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Entering Seigaku High after being away from Japan for so many years was almost bittersweet, Shishou Kara couldn't believe how right it felt. She waited in the office for someone to take her to the classroom for what seemed like forever before a woman motioned for Kara to follow her.

After being led through many twisting hallways the woman stopped in front of a classroom door almost vibrating with noise. Opening it, Kara's guide motioned to the teacher who excused himself from his inattentive students. Quick introductions were made and Kara was left in the hands of her new teacher, who smiled at her reassuringly before reentering his classroom. Using some impressive tactics, "Hey you idiots! Sit down and shut up!" He gained the students' silence and attention, well, all except the resident hyperactive Kikumaru Eiji, who uncharacteristically was asleep on his desk.

The teacher continued, ignoring the sleeping acrobat, "We have a new student joining us today, Shishou Kara who has transferred here from a school in China." Hearing this the brown-haired genius sitting next to Eiji jerked to attention and focused a stare under lowered eyelids at the small, barely 147.3 cm, blue-black haired, green-eyed girl who entered the classroom.

Kara, well who would have thought.

"Now does anyone have any questions for Shishou-san?"

"Does she speak Japanese?" Aso Rio, the resident popular female who chases after men like they were made of money, asked. The class laughed.

"Actually," Kara looks Rio in the eye, "I was born and raised in Japan until six years ago, when my family moved to China," She says in slightly accented, but still perfect, Japanese. As Rio stares holes in Kara the teacher cleared his throat.

"On second thought, no more questions for Shishou-san, thank you for reminding me of who I was speaking to," The class laughed, "Now who would be willing to guide her for today?" As expected almost every male hand was raised, but one hand did surprise the teacher, "Fuji-san, your hand is up."

"Hai." The other students looked at Fuji, Rio with unmasked animosity and slight confusion, after all she had laid claim to the genius.

"Needless to say I'm surprised, but why not, Fuji-san, you may be her guide today. Shishou-san, the seat on Fuji-san's other side is open."

Kara walked to the seat and slid gracefully into it. Fuji waited until the teacher started talking again before saying, "Does Tezuka know you're back?" Kara glanced over at him.


"This is going to be interesting."

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