Summary: Bella is a mermaid and Edward is a vampire. They both know that they can't be together but is that enough to keep them apart? Told in both Edward and Bella's point of view. Summary and title might change. T in case.

I was inspired to write this story from a monologue that my friend did at my acting camp. The monologue is from Uncle Vanya. And the title is a quote from it. When we were working the monologue (that's when you work out the monologue) we talked a little bit about mermaids and I just thought of the story. I plan on it being pretty darn short, sorry if you hate it. But if you don't, enjoy!



I was lying in my meadow. It was a sunny day outside, which meant that I couldn't go to school. My family and I are vampires, we can't go out in sunlight because people will find out our secret. We've lived in the small town of Forks for about two years now. I found this quiet meadow to relax. I was alone in the meadow. So I would often lay in the sun. I liked feeling the warmth. I had stone cold skin. So the warmth and the light was nice for me.

I didn't tell my family where I went. They knew that I went into the woods, but they didn't know where. And I wanted to keep it that way. It was my meadow. And I didn't want to share it with anyone.

I am a monster. I know that. I've killed people, taken their lives, and their blood. I don't really deserve that much happiness. I've got a great family that I don't deserve. They care for me so much, and they would do anything for me. I would do the same for them, I would give my life, or non-life, for them if I had to. They all found love, they each had someone else who they were with. They were all so happy. I wanted that happiness, but I knew that I could never have it. I knew that I didn't deserve it either.

So there I was, lying down on my back with my hands under my head in my meadow. It was still perfectly sunny outside. It probably wasn't even close to the night time. I usually stayed in the meadow until it got dark. Sometimes I would even come when it's dark. Sometimes I just like to, get away. But it just helps me feel more human. It makes me feel less like a monster.


Our family just moved here. We found a nice little, well you wouldn't really call it a town. But an area with other of our kind. We're mermaids you see. It's not as great as it seems. When you think of mermaids you think of a magical kingdom where all the girls are princesses. Well wrong. There's nothing really magical about it. We just have to live underwater. I have fins and everything. Mine our blue. And we wear a cloth to cover, our upper body. Females used to not do this, but then when we started to see humans, it was just more proper to do so.

But living as a mermaid isn't really all the beautiful. We're not that different from humans. Except that we don't have legs and we can breath underwater. We can't live out of water. We can't get our fins dry. But if our upper bodies and faces were out of the water, it would be fine. But we couldn't really leave the water.

I lived with my father, Charlie. Him and my mother, Renee had me when they were just teenagers. They got married and soon got a divorce. Yes mermaids get divorced too, mermaids are NOT magical. I lived with my mother for most of my life. But then she fell in love with Phil. They got married. He traveled a lot, so they never really were able to see each other. I knew that this made my mother unhappy so I decided to move with my dad. Maybe it wasn't what I wanted, but as long as my mom was happy.

As far as school goes, it's not really normal. School is only three days a week. We learn about the history of the sea, but that's about it. We also learn about protection from dangerous creatures. But that's about it.

We're supposed to go to school, graduate, get married, and have children. That's about it. We might act like humans at times, but our life style is more like fish. I would rather be a human any day. They get to actually live their lives. But we have to spend our times going around the ocean, learning about different areas.

As far as jobs and everything goes. There are jobs. Such as taking care of the area's, like police. Making sure that everything is organized. Kind of human jobs, but under water. Some have to be different of course. Charlie is a policeman. He's pretty busy with that. I'm a lot more independent then most mermaids. Or mermen. Whatever you want to call them. I would give, anything to be a human. To be able to act like a normal person.

We're not supposed to go anywhere near to the surface. I mean if a human saw us, bad things could happen. But I couldn't help it. I've seen some humans, been close to them. Seeing them run along the beach. They were always laughing and smiling. They interested me so much.

But what bothered me about not being able to go to the surface, it was never really sunny underwater. It was always somewhat dark. That why I was more then happy when I found a little area. It's a long swim away from my "town". But I was able to find a little area. It was like a cave almost, but when u got out of the cave, there's a small waterfall. Outside the waterfall, there's a little pond area. And it's sunny. Sometimes I just spend some days laying out in the pond. Letting the sun take me in. It's located deep into the woods, so there are no humans. There's nobody around. It's nice, just being alone for a while.

In the cave I have a little area where I go when it's not so sunny outside. It's like a little house for me. With the cave there are some dry areas. And, nobody knows this, it's embarrassing. But on the land, dry areas, sometimes I get out of the water, and pretend that I have legs. But then my fins get too dry and I have to go back into the water. Sometimes I get out on the sunny area outside of the pond as well.

So right now I was lying in the little area of the pond. My arms were out of the water and on the ground in front of me. My fins were moving around a little in the water. My hands were playing with a little flower on the ground. The little flower was lucky, it could survive outside of the water. Then I heard leaves rustling close to me. Quickly I swam behind the waterfall. I could still see everything, but I don't know what could see me. So I waited behind the waterfall, to see what the sound was. Then I heard it come closer, and closer.


I decided to walk around the woods a little bit. I didn't feel like running. So I just walked around at human speed. I started walking deeper into the woods. Then I smelled the most beautiful smell. It wasn't a animal's, it was far too good smelling, but it definitely wasn't a humans, it smelled better then that. My thirst was taking over me. I could feel it. I also tasted the sweet venom in my mouth. But I was able to control myself. I've been a vampires for a little less then 100 years, my control was getting good. And I just came back from a hunt. Whatever this creature was, I would control myself.

As I got closer to the beautiful smell, I started to hear a waterfall. I started to walk faster and faster. Then I saw it, it was a beautiful area. There was this little clearing area. Then there was a little pond with a small waterfall pouring into it.

It was getting darker, so it was no longer sunny, it was bright, but not sunny. So to someone's eye, I looked like a normal human. I got closer to the waterfall, and the beautiful smell intensified.

That's when I saw her. She was beautiful. She looked like she was about 17. She smelled better then anything I have ever smelled before. She was hiding behind the waterfall. Then she swam a little closer to me. Her eyes were a deep brown. For what felt like forever, our eyes connected. For that moment, I felt…complete. But then she looked away and I was slowly brought of out my trance. She was a human, I was a vampire. I was a monster. But maybe if I just talked to her, heard her voice…I took a step closer but as soon as I moved she went under the water and swam away below the waterfall. I was about to jump in and follow her, but I knew that a beautiful angel like her shouldn't be anywhere near a hideous monster like me.

So I turned away and started running back home, not able to get her out of my mind.


A few moments later the movement stopped. But I still sensed that someone, or something was near me. I swam a little out of my hiding area so I could see better. That's when I saw, him. The most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth. I had never seen a human as beautiful as him. He wasn't in a good light, so I wasn't able to see his features too well. But his eyes were dark, almost black. Then our eyes locked for a moment. The world seemed to stop then. He was beautiful. I tore away from his eyes to look at the rest of him.

I don't think that a human ever saw me before, but I didn't care. He was too beautiful. I knew that I should have swam away before he saw me. But I just couldn't. Then he took a step forward and I got scared. So I started to swim back home. But I still couldn't get the beautiful human boy out of my mind.

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