to keep up with him.

"Apologies, Master!" Hachi wheezed. "You just looked so distant there, I feared something was amiss!"

Miroku slowed his pace so his friend could catch up and rested his hand on the furry head. "You concern yourself too much about me, my friend." He smiled and patted Hachi.

"I can't help it, Master," Hachi admitted with a sigh. "After all those years you spent with that cursed Kazaana, I guess it's become second nature for me to worry about you."

"Relax. There is no longer any countdown on my lifespan. Other than dying naturally, of course, which I don't intend on doing for a long time."

"That's good." Hachi wiped his brow. "But, Master Miroku, why did you…?" He paused, unable to fully form the question. He appeared too nervous to actually ask it. The monk ventured a guess anyway.

"Why did I leave the village?"

The tanuki looked down and wiggled his foot. "Forgive me for bringing it up, Master, but…"

"Not at all," Miroku shook his head in assurance. He knew it was only natural that Hachi had asked. He hadn't really told him of his reasons for leaving the village, and Sango, behind. Not that he could fully comprehend his actions himself… "Even with the Kazaana gone," he began, trying to think up a somewhat logical explanation, "even with it gone, I still couldn't quiet the need for many women. It turned out that my feelings for Sango just weren't strong enough to keep me restrained, even if I may have wished otherwise. You understand, I'm sure," he quickly added, then hurried ahead, narrowing his eyes. How pitiful that sounded… He kicked himself mentally, looking ahead down the road, once again making Hachi huff and puff to catch up.

What Miroku had just told his friend wasn't untrue. It just wasn't…the 'whole' truth. And the reason for that was simply that Miroku hadn't yet figured out the whole truth. Sure, he was positive enough that his remaining in the village and living with Sango wouldn't have brought either of them happiness, thanks to his always wandering hand. In fact, it would have probably made their lives together very uncomfortable, along with the lives of their friends, to have a marriage with the slayer that couldn't prevent his gaze from wandering to every pretty face (and cute butt) that came into his view. He wouldn't be able to help it, no matter how much he loved Sango. And he did love her. Still now, after a few months, she was often on his mind; he would wake up wondering what she planned to do that day; he would walk along the road, traveling and stopping at different villages and wonder if she was training, as strong as he'd left her; and he'd go to bed wondering if she was dreaming. He thought of her, yes, but the feelings were nevertheless diminishing day by day now, a confirmation of his belief that their love had not been strong enough in the first place. And when he spent his nights at the brothels, all thoughts of her were effectively driven from his mind, and he would genuinely and enthusiastically enjoy himself…

But again, of all this he was certain. What he didn't quite understand was something a little different… He couldn't even put his finger on it. The thoughts that bothered him swirled around in his mind, spinning in a circle around and around his full comprehension, never pausing for him to stop or identify them… Whenever he questioned his decision to leave, no matter how right he knew it was, he couldn't help but feel…regret. Was 'this' really how it should be? Not 'this' as in leaving Sango, but as in…

"Master Miroku, look!"

Hachi brought the monk out of his confuddled musings. Miroku glanced at his friend, who was pointing at something down the road. A small group of ragged looking young men were running towards their position at a good pace, a few of them carrying packs on their backs. Miroku squinted. He counted five men, of average height, all carrying sheatheless swords from the waist or over the shoulder. That and their tattered, raggedy tunics told Miroku that they were most likely brigands. The men slowed down as they got closer, and stopped in front of Miroku and a frightened Hachi, who scampered behind the monk's robes. They were bandits all right, Miroku thought, but…they didn't look too professional or menacing. Still, with those swords, they did pose a little danger…

"A monk!" exclaimed one of the men at the head of the group in a high voice, pointing at Miroku. He appeared to be the 'leader' of the bunch.

"Yes, I am a monk." Miroku nodded, suspicion in his voice. "And you bandits seem to be in a hurry to go somewhere."

"Bandits? How'd you know?!" asked one of the others incredulously.

"Idiot, don't tell 'im!" A third man smacked the confessor on the back of the head.

"But he already knew!"

"You could've lied, ya dumbass!"

"Whachyoo call me?"

"Dumb. Ass!"

"Break it up!" The high voiced leader interrupted. He looked back at Miroku and, rather clumsily, drew his sword. "This monk looks like he's got some valuables on 'im. Things we'll be takin'."

"Boss, we can't take things from a holy man!" protested a fourth man.

"Quiet and do it!" the leader commanded shrilly. His men gulped and drew their own swords as well. Miroku had to stifle a laugh at the sadly amusing sight of the lackluster thieves. "Now," the leader ordered Miroku, "give us everything you got, monk!"

Miroku sighed and rolled his eyes. This was pathetic. Irritating, even. "As you wish," he said, a small smirk forming on his face, "I'll give you 'everything I got'."

"Charge!" yelled the leader, and the men rushed forward. A few moments later, they were slumped on the ground, groaning and clutching the round pink bumps on their heads, courtesy of the monk's staff. A very stern looking Miroku stood over them.

"My apologies," he said, "I lied. That wasn't everything I had. Not by a long shot. In any case, you guys should know better than to attack a wandering monk." He lightly rapped their heads with his staff.

"We're sorry," they mumbled. "You gonna turn us in…?"

"No," Miroku answered, stroking his chin.

"What?" Hachi burst out. "But, master, they're criminals!"

Miroku put on an innocent face. "True, but they look like they've learned their lesson. Isn't that right?" The bandits nodded. "Now give me your bags," he said, gesturing with his hand.

So it's their goods he was after. Of course… Hachi sighed.

The men quickly removed their packs and swords and dropped them at Miroku's feet, then scrambled away, shouting their thanks as they fled. Miroku bent down to examine one of the packs they had left behind and picked the open one, with some scrolls and leaflets of paper sticking up from the top.

"Master, I still can't understand why you let them go," Hachi said. "Those items don't look like they'd fetch a good price at any shop, so why did you want them?"

The monk shuffled around the contents of the bag he was rummaging through and pulled out a piece of paper with…no surprise, a beautiful woman drawn onto it, dressed in a slightly open, exotic looking kimono. "This caught my attention," he said simply, peering at the woman and then reading the text underneath it.

"As usual…" Hachi shook his head. "I'll bite. What is it?"

"A flyer," Miroku observed, "for the Komoko House, apparently."

"A brothel," Hachi said flatly.

Miroku smiled and patted his companion's head. "Now, now, Hachi, this looks like it's one of the more luxurious places than the ones I've stayed at recently. Hm…I think I'll pay this house a visit." He stood up, leaving the essentially worthless bags and swords on the road and picked up his trail again.

Hachi sighed again. "Would you be going even if it wasn't a higher class place?"

"Don't say such silly things!" Miroku called back, retaining his innocent smile. "I merely wish to seek good lodgings for the night. Look," he pointed, "The sun will be setting soon, and it might take a while to get there."

"Whatever you say, Master Miroku," Hachi said, trudging after him.


"Feh, could you be pervier?" InuYasha snorted.

"Ahem," Miroku grunted, pretending to be offended. "If I may continue…?" He wasn't happy at the interruption so soon.

"Yes, go ahead dear," Ayame said, "Keep going."

"But speed it up," the hanyou added. "It's getting dark and we have to get back to the kids."

"InuYasha," Miroku said, "I told you, this is a long, long story. I can't just finish it quickly, even if I spoke fast or skipped over certain parts."

"Oh, no, don't do that," Kagome said. "We do really want to hear the whole thing, but InuYasha's right. It is getting dark. So, maybe you can tell a bit more and then we can head back to the village?"

"Th-the village?" Miroku sounded nervous. "I…don't know if that's such a good idea. The villagers, they know…" He trailed off, but they knew what he was trying to say.

"Yeah, yeah, they know you left," InuYasha said. "Big deal. None of them would hold it against you anymore. And if they accepted Sesshomaru living here, there's no way in hell they'd turn you down."

Miroku was shocked. "Sesshomaru is living here?" The news that the villagers had accepted a daiyoukai living among them gave the monk a little confidence boost.

"No," Sango shook her head. "He stayed for a while to watch over Rin, and Kohaku. They wanted to see our babies being born, and he didn't want to leave them alone."

"Wow, I never would have thought…" Miroku admitted.

"Sesshomaru is InuYasha's older brother, right?" Ayame checked. "You told me about him, Miroku. Looks like you're not the only one who's grown the past few years, huh?"

"He's not here now, though," Kagome added. "But, I expect that he'll come soon to visit his niece and nephew."

"I look forward to seeing the new Sesshomaru then," Miroku said. "So, should I continue?"

"Yes, please," Kagome said politely, "But only for a little while longer."

"Okay, now where was I…"


It was almost dark by the time Miroku reached a fair-sized structure at the bottom of a forested mountain. The entry gate was wide open and the lights were on in the building. Miroku glanced at the nearby signpost, then dove his hand into his robes, searching for the flyer for the Komoko House. He pulled it out and looked at it. Yep, he thought, it matched the sign perfectly.

"Guess this is it," he said to himself. "And not a moment too soon," he noted, referring to the approaching darkness. He would not have wanted to be out alone on the road at night, when swarms of nocturnal youkai decided to roam free and mostly unhindered. That was the one downside of not having his Kazaana. And even with Hachi, Miroku would have wanted shelter rather than staying outdoors. Of course, the tanuki hadn't been too thrilled at the idea of a brothel and had decided to spend the night at Master Mushin's temple. So he had transformed and flown away, leaving Miroku to his pleasure.

"Let's see," Miroku spoke, reaching into his robes again, "I should have enough money for all my…conveniences, from the last few exorcisms I've performed." These exorcisms he mentioned were naturally sham jobs, although he would always insist to others that they were perfectly legitimate.

"Oh, a traveler!"

He looked up at the voice and saw a finely dressed woman standing in the open doorway to the building. Finely dressed, and fine-looking, he observed. A beautiful green kimono with a flowery design. Delicate pale features, eyes spaced evenly apart, a cute nose that accentuated her slightly prominent cheekbones. The monk put on his trademark winning smile and walked over to her. "Yes, you are correct. I am a traveling monk, and am seeking a place to stay for the night. And I was informed that this is a house of high luxury and great entertainment."

The girl, who looked to be around fifteen or sixteen, blushed at the monk's grin. "Yes, Sir Monk. This is the Komoko House, and our reputation is very well deserved." She said this in an alluring, seductive way that belied her actual young age and made her appear as a veteran temptress. But that façade was quickly lost under Miroku's endlessly charming stare, and she was again a simple girl who took simple pleasure in her work.

"I see," he said. "It appears I made the right decision in coming here then."

"So do you wish me to speak to the Madame, Sir Monk?" the girl asked.

"Yes, thank you."

She stepped aside and gestured him into the entrance hall, where she told him to wait while she went to inform the Madame that they had a new customer. Miroku took a seat on the wood floor, sitting below the bright lanterns on the wall. He glanced around the room to get his bearings. Ahead of his position, a set of stairs led up to the second floor, from where he could hear the muffled sounds of laughter and merriment, presumably from some other guests and their female hosts. He also heard some more…erotic sounds, coming from other rooms, and smirked. That's the way to do it, my friend, he thought silently, praising whatever man was up there who was eliciting such hot moans from his companion. To Miroku's side was a small table, behind which was a short hallway that led into another room. The girl had gone down this passageway, so Miroku assumed that room was the Madame's quarters. Sure enough, after a minute passed the young girl returned to the entrance, this time with an older-looking woman – the Madame. Miroku was surprised that the quality of her attire surpassed the girl's fine kimono.

"You are the monk?" the woman asked. Miroku nodded and waited patiently as she walked over to the other side of the small table and took a seat opposite him.

"Will you be needing anything more, Mistress?" the girl leaned down to ask. Miroku noticed that she couldn't help but sneak a glance at him, blushing as she did so. He sighed inwardly at being so cursed as to have beautiful young women taking a fancy to him.

"Not at the moment," replied the Madame. "But you might be attending this monk later on, so be prepared. You're dismissed." She shooed the young girl away. "Now, to business," she began. "You will be wanting our services for the night, I presume?"

"Yes, thank you." He nodded. "That girl is quite attractive," Miroku commented. "Are the others here as charming as her?"

"Our hostesses are the most proper and refined women you will find around these parts, as you will be able to see from the praises of our other visitors, some of who have been here for a few nights in a row," she replied. "Taka is no exception."

"Taka is her name, then?"


"I see. And, what would be the chances of me getting her services?"

"All you have to do is ask," the Madame smiled. "As for payment, we ask you to give a small portion up front, and then the rest after your stay has concluded. Since you are staying one night, that would be tomorrow."

"Actually," Miroku interrupted, "I'm considering staying more than one night after all. Maybe two, three…"

"Oh? Which shall it be?"

He thought it over. Which would give him the greatest satisfaction… "Better make it three days," he said cheerfully, holding up three fingers. "I want to enjoy myself."

"That is guaranteed, Sir Monk."

Miroku paid the initial fee for three nights' stay. The lady rose and told him to wait there while his room was set up. A short time later, she came back and motioned for him to follow her up the stairs. As they passed the closed doors occupied by other guests, Miroku's expectations were lifted even more by the various laughs and moans he heard. There were only a few people not in their rooms; a few male guests passed them here and there. One man Miroku noticed was younger than the rest of the middle-aged or old codgers, and appeared to be around his own age. Considering the place they were in, Miroku wasn't surprised to see that the man was half naked. However, he was caught off guard by the curious glance the man gave him. Upon spotting the monk, the stranger did a quick double take at him before turning away again and continuing down the hall.

Hm, I wonder what that was about… Does that man know me?

The woman continued to lead him on until she stopped at a door, the door to his room.

"Here we are, sir," she said. "I hope you find the setup to your liking. Now I will take my leave of you. If you need to contact me, just tell one of your attendants and they shall fetch me."

"Thank you for your hospitality," Miroku said, bowing. The Madame bowed back and then departed, leaving him alone outside his room. "Well, let's see what's inside…"

He slid the door open and his heart, or rather, a place two feet lower, fluttered for joy. Sure, it was a nice room, much better lit than the hallways, and lovely art designs on the walls, but what really got his attention were the four lovely women sitting on their futons. They looked up as he entered the room and quickly stood, bowing. "Greetings, Master Monk," echoed from each of them. Miroku could just imagine the stupid little child's smile on his face right now. His eyes roamed over his attendants. He was pleased instantly to see that Taka was one of them, and she gave him a coy smile when their eyes met.

"Master Monk!" She rushed forward, taking hold of his arm and pulling him to the others. "Please join us. We've prepared this whole room just for your pleasure."

"Taka, was it? How delightful to meet you."

The girls bowed again. Each of them had on a kimono similar to Taka's, with patterns of flowers dancing across their garments, and they all had their hair up in the style of such hostesses. They each grabbed his arms and lowered him onto the floor mat.

"My name is Emiko," one of them said. She was a petite girl, with a natural rosy tint to her cheek.

"I am Mai," said the second.

"And you may call me Kikuyu, Sir Monk," added the tallest of them.

"Such polite ladies," Miroku complimented. He leaned back behind the girls and, of course he couldn't resist, gave each of their rears a thorough caress. Taka and the others giggled shyly, playfully slapping his wandering hand away. "How would one of you like to bear my children?" he asked. They blushed furiously and covered their laughing mouths with their sleeves. "Better yet, how about all of you? We could get started now." More giggles, more blushes. But the girls forced themselves to recover from their giggles and stood up together, standing over the increasingly aroused monk.

"Is that what you wish to do, Sir Monk?"

Miroku was about to say yes, but had a different idea. "On second thought, we can get to that soon enough. I think I'm in the mood for a bit of music. Do you girls play?"

"Yes," answered Emiko. She walked to the corner of the room and picked up a large samisen, one that almost looked too big for a girl her size, and sat down on a prepared stool. Miroku wondered if she could actually play the large instrument. After Emiko had plucked a couple of the strings to begin her melody however, his doubts were washed away. She was quite good. No, better than good, she was an exquisite musician, he found himself thinking. The notes flew from the strings that her fingers danced over, filling the room with a soft melody.

"Emiko is very proficient at what she does," Taka whispered in Miroku's ear, then blew on it lightly, sending a rush through his head. She chuckled and pulled away. "She has been playing the samisen ever since she was a little girl, and that large one ever since she was able to hold it." Miroku didn't how this girl was ever able to hold the instrument, though.

While he was listening to the music, Mai and Kikuyu silently rose to their feet and made their way over to the stool, next to Emiko, and began a slow, exotic dance for the monk. It wasn't overly sensual, but being a natural hentai, Miroku derived that same sort of pleasure from watching. These three were talented, he admitted. Very graceful in their flowing movements. They were so entrancing that for a moment he forgot that Taka was still right beside him. It was easy enough to remember, however, when he felt her delicate hand high on his thigh, caressing it through the fabric of his robes. "Oh, such strong muscles that I feel," she chuckled.

Miroku sighed falsely. "Are you curious about what's underneath these robes?"

"Mayyybbbee…" Her inner temptress was surfacing again.

"Well, if you insist, I might just have to let you find out for yourself."

The girl giggled and went to work on removing the monk's clothes. "Mmm, it seems someone gets excited easily," she teased, noticing the bulge protruding from his robes. He shuddered when her moist tongue darted out from her mouth and gave his ear a soft lick. She laughed lightly. "Get ready to be even more excited," she said, and pointed at the three girls. Emiko was still playing on her stool, but Mai and Kikuyu paused their dance and took hold of each other's arms. Miroku stared with increasingly wide eyes as their faces drew closer and closer together until their smooth red lips met in a delicate kiss.

"Ah!" His startled gasp made them turn their heads and smile wickedly at him. Emiko looked up as well and grinned, but kept on playing skillfully. The melody suddenly became lower, and far more sensual, creating the mood for Miroku as the two girls sauntered over to him and Taka. They sat down on either side of him, making the only open spot left for Taka on Miroku's lap. She licked her lips and took it, settling onto his erection comfortably. He took the invitation and undid her obi, and opened her kimono for his viewing pleasure.

"Does the monk enjoy what he sees?" Mai asked, reaching over to remove Kikuyu's robes and reveal her own delicate pale skin. She moved her head down and attached her lips to the other girl's soft breast, sucking away while keeping her eyes on Miroku.


"Wait a minute!"

Miroku paused for a second time at InuYasha's outburst. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Keh," the hanyou snorted. "Were you really about to tell us a smut story, Miroku?"

The monk put on his innocent face. "There's nothing shameful about it."

Kagome placed her hands on her hips and huffed. "Does Ayame want to hear flashbacks of your…" She leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Your sexual experiences with other women?"

The wolf's sensitive ears heard this, of course. She smiled. "Don't you worry, I always get turned on when he tells these parts!"

"You mean you've told this to other people?!" Sango stammered out.

"Who?" asked InuYasha.

"Oh, just random strangers here and there who have had an interest in our story," Miroku said. "Most of them really enjoyed it when I got to this part…"

Kagome and the others narrowed their eyes at him.

"Still a lech," InuYasha sighed.

"I did tell you that, didn't I?" Ayame giggled. "And I love him for it too. Hehe, and anytime he'd tell this story, we'd screw each other silly later that night!"

"Quite a bitch you've got there," Kagome whistled. InuYasha blinked in surprise at her imitation of him. She had become quite forward, his miko.

"But," Sango interrupted, "it's gotten late, Kagome. We really should go back to the kids."

"You're right," the miko nodded. She stood up and took the hanyou and slayer by the hands. "Miroku, Ayame. Our offer still stands. You're welcome to stay in the village."

The monk and his mate glanced at each other, then back at the trio.

"We accept," Ayame said for them both.

Miroku nodded. "We'd love to meet your children, InuYasha."

Ayame took him by the hand and dragged him after Kagome and the others, on the trail back to the village.


"What a day," Miroku exhaled. He turned his head to the side. Ayame was already asleep next to him, the moonlight shining on her through the window of the spare hut they'd been given. When they'd returned to the village, Kagome had taken them to formally meet little Sosuke and Jun, who had taken an innocent liking to the purple-robed monk and beautiful red-haired wolf lady.

After that, Kagome took them to Kaede, who had welcomed him back only after making sure Sango was alright. Once she knew, however, her arms were open to receive the monk, although not without the surprise she got at hearing he had mated to some wolf youkai who had once been in love with Koga. That was unexpected. But she had gladly given Miroku and Ayame a home to accommodate them, a place in which they were laying on their futon. He was still awake, not because he couldn't sleep, but because he had been cut off of his story telling just when he was getting to the 'good' part. He grinned and closed his eyes and let the memories come flowing back.


"Does the monk enjoy what he sees?" Mai asked.

"I think that's a yes," Kikuyu answered for him. She moaned quietly when she felt Mai's talented tongue swirl around her pert nipple, lovingly tending to the small bud. The monk was lost in watching, but his hands, which had a mind of their own, moved up to caress Taka's breasts, caressing and kneading them through his fingers. The small girl growled lustfully and leaned down to nibble his neck, drawing the skin back with her teeth before letting it snap back, giving the aroused monk tiny red marks on his flesh. Mai's lips turned their attention back up Kikuyu's chest, her collarbone, up her neck and back onto her lips. Emiko's music sounded throughout the room, seducing each and every one of them further, herself included. Miroku watched the two beautiful women passionately tongue wrestle for him while Taka ground her hips up and down on his robes…his robes…his robes had to come off, he realized. He lifted Taka nimbly off his lap and deftly slid out of his remaining clothes, leaving him fully nude on the futon, his shaft standing proudly for them to see.

"Oh my," Taka said in awe, staring at his girth. Kikuyu and Mai broke their lip-lock to stare.

"It's...so big…" Kikuyu whispered, her eyes roaming up and down the length.

Mai crawled over to the other side of Miroku's lap, opposite Taka. "Can we…touch it?" she asked, gazing up at him.

How could he resist those cute doe eyes? "By all means…" His voice came out husky, and he inhaled a sharp breath when two soft hands surrounded his warm meat, one of Mai's and one of Taka's. They looked up at him, impressed that they could both fit a hand on him. They stroked his cock with more and more speed, pumping him up and down, anxiously wanting that massive shaft to fill one of their holes. Miroku sensed their desire, and after a few more strokes, stood up over them. "I need one of you. Now," he said, a touch of command in his voice.

The three girls stared at each other. "Taka," said Mai. "Do Taka first." Taka blushed at being recommended first. Miroku just grinned and nodded. Kikuyu and Mai made room for the girl to lay back and accept the monk's throbbing tool. Miroku knelt in front of Taka and positioned himself, teasing her cunt lips with the tip of his cock, just to hear her delightful moans.

"Please, Sir Monk…!" she groaned after a few torturous seconds, begging him to fill her. He obliged and slid his full length inside her, letting the warmth of her young wet pussy envelop him fully. He moved inside her easily, unobstructed by any virgin barrier, although this didn't surprise him. He leaned down and planted kisses on her pale neck, making sure to avoid kissing her lips, as he began to move his hips in and out at a steady pace. Taka moaned under his ministrations, and gasped when she felt the soft hands of Mai and Kikuyu take a rough hold of her breasts, slapping and pinching them while the monk's pole filled her tight depths with each vigorous thrust, slowly pounding her into the mat, eliciting squeals from the girl. "S-Sir Monk…gods, harder!" she gasped, bucking her hips up under him to take him into her cunt more and more.

Miroku let moans escape his own lips as he felt her inner muscles squeeze his rigid shaft. Moans other than Taka's made him look up. He almost exploded as he saw Kikuyu and Mai, disrobed, grinding their pussy lips together beside him, their juices already slowly leaking onto the futon below. Their heads hung back from their slender necks, their mouths wide from endless gasps as their clits rubbed against each other. Being watched by the monk, who was slamming his hips against their friend, thrusting inside her welcoming cunt, only turned them on more. They bumped together hotly, their hips rising and falling on the damp mat, their soft moans turning into loud screams, like Taka's did as she writhed underneath the sweating, thrusting monk, overpowering the music coming from Emiko's playing. A small bead of his sweat dropped off his chin onto her heaving breasts. He smirked. There was no way his neighboring guests wouldn't hear how he satisfied his women by now. The room filled with their pants and cries, and it wasn't long before Miroku felt his shaft being coated in Taka's juices. He quickly pulled out, squatted over her, and pumped himself a couple of times until he burst onto her face and neck and breasts, making the skin even whiter than it had been. Kikuyu and Mai had reached orgasm as well and came against each other, shuddering.

"Ohhhh…" Taka moaned under Miroku. He collapsed to the side of her and stared up at the ceiling. He took a few deep breaths to recharge and get ready for more. Then he noticed…Emiko had stopped playing. He craned his neck up and saw her walking over to the cum-covered group, her samisen left resting against the stool.

Mai leaned over to Miroku. "You haven't experienced Emiko's services yet, Sir Monk…"

His shaft quickly grew to full length again and he stood up. Emiko grinned and slipped out of her robes, then settled down onto her hands and knees before the monk. He moved to position himself at her entrance, but she pulled away quickly. She turned her head to the puzzled man and said, "Sir Monk, please…in the other hole?"

It's gonna be a long night, he laughed inwardly, and got back to work.


Miroku sighed and felt sleep overtaking him, after he had recalled every adventure of that night. He let a dumb grin spread over his face and realized he'd have to clean his robes in the morning. Oh well, it was worth it. Besides, he had to remember each detail of the story to move on to the next part tomorrow. The monk closed his eyes and went to sleep, reminding himself to pick up the story to the others tomorrow.

To be continued…


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Miroku has told the introduction to InuYasha and the others. Beginning at a high-class brothel with four exotic ladies, a night of pure pleasure… What happens next to the hentai monk afterwards? What are the feelings that bother him? Stay tuned.

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