This is after Breaking Dawn, four years or so later. I picture Renesmee looking between the age of 17-18. I loved the character Renesmee! This story is in her POV.

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Who in their right minds got up at this ungodly hour?!

I rolled over to see my alarm clock under my fist. The time glowed six. I groaned and rolled back into a ball; pulling my bed sheet over my face. Uncle Emmett had been right; I didn't want to go to school.

"Nessie! You have to wake up!" My Aunt Alice was jumping up and down on my bed. I tried to kick her off, but she jumped out of the way just in time. "Nessie! You have to get ready for school! Come on, I'll help you!"

"Go away Aunt Al…I want to sleep…I'll go to school next year…" I mumbled.

"Get up, get up, get up! Please, I bought you a new outfit and everything!"

"Uncle Jazz!" I yelled loud enough I knew he would hear me no matter where he was.

"Yes Nessie?"

"Please tell your wife to GO AWAY!" I shot up out of bed, causing my aunt to fall towards the ground. Uncle Jasper caught her. Both of them started to laugh and my anger slowly started to fade away…No one could really be unhappy when Uncle Jasper was around.

"Get up Nessie!" Aunt Alice sang as Uncle Jasper carried her out of my room. Once he was gone, the happy feeling that had swarmed my chest disappeared and I groaned again. I let my head fall back onto the pillow. Why did I say I wanted to go to school again?

"Renesmee, are you awake love?" My mom's voice softly asked. I looked over at my door. My mom was leaning against the door frame, smiling at me. She glided into the room, lightly sitting next to me. My mother was so beautiful and graceful. But, then again, she should be…She was a vampire.

"I'm awake now…Why do you let that loud thing in here?" She and I laughed. We sounded like bells gently swaying in the wind. Dad suddenly appeared at my door now, resuming the stance against the door frame my mom just vacated.

"It wasn't my fault… I'm sorry love…" She reached out and smoothed my hair out of my face. I closed my eyes and finally felt at peace for the first time in the morning. I reached out and touched her face with my hand; showing her how much I loved her and my dreams I had had the night before. I saw dad close his eyes as my dreams replayed in my head.

Because I wasn't thinking; I just barely pulled my hand away before the dreams that were with Jacob were shared to. I blushed, a deep crimson as my dad's eyes snapped open… I liked sharing my dreams with them…Just not every thought.

My dad and I shared a look. He was thinking I shouldn't be having those dreams and I let him see it wasn't my fault. Mom looked between us, her smile growing bigger.

"Okay stop! I want to be apart of the conversation to!" She laughed.

"I was just reminding Nessie how old she is." My dad smiled.

"But he is having a hard time trying to tell me what age I am because no one really knows." I added. My dad winked at my mom and then left the door frame.

My mom let out a sigh that made me snort…She really didn't have to breathe at all… She just did it out of habit.

"You sure you still want to go to school Nessie? We're not sure how long you can pull it off."

"I do mom. Not that I don't love hanging out with all of you all day; because I do… I just want to try school for awhile. It'll be good for me. Something normal." This made me snort again. Normal; my life? My family were all vampires, I was half human, half vampire, and the boy I would forever love was a "shape shifter" werewolf thing. Yeah, my life was not normal.

I still had a hand on my mother's cheek so she watched me think my thoughts. She giggled and then leaned in to kiss me on the forehead.

"You're right; you're not normal. But you are loved." I couldn't deny the truth. I smiled up at her. She patted my hand and then stood up. Just before she left my room, she turned and winked at me. "You might want to get a move on it. Aunt Alice has a lot of clothes she would like you to try on." I groaned and rolled back over.

I finally staggered out of bed, letting my feet drag to the shower. The water was hot. As I lathered my hair up in the shampoo Jacob swore by, I felt the tension leave my shoulders. I was going to school. It would be a day full of interesting things, interesting new people. I didn't have to sit around all day and wait for something to happen.

As I climbed out of the shower and went to my room, there was Aunt Alice, waiting patiently next to my bed that was covered with three different outfits. I liked to shop; liked that I didn't have to worry about how much I spent on my daddy's credit card. But I hate shopping for myself and I hated having tons of attention.

I glared at Aunt Alice and then looked at the clothes that were neatly placed on my bed. One was a simple dress. It had short bell sleeves and it rested just above my knees, the light blue color matched the sky that never showed here in Forks. There were daisies along the edges. The next was a simple; skinny jeans and a fitted white top with laces on the ends. The last was a button up shirt and another pair of jeans.

I looked out my window. Rain; of course. Did I seriously think it would be anything different? I looked back at my Aunt, her face bright.

"I don't see how I could get away with the dress Aunt Al."

"Your portable heater is coming along isn't he? You can just stay close to him," she teased. I smiled at her and the reminder that Jacob was coming too.

Jacob Black scarcely ever left my side. As I had matured, I had started to "like" him as a boyfriend. He would always be my best friend; but other feelings were quite noticeable; a great upset to my father. Jacob looked older for his true age of eighteen, but we thought he could get away with it for some time.

I had waited four years to finally enroll in Forks high school. This lap in time ensured that no teachers would take notice to my great resemblance to my parents. Being 5' 6" with long auburn hair and big, brown eyes was difficult sometimes to deny who I truly belonged to. Grandpa Charlie made this quite clear. We gave up the lie about me being from my dad's family a long time ago…

I chose the dress in the end. It was comfortable and cute. Aunt Alice sat me in front of the mirror and tried to make my hair behave. It was a long mess of ringling curls; reaching all the way down to my waist. In the end, she just put a few bobby pins in to keep some of the mass out of my face. After a pinch of make-up and Aunt Alice's approval of the blue flats, I did a little fashion show for Uncle Jasper and then we made our way to the large house. I was starving.

The rest of my family were sitting in the living room. Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett were kissing. Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme were talking near the piano. My mom and dad were sitting at the piano; my dad playing my mothers song. They all looked up when we came in. I smiled brightly and danced over to Grandma and Grandpa, pulling them together for a hug.

"Go back to the house and change Nessie." I jumped slightly from the sternness in my Uncle Emmett's voice. "Now."

I turned and saw my father standing next to Uncle Emmett; both of their faces set in hard lines. "How could you let her out of the house like that Jasper? She could have frozen to death!" My father glowered at my Uncle. Uncle Jasper smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie stood up then, taking place in front of me.

"She looks just fine Emmett. Sit down…" They were growling at each other, fire literally spitting out of their eyes. I looked over at my mom and Grandma who both rolled their eyes heavenward. I let out a large sigh and huffed back to our cabin, quickly changing… Men…

When I returned, better suited in the white lace top and skinny jeans, things seemed to have calmed down. I stuck my tongue out at my dad and Uncle Emmett and then went to the kitchen for food. My mom let me have blood for breakfast… I would have to stand 'people food' at school at lunch. I sipped the red liquid from a cup, listening to my grandma and mom talk quietly about some plant they wanted to start growing. I was so glad I was going to get to hear normal teenage conversations today.

My dad came in and sat down next to me, looking off into space. I smiled and then leaned over to shove him with my shoulder. He looked at me and smiled. I placed my hand against his cheek and told him I loved him; even though he was an overprotective freak. He laughed and pulled my hand into his own.

"I love you too Nessie." Grandma had left the kitchen and mom came to sit on my side. I looked from my mother to my father and laughed. Their faces were so sad!

"I'm going to be fine guys!" They looked as though they didn't believe me. I laughed harder and tried again. "Don't worry, geez. I know all of the rules. Don't touch anyone or bite anyone. My parent's names are Tom and Kathy Willoby and I just moved here from Arkansas. Jacob is an old family friend who has lived with us for a long time. And, like he already told you a million times, Jacob isn't going to leave my side. You two have nothing to worry about!" I placed my hands on their cheeks and showed them again they had nothing to be fretting over. They both dazzled me with their smiles and sandwiched kissed me. I giggled and finished my breakfast.

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