Moon Ring
Author's Notes

I'm not too sure why I have begun this project, other than the fact that I am reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings four years after when I read The Hobbit (which I read when I was merely ten). I'm way too excited for the first LotR film (my father has promised to take me to see it), and I already like Frodo's appearance in the films (Elijah Wood is…shall I say kawaii?). So…as far as I know, this is the first, and only, Sailor Moon/Lord of the Rings crossover. And, yes, it -is- a Frodo/Usagi fanfiction. *^.&*

The character appearance of Frodo in this is that of his movie counterpart (Elijah Wood). Not that it matters. :]

The continuity for the SM parts/characters is pre-SMR. Queen Beryl has been defeated, the senshi have had their memories of their SM experiences wiped, and Ann and Ail have not arrived. The outer senshi are not present, Chibi-Usa will not appear, the cats are…somewhere, and Mamoru is hospitalized (as seen in the last episode of the original SM season). (*cackles*) For the LotR continuity, the following will be set in the timeline of The Two Towers, when the Fellowship has been split into three groups. The majority of this tale shall be set in Middle-earth (LotR).

Until I have finished Lord of the Rings, little other than this author's notes, the prologue, and perhaps the first chapter will be posted. So, please, be patient. (I'll be done reading LotR by Sunday of this week, at the most.) Thank-you greatly!

PallaPlease/Purple Mongoose.
November 8, 2001.