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As the scores flickered across the board Kara held her breath, then let it out in a large sigh, "Not bad. Not great, but not bad…" Tezuka just looked at her.

"You know," he said in a monotone voice, "Most people would be very pleased with a 9.2, especially in the first tryout section."

"Yeah, but most people aren't me," Kara said, rolling her eyes, "And most people get to compete in more than one event, my ankle of steel prevents that." Tezuka just raised his eyebrow, "Fine, it's a good score." He nodded.

"Hey! Non-competitors aren't supposed to be on the floor if they aren't coaches!" A loud obnoxious voice sounded from behind Kara, who's shoulders tensed as she turned to face where the voice came from. An annoying girl who was surprisingly pretty when compared to the shriek that just came out of her mouth.

"Actually-" Kara began.

"I was just leaving," Tezuka finished, putting his hand on her arm, "I should probably sit in the stands like everyone else." Kara looked at him in disappointment.

"But I really wanted to do some more catching up…"

"We'll have plenty of time for that later," He told her and headed back up to the seating. Kara sighed and turned back to the girl.

"Hello Yukira."

The eight tennis players were finally able to move from their frozen state.

"Nya…Fuji did you know Kara could do that?" Eiji asked with a pout on his face. Fuji shook his head.

"I knew she had gotten better, I just didn't know it had reached this level…"

"Probability of Kara making the team…86%" Inui muttered. Everyone else ignored him, choosing to instead pear at the group of people standing on the gym floor.

"That was pretty amazing," Taka said, rubbing his head in embarrassment. The others nodded in agreement. Momo refocused on Tezuka, Kara, and some girl who was talking to them…Wait…

"Hey! Where did buchou go?" Momo asked.

"Probability of him being right behind us…100%." Flinching, the boys turned around to look into the face of a very disgruntled Tezuka.

"May I ask what exactly you are doing here?"

"Hello Kara. Really bringing a boy to the tryout…Isn't that a little cheesy?" Katchou Yukira stated. The blue-eyed, black-haired girl had her arms crossed in front of her thin frame, which was clothed in a blue warm up suit that matched her eyes.

"Being a bitch…Isn't that a little overrated?" Kara snapped back, her hands on her hips.

"A little feisty aren't we? I didn't expect to see your name among the competitors. What? Was being absolutely humiliated once not enough? Just had to come back for seconds."

"I really don't remember asking for your opinion," Kara said turning her back on the other gymnast.

"So who was that boy? Surely not your boyfriend…Last I remember you couldn't have one because you were too dedicated," Yukira said in a snobbish tone.

"And last I remember you were too busy being a whore. Nice to know some things never change, but then some things do change, don't they?" Kara started to walk away.

"You don't actually think you'll make it do you? No one comes back from a shattered ankle! You're done. FINISHED! Why don't you just give up!" Yukira shouted at Kara's back.

"So, do you want to try explaining one more time what you guys are doing here?" Tezuka asked looking at the tennis players with a hard gleam in his eye.

"Well…like we said, Eiji here heard there was a gymnastics competition here and wanted to learn some new moves, and you know I can't just let him go alone-" Oishi started.

"And you know neither one of them has a sense of direction, so of course I had to go-" Fuji interrupted with a sadistic gleam in his eye.

"And I came to collect data on possible applications of gymnastics-" Inui added.

"Fshh…I'm training with Inui afterwards…" Kaidoh hissed.

"I wanted to see if my power would be amplified by the use of acrobatics, and umm…I don't think it will be-" Momo said sheepishly.

"I promised I would treat Momo and Ryoma to burgers," Taka added. Then Tezuka's eye fell on Ryoma who shrugged.

"They dragged me along to spy on you and Kara," He said nonchalantly.


"Mada mada dane senpais."

"What was that about?" Cheng asked when Kara reached him.

"The same thing it always is about, who can make the other squirm first."

"And who won?"

"I'm not exactly sure…" Kara said glancing back at Yukira who had shed her warm up gear and was getting ready to start her uneven bar routine.

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