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So someone apparently saved us because when I came to, I was in the main house and a heavy weight lay across my body. Whoever decided I was a comfortable mattress was very cold…

My eyes flickered open and shifted slightly to look around to the heavy weight that was my mother. She moved and peered into my face.

"Nessie?" She asked anxiously. She moved off of me, lifting my legs and then putting them back down on top of her lap. "Nessie, do you hurt anywhere?" I let her question sink in; my last thought before I started to take stock of my body was why did she sound so far away?

I was hurt but not dead. My left arm felt as though it had been ripped off but I was able to look down and it was still there. A white bandage covered my arm from just below the shoulder to my wrist. I also felt as though someone had punched me in the eye and I doubted I was wrong. I put my unhurt hand up to my mothers face and told her I was fine.

My mom visibly relaxed; her shoulders going somewhat slack and the tightness in her black eyes seemed to ebb just a little. I told her through thought to go hunt, but she refused.

"Nessie, why did Jacob attack you?" My father asked. He was standing behind the couch, looking down at me. I panicked and tried to sit up but my parents pushed me down. I tried to shake my head to get rid of the slow motion and deny the attack but the sudden movements made me ache everywhere. I cried out from the pain that shot up my arm.

"Nessie, Renesmee…Its okay baby…just hold still." My mother cooed as she lay down on top of me again. Her cold skin made the burning heat in my arm subside slightly.

Jacob hadn't attacked me! He saved me! Where was Jacob?! And Abby?! And Seth?!

"Nessie! It's okay…You're safe!" My Uncle Jasper came over and placed a hand on top of my head, smoothing out my hair. I looked up at him as the calmness filled my body and I started to lose conciseness again. I wiggled faintly to the right to stay alert but I was slowly loosing the battle.

No Nessie! Stay alert! Stay awake! Tell them who attacked you!

"Nessie! Please calm down!" My father was now trying to help my Uncle pin me down as I bucked up against their strong hold. Why wasn't my father answering the questions in my head?

"Nessie! I can't read your mind! It's to jumbled…You have to calm down!" I lifted my hurt arm to aid the other against my restraint but it just fell flat against me; the pain almost too much to bare.

I inhaled sharply and then pulled myself into a tiny ball; my mother moving out of the way. I took three large breaths trying to calm my nerves. My arm felt like it had been shredded into a million pieces, each one now being held together by barbed wire. As I tried to pay attention to what I wanted, I shouted at my father to listen.

"I'm listening Nessie." Good. I put my pain into the back of my mind and concentrated on what had happened at the beach.

Jacob, Abby and I went to the beach to see if Chris could walk on water. He can. After he had mastered this power, he wanted Abby to come onto the water with him. When I refused to let her, Chris got mad and stormed off. I followed Chris to make him pay attention to me and when he turned to talk to me, he hit me across the face. Jacob attacked Chris. They were fighting and I wanted them to stop. I think Jacob or Seth hurt my arm but not on purpose! I hit my head and passed out. Now, where is everyone else!?

After I explained what had happened I tried to prove a point by sitting up but the jarred movement just made my stomach hurt and I threw up. I let my head fall back down as I began to sob uncontrollably.

"Nessie…Oh Renesmee my baby its okay….Everyone's okay… Go to sleep love…Oh honey…" My mom shifted me into her lap and she began to rock me back and forth. I wanted to sleep…I wanted to sleep really, really bad…But I needed to know what happened to Seth and Jacob and Abby.

"Seth is upstairs with Jacob. Jacob had to have his lungs drained and grandpa had to fix Seth's broken leg. Abby is up at the cottage with her parents. She was and is very scared. She wouldn't tell us what happened because she doesn't really remember. Everyone is here and safe Nessie…Go to sleep baby…" After my father explained, he leaned in and kissed me softly on the cheek. I let my eyelids fall with the thought of what had happened to Chris? But I wasn't sure if I cared…

Again, as I opened my eyes, there was a heavy weight on top of me but now the weight was hot instead of cold. I opened my eyes and celebrated in my head at the sight of Jacob's large body. Then I felt the burning in my arm and shrieked.

Jacob flung himself into the air and landed gracefully in front of me and the couch, his arms up and ready to fight. After the pain in my arm ebbed a little, I laughed. Jacob slowly turned to look over at me. Worry and sadness clouded his gorgeous chocolate eyes and I automatically reached out to him. He fell to his knees and placed his head into the crook of my chest. Jacob and I started to cry together. Good thing Uncle Jasper was no longer around. He wouldn't be able to keep up with the emotions being thrown around at the moment.

"I'm so sorry I hurt you Nessie…So sorry…I was just trying to protect you, honest. Please forgive me?"

"There's nothing to say sorry for love…I'm just glad you're okay…Are you okay?"

"No, I can't believe I hurt you…"

"Jacob, I'm fine…It just hurts, right now. Tell me though, Jake, what happened?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"You fighting and getting a crap load of dirt in the face." I tried to move to get more comfortable but Jacob gripped my right arm tighter and pressed into my chest deeper.

"When Chris hit you, I lost it." His voice was slightly muffled, "I always have control. But, the edges of my eyesight frayed, I heard the ripping of my last cotton shirt and then I 

was attacking the bastard. We were a fair match until he summoned up some water and glued it to the front of my face. I tried to keep fighting…But I couldn't breathe! Luckily, Seth had been nearby like I had told him to do and he came to help. I knew you had jumped into the mix; why you did that I'll never understand. Seth and I got Chris off of me and were going to finish him off…But then I saw your arm and couldn't think of anything besides getting you home. While Seth and I were trying to get you and Abby to safety, Chris scurried away. I passed out soon after that and came to upstairs. I guess Seth had called the pack and they took care of us from there… I am so, so, so, so sorry that I hurt you Nessie…" I watched as more tears fell from his eyes and made tracks down his cheeks.

My Jacob…

I lifted his head up out of my chest and made him look me straight in the eyes.

"Jacob, I am not mad at you. It was an accident. It just hurts right now…Not forever…I'm just so happy you're not dead…That is forever… I love you Jacob…I don't think I could live without you now…" Jacob nodded his head and then threw his big, powerful arms over me and hugged me tight. I never wanted him to let go. Growing up sucked but growing up and letting my feelings for Jacob grow as well…That was worth everything.

That night, My Uncle Jasper kept close to my mom to keep her calm. If he strayed for just a minute, she would start on my dad and Jacob of why they were not out right now, looking for the guy who had hurt her little girl. She once tried to sneak out herself but my dad had caught her. He knew her to well; even if he couldn't read her mind.

In the morning, I was reunited with Abby and Seth. Seth was his happy go lucky self, joking and picking fun at Abby. Abby was thankfully okay as well. She was upset that Chris had turned into a bad guy but knew she could move on. He had just been cute; not her long lost love.

Abby found Seth to be annoying. She tried not to laugh at any of his jokes and would throw insults at him any chance she could. It was a school girl action. She was kicking the boy she thought was cute; but I guess she was a little cautious of who she fell for now. I was sad for her, to have had her first "like" fall away so fast.

The family hung around the main house, all of us to tired and concerned for what to do about Chris. Nahuel and Jaclyn wanted to whisk Abby away but couldn't because they still had to do research on her heart. Everyday, the answer was clearer. My grandfather and Nahuel had a theory but weren't one hundred percent sure. Those two also had a theory on what Chris was. They thought he was a water nymph, a type of water demon. A water demon could manipulate the water by head powers and received these powers at birth. Water nymphs hated to be alone and were often accused of tricking others into the depths of the dark ocean to spend eternity with them. However, the person they chose usually died. I shuttered at my thought of what could have happened to Abby if I had let her go onto the water with Chris.

My arm was the only thing that was really left to remind us of that horrible day. At first, when my grandma would change the bandages on it everyday, I wouldn't look at it. I wasn't a vain person but I was scared of what I would see. Every time I thought of what my arm would look like, I thought of Emily's face…And I wasn't sad for Emily…She was still a beautiful person because of who she was…I was sad for Sam. He had to see that reminder almost daily. I didn't want Jacob to have that type of pain.

But, one day, he had stayed and watched as my grandma started to undress my wound. When he saw my arm, he fell to his knees and began to cry.

"Oh Nes! I am so sorry!"

Okay, time to buck up little camper…

I held my breath and looked down at my arm. From shoulder to my fingers, there were two large slashes down the front. The cuts were healed; all that was left were two puckered pink lines.

"Is that it?!" I asked, putting on my best shocked face. "I thought it was worse."

"That is worse! That is horrible! I am so, so sorry!"

"Jacob! These two scratches aren't anything! I'm fine! I still have my arm!" I laughed at the end of my convincing speech. The wound really wasn't that bad. The pink stood out because I was so white, but it wasn't as bad as he made it out to be. I spent the remainder of that day promising my over-emotional boyfriend that two cuts on my arm weren't going to hurt me. They were just there. In the end, Jacob gave up.

Good…No pain for anyone…

It had been two weeks since I had been out of my house and I was going stir crazy. On a Monday morning, I woke up extra early (quite an accomplishment) and got ready for school. Luckily, my mother had gone hunting and wouldn't be home to stop me till it was too late. I dressed in a long sleeve, blue top and jeans with a little silver vest to match my flats. At the main house, Abby had listened to my instructions and was also up, sitting in the living room, patiently waiting for me. Jacob and Seth showed up a few minutes later. My Aunt Alice had come down to see what we were up to but I encouraged her to go back upstairs and play stupid. I was going to get out of the house if it was the last thing I did…

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