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Emmett's POV

Edward had caught him off guard, this was are chance to strike. I elbowed Drew and we struck, tearing him limb from limb. Royce started screaming at his guards to get us off. For a moment I tensed and glanced up to see if any one was one was. I guess Royce never had any real friends he just scared and threatened them so they listened. It was kind of sad to think that he never had any friends but then I remembered the fact that he kidnaped Rosalie and I ripped his head off.

"Get back" I heard some one say as they grabbed my arm. Drew then lit the pile of Royce on fire. He was gone, it was over, Rose was safe and Royce was dead.

I turned to face the group standing behind me. Drew and Carla where standing next to each other holding hands staring at me. Edward was looking at me probably reading my thoughts, Jasper was standing the closest to me (he was probably the one to pull me out of the way), and half hidden behind Edward and Jasper was Alice holding a body, Rosalie's body.

Rosalie's POV

I heard some one shout 'get back' and then almost instantly felt the heat of a fire hit my body. I hoped Royce was the one who was burning, that's what he deserved.

It was quiet for a couple minutes. That scared me, I wanted to open my eyes or at the very least call out to see if Emmett was okay but my body had stopped cooperating with my brain so all I could do was listen.

"Rosalie!" I heard a voice say...I knew that voice, Emmett.

"Here Emmett, I told you she'd be fine" Alice said. I hadn't realized I was being held until I felt Emmett's strong arms take me and Alice's petit arms leave there place on my back.

"She's not fine Alice" Emmett said. "Rose? Rosalie? Sweetheart can you hear me." he asked stroking my cheek and hair.

"A few more seconds Emmett she'll be fine. Edward Bella's going to call soon" Alice said. As soon as Alice said that I began to feel myself regaining control of my body. I slowly opened my eyes to see a worried Emmett looking at me.

"Rose? Are you okay?" he asked cautiously. I just smiled and pulled him into a kiss. I couldn't help it I hadn't seen him in what seemed like forever which when you think about it is silly considering it was really only three days and I'm a vampire so I'll live forever.

"I'll take that as a yes" Emmett laughed as the kiss ended. He helped me up and I looked around. Jasper and Alice were smiling at us as was Carla in the arms of the man who jumped through the window, I guess that was Drew. And Edward, well he was over in the corner finger in one ear phone pressed up to the other.

Emmett's arm wrapped around my waist as we walked toward the two couples smiling at us. Alice looked at Jasper then back to Emmett and I.

"Told you Em" she giggled, hugging Jazz.

"Yeah man I told you Alice knew what she was doing." he punched him in the arm. I looked over at Carla. She smiled at me. I stated walking over there the other 3 followed.

"Thank you" I said. "If it weren't for you I might be married to that creep now" I felt Emmett tense up at that thought.

Carla smiled, "No problem, you side of the deal was held up too" she looked adoringly at drew then back to me. "This is Drew by the way. Drew this is Rosalie and her mate, or, husband Emmett"

"Nice to meet you" it shocked me a little that he had a British accent but after a few seconds it seemed to fit him.

"Nice to meet you too" I said shaking his hand. "This is Emmett as you know, that's Alice, that's Jasper" I said pointing to them all in turn. "And over therein the corner with the phone glued to his ear is Edward." I said.

"Does he usually have a phone glued to his ear? Wasn't he the one who answered the phone when you called from my cell?" Carla asked.

I laughed, "No he's talking to his girlfriend, right?" I looked at Alice who nodded.

"Oh, why didn't she come on your rescue mission?" Carla asked.

Jasper, Emmett, Alice and I looked at each other. "It's a long story and we should probably get going considering Edward just told Bella everyone is fine. Esme and Carlie will want to see you Rose" Alice said as Edward walked over to the group.

"Yeah we should get going too. We have three months of stuff to catch up on." Drew said looking at Carla adoringly.

"Well man if you guys are ever near Forks, Washington. Feel free to stop by. Just don't feed in Forks." Emmett said adding that last part when Edward looked at him.

"Will do see you later Rose, thanks again" she said as she jumped onto Drew's back and then they were gone. I turned to Emmett and everyone else. They were all looking at me.

"Ready to go?" I asked. They all nodded.

"I'll go et the car" Edward said slipping out the door.

"So it's all over?" Emmett asked looking from me to Alice.

She nodded " He's dead. It's all over"

"Good, lets go home" he said wrapping an arm around my waist and kissing my forehead. And with that we all piled into Emmett's Jeep and went home, to my real home, with my family and my wonderful husband.

Author's Note: Well there you have it. The End. Thanks for sticking with it till the end.