Summary: Soccer player, Bella Swan moves to Florida with her father and meets the infamous Edward Cullen. What will they both think of each other? Will they find love? And most importantly will they choose each other? All Human. Slightly AU.

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Chapter one: Sunny Days

I sighed, as I swung my bag over my shoulder, and stepped out from the Jacksonville Airport. It was a very sunny, hot day and I was thankful I had on my gold aviators, to protect me from the scorching sun. I waited for Charlie, my father to come pick me up. I looked over my left shoulder, and saw a blue and white police cruiser pulling in. A very happy looking Charlie stepped out and welcomed me warmly.

"Bella!" he cried out, and engulfed me with a huge hug.

"Charlie," I managed to gasp out. No matter how middle aged he may look, it seemed as though his strength would never die out.

"Sorry kiddo, I just missed you," he said as he cracked a grin. Which I swear, made him look about fifteen years younger.

The drive from the airport to Charlie's house was half an hour away, giving me plenty of time to think through things.

My parents divorced when I was younger at the tender age of four. My mother Renee, had remarried to a man named Phil. They gave me the choice of moving in with them, and I declined and decided it was time to spend, some good old quality time with Charlie. After all, I was not so keen on the idea of starting a new life, all the way in France. Charlie was pretty cool, once you got to know him; although sometimes he does act like a little kid. But that was alright, since it was amusing at times.

Charlie pulled over into the driveway. I looked out the window and saw a simple, but beautiful house.

"Welcome to mi case!" said Charlie brightly, "But now I guess its nuestra casa…I think…" Charlie said while scratching his chin, looking very thoughtful.

I just laughed as I pulled his arm and led him through the white door. I explored the house, and decided it very nice. It had a large living room, a vast kitchen for me to cook in, seeing as Charlie's idea of hardcore cooking is heating frozen pizza in the oven at 360 degrees for fifteen minutes. There was also a bathroom and a dining room. The upstairs level had three master bedrooms, with a bathroom in each room included of course. One room was Charlie's, the other mine, and the other was actually a guest room. I really liked my room; I have always wanted my own bathroom. My room was painted a light yellow. In the middle of the room was queen-sized bed with a cream-colored comforter, surrounded by cream and gold colored, fluffy pillows. Next to the bed was a nightstand and across from that a light 

brown desk. Of course, there was the bathroom, which was nice; near that was a balcony. It had an amazing view of the ocean.

I heard a light knock at my door, and opened the door. My dad came in with my two suitcases.

"Damn, these things are heavy. By anything chance do you have weights in these?" Charlie asked exhausted as he slammed the suitcases down with a loud sigh.

I giggled. "Silly Charlie, I'm a girl what do you expect."

"Right," he muttered to himself.

"Oh, yeah I almost forgot," said Charlie while handing me an envelope. I looked at him, slightly confused. "They're just brochures for your new school," he explained, "school starts in a week by the way."

"Joy," I replied sarcastically.

"That's the spirit," said Charlie with just as much sarcasm intended, as he left the room.

I looked over the brochures, to find out that I had been enrolled in Jacksonville High School, home of the longhorns; our school colors with orange and white. I was to pick my classes, including my electives and hand it in on the first day of school since I was new. There were seven classes, and I decided to go for AP English 12, AP Government, Spanish, Debate, AP Biology, Art, and Calculus. The AP's in this school I heard, were easier than the ones at my old school, so I knew I would be fine. Also unlike my old school, I did not have to take gym, which was a relief. I am an athletic person, especially when it comes to soccer. However, gym was a very different story. Class started at eight and ended at three. So far, it did not sound so bad, although I wondered what a longhorn looked like. I quickly filled out the rest of the forms, slipped them in the folder, and put them on top of my desk.

I decided now was probably the time to unpack. I placed my laptop gently on my desk and took out my iPod. I connected the iPod to its speakers and put on Electropop by Jupiter Rising. While I began singing along to the song, I opened the larger suitcase, which contained a majority of my wardrobe. I neatly hung them in my large closet and moved on to suitcase number two, which had half of the rest of my wardrobe.

mmm…I may be your sweet spot, take me to your candy shop….

I swung my hips from side to side, as I sang along to the song. I finally finished my room, after putting a picture of my parents and me, when I was three on my nightstand. I looked at the work I did with my room, and was very pleased. I looked at my watch, to find it was already 7:45. Therefore, I knew it was time to start cooking Charlie's dinner and mine.

I skipped down the stairs, to find Charlie watching a soccer game with Manchester United versus Barcelona. The score was 1-0, with Manchester United in the lead.

"That's my Ronaldo," I said, smiling.

Charlie laughed, but then glared finally taking in what I said about my Ronaldo.

"I'm going to go cook us up some dinner, dad"

"Cool," replied Charlie. As I walked out, I could hear him muttering to himself, to what girls see in that soccer player, Ronaldo.

I walked into the kitchen, and decided to make pasta with shrimp, knowing very well Charlie loved shrimps, like me. After forty-five minutes, dinner was served. We dug in while Charlie complimented the food. After I cleaned the table, and finished the dishes, I watched the remainder of the soccer game. I heard the doorbell ring, and told Charlie I would get it. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see a very pretty short girl, with brownish-red hair that flared out like spikes.

"Uh, hi," I said.

"Hiya!" she said enthusiastically, "I'm Alice Cullen, your next door neighbor," she finished while shaking my hand. "Your father told us that you would be coming, and I honestly couldn't wait till school to introduce myself!"

"I'm Bella Swan," I said politely, "I just moved here from Phoenix.

"Bella, who's at the door," I heard my dad call up from the living room.

"Oh, sorry for being so rude," I said to the girl, "come in."

I led her to the living room, where my dad was. "Hey chief Swan, how are you," she said to Charlie.

"Alice," he replied, "I'm fine thank you. How is your family?"

"Mom and dad are doing fine and Edwards at the park, practicing his soccer before school starts"

"That's nice", he said. I could tell he wanted to get back to the game, so I led her upstairs to my room.

"Oh my gosh, your rooms so pretty!" she gushed.

"Hahah, thanks I just set it up today." Alice got up, and walked around my room. She stopped at my Ronaldo Poster and said "soccer fan, or lover?" she asked.

"Both," I replied, "I used to play soccer for my old school.

"Yeah, my brother likes him too, "she said, "but you should defiantly try out for the soccer team."

"Maybe, I'm not really sure since it's a new school and all," I said. I was not sure if I was going to be comfortable enough to play in a new school, where I did not know many people.

"I understand what you mean," she nodded, "but I still think you should. But the thing is our soccer teams are mixed both boys and girls, since not many girls are into sports here."

"uhm, play with the boys…" I said shocked. I knew I was good, but I also knew the boys usually did not like girls butting in with them.

"Yeah, I mean why not!" Alice said exactly, "it would be super cool, plus my brother is the captain of the soccer team, so now you have connections. I laughed. "Oh really Alice."

"Duh, you're super pretty, and knowing my brother he can't say no to a hot girl"

"Alice!" I said blushing, "he hasn't seen me play yet, so you can't possibly know that."

"We'll see dear, just never bet against me with the future. I have like a sixth sense, no joke." She said jokingly, while tapped the temple of her forehead. I threw my head back, and laughed. I have already known this girl for ten minutes and already I liked her. We just clicked together fast. She stayed at my house until eleven, when she decided it was late and she should probably go. I walked her to the front door, and waved. "Goodnight Alice!" I said cheerfully.

I yawned and decided I would call it a night. I said goodnight to Charlie who was watching a lifetime movie, who quickly changed it to the ESPN channel when he saw me.

"The remote slipped, and landed on some random channel," he said sheepishly.

I laughed, and kissed him goodnight and went upstairs to my room. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then changed into my nightdress. I hopped into my bed, and as soon as my head fell on the comfortable pillow, I fell into a deep sleep.

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