Hi everyone! Okay, before you point fingers and wave A Precious Bond in my face. I'm writing this story on a different computer than I normally use. So that means when I'm on this computer I work on this story and the other I work on A Precious Bond XD It's better than me being on this one computer and sitting around doing nothing and waiting to go on the other computer : ) Oh my god…this story was just dying to be written. My take on some good ol' ikarishipping torture XD

I decided to use the Japanese names for this fic since it would be good practice for me. PLUS DUM DUM DUH!

I am going to write this story is first person (shrieks) I'm not as confident in first person as I am in third! ( hides in corner) It was so hard…! But anyways, I hope you enjoy "Model Behavior"!

*Edit* All pokemon names were changed to their English equivalents for reader convenience.


Japanese Terms

Dawn: Hikari

Paul: Shinji

Reiji: Reggie

Paris: Um…I don't think her English dub name came out yet but it's probably still going to be Paris XD


Yup, that's right, I'm talking about sucking in your gut, smiling (or staring suggestively at the camera), and getting lost into your character. When you model, the camera is your world. There is nothing but that small device in front of you. And you would want to do anything to keep it happy. The rest of the world is at a complete stand-still.

For the most part, it's just not fair on the stereotype that is placed upon models. I mean, not all models are anorexic or bulimic!

Trust me, when I go out to eat, you better watch out.

Besides that, there are people who think all models are incapable and would do anything for one cheap shoot. Assuming that each and every person who smiles in front of that camera skipped out on an education and dove right into a landmine. And then there are the others who say most models are flat broke, living paycheck by paycheck, waiting at their knees by their phone. Just begging to be called in for a second audition.

Um hello? If I were an idiot, I would not be where I am at now. Honestly, if I didn't have my education, I'd be nothing. And I, Hikari, won't settle for any cheap shot.

Modeling is my passion. When that camera is staring at me, I become whatever it tells me to do.

One word could describe me. Professional.

I'm so serious about my work. If I had to pose nude, oh if that money was right, I would do it. If I had to cut off all my long silky midnight hair for that one perfect frame, I would do it. You see, everything in this world is about price and cash.

As for my financial status, retirement was now an easy option for me. Sure, tossing aside work early at the age of twenty-one and being able to live out the rest of my life comfortably with no worries would be nice. But the thing is...

I love my work.

And since the average modeling career ends in one's late twenties, I plan to milk this out as long as I can. Maybe afterward I could return to coordinating. There is no denial about it. A small piece of me loved those glory days of mine when I traveled with Satoshi and Takeshi. But once that first blinding flash from the camera hit me, I was hooked.

Does that count for abandoning my pokemon? No. Does that mean all the hard work I put forth in my youth was wasted? No. I try not to think of it like that. My pokemon, they understand my dreams. But deep down...I know they miss contests...I can tell they really do.

However, I could tell that they have warmed up to the life of the camera too. Whenever I had the chance to model with my pokemon, those days...seemed to bring out the best frames and snapshots of my career. Yet, I soon quickly figured out that the photographers and the agencies didn't like my pokemon, but me.

A long tragic story cut painfully short: If I wanted to keep my beloved career, my pokemon had to be out of the picture.


I feel ashamed. Out of all the companions I had met, out of all my friends I had made, I was the only one to stray away from the world of pokemon...

All my other friends achieved some great status. Satoshi even managed to become a Kanto Pokemon Master and I applaud him for that! Geez, when was the last time I talked to him. There are a lot of people I lost in touch with because of my modeling...

But that doesn't matter! Bonds can always be mended. There is no doubt to that. After all, I'm Hikari!

I'm not a high-paying elite supermodel for nothing you know.

My eyes awoke to the sound of my cell phone ringing. The happy-go-lucky tone was suppose to lift my mood, but frankly, all it did was sour it. Still half-asleep, head buried face first into my pillow; my left hand grabbed the sleek white phone and flipped it opened.

I pressed the device to my ear before barely muttering, "Hello?"

"Well, look who isn't up yet. Ms. Supermodel is going to be tardy for one of the most important shoots of her life." A familiar voice teased on the other end.

I sighed. I knew this voice well enough to know it was Nozomi. The now famous top coordinator was currently in Yosuga City (where I know currently reside) for a contest and whenever she's in the area, she never fails to keep in touch. Also, she's a really convenient alarm clock.

"Ha-Ha," I said in a tone far from amusement. I flipped both my freshly-waxed legs onto the side of my queen-sized bed and stood up, yawning as I stretched my aching muscles.

"Seriously Hikari-chan, you should start getting ready." Nozomi warned. Still stretching out my arms over my head, I looked at my digital clock on the nightstand.

"Its 7:00am, the shoot doesn't begin until noon. Besides, they'd be lucky if I even walk through the door." I groaned as I once again felt the fatigue hit me. Now it's not like me to brag about my status, but with such crabbiness in the morning, I really didn't care at the moment.

I heard Nozomi chuckle. "This isn't going to be a regular photo shoot Hikari-chan, this one is major. Do you even know much about it?" She asked as I made my way to one of my many dressers, slipping off my silk slip and going through my various articles of clothing.

"Not really," I replied, "Just that I'm posing a few solo shots, and then modeling with some guy. For some cologne I guess...?" I browsed through as I said this, finally deciding on which underwear to wear.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Who's going to see my underwear? Well, I'm going to have to say about, hmm, seven people tops? In this biz, you don't dress yourself. They dress you.

"Not just any guy!" Nozomi perked up, "This is suppose to be some big-shot pokemon trainer. He's right now on the verge to becoming the Pokemon Champion for Sinnoh!"

"Hn," I sighed as I now rummaged through my bras. It always makes me uncomfortable when trainers and coordinators were mentioned. "Do you think I know him?"

"I don't know...Satoshi-kun knows him but honestly, I can't say much myself." She seemed to ponder.

I sweat-dropped. Satoshi knew practically everyone.

"Well, whatever, I'm not going to fret about this right now." I laughed, "Hold on Nozomi-chan, I'm going to set you down for a moment."


I put my phone aside on top of my dresser as I pulled out a lacy white bra, positioned it under my chest, hooked it, and pulled it on. I checked myself out in the mirror for any defects. Nope, everything seemed to be in order. Nothing showed, everything was supported. Oh, and please don't believe the rumors, they're real.

I pulled the phone back to my ear as I resumed my conversation with Nozomi.

"Neh, I got to go Hikari-chan. I have to begin training for the appeals." She said with dismay. I slightly frowned.

"Alright...do you think you'll be available during my break?"

"Hopefully, I want to hear about your shoot!" She laughed, "If it's with a guy..." She trailed off suggestively.

"Yeah, hmm, okay. Bye Nozomi!" My cheeks flushed a little bit as I pressed the red end call button. The last thing I heard was Nozomi's laughter. Sighing, I placed the phone into my pink designer tote on my bed. I checked the mirror once more, then my clock, then the mirror again.

"Great, it's almost eight and I'm still in my lingerie!" Rushing into the bathroom, I grabbed my toothbrush and rapidly, I squirted my teeth-whitening toothpaste onto its bristles. I scrubbed hard and thoroughly as I tapped my foot impatiently. Once a minute passed, I spat the vile contents of my mouth into the sink, and scrubbed my face. Then I reached for a comb that was on my pearl-white sink and ran it through my silky tresses. Once that was done, I scurried out of the bathroom and right into my walk-in closet.

As soon as I stepped into my everyday reality, which would be a girl's dream, I ran my fingers through the many outfits I had. It didn't even phase me. Well, not anymore.

"Well...since today is an actual shoot, I should just wear this," I said to myself as I pulled out a short ivory-colored slip-on dress. It wasn't much. Because really, it doesn't matter what I wear to the shoot.

It's all coming off anyway.

I threw it on. Once I pulled my hands through the small tiny straps, I began searching for high heels to match. Going through the hundreds of shoes I had, I finally found the perfect pair. Meow. Sexy White Kitten Heels! Firmly in place on my feet, I walked out of the closet clothed and refreshed.I looked in the mirror once more, my eyes widened in horror.


"Ah! I need makeup!" I cried as I rushed over to my vanity. There was no need to apply much. For today, a simple lip gloss along with some concealer would be fine. After all, I needed to keep my face fresh for whatever the makeup consultants decide to do with me. Once I finished applying what needed to be set, I smiled. Sexy Supermodel ready to go!

At that moment, I looked over my shoulder and back at the clock. 9am.

"I should finish up here." I said to myself as I placed my makeup neatly back into the vanity. Snatching my tote from my bed, I scurried out my bedroom door and made my way down my long hallway. Pictures of my previous photo shoots adorned the elegant wall and despite the daily sight of them, I still couldn't help but smile.

They were treasures. Memories. Precious Moments. The most beautiful ones in my opinion had my pokemon in the frames alongside me. Yet, there was still this narcissistic fondness of my solo shots and even I hate to admit that. Regardless, each image had their own uniqueness to them.

Once I reached the end of the hallway, I made my way for my spiral black stairs. Living in Yosuga City was like a second heaven to me. My Penthouse was the best!

I made my way down the steps into my luxurious living room/ kitchen. It was so modern and so pretty! It was really large, after all, my apartment was one of the most expensive in Yosuga City. The walls were a crème-based color, except for the large window overlooking the city to the right. That was a wall itself.

Once my foot stepped foot on the lush white carpet, the morning sun gleamed throughout the entire area, making everything come to life. Suddenly, I noticed my large plasma screen TV that hung up against one of the walls was still on. An entertainment talk show was still playing.

"Great, I forgot to turn that darn thing off after I stormed upstairs last night." I groaned. Why do I bother watching those gossip talk shows when I know they're gonna say something about me to piss me off? My eyes also drifted to the many tabloids on my coffee table. Again, why do I even buy those? Only to see more rumors that will me to piss me off? Fine, I'm not going to lie, it's funny to read sometimes. But before my mind could even drift to the ridiculous lies they said about me in the past, I became aware that I was not the only one awake this morning.

A smile formed across my face as I was instantly greeted by a bright shining face.

"Morning Pachirisu," I acknowledged my blue squirrel pokemon happily. Oh my, it seemed to be bouncing off the walls!"C-Careful!" I panicked as it almost knocked over an expensive vase. I sighed with relief and smiled as my Ambipom caught it just in time with one of its free hands, giving me thumbs up with the other.

Pachirisu didn't notice. It just twirled around in a circle, cuddling up against its tail for a nap.

"Thank you, Ambipom!" I thanked as I patted its head. It gave me the warmest smile you could imagine. I tried to second that but I was not match.

"Puu~!" I heard another squeal, I turned around and saw my beloved Lopunny admiring my outfit. It nodded in approval. Of course, Lopunny had to make sure I looked fabulous. Even off-camera.

"Thanks! I'd be nothing without you!" I giggled as I hugged the rabbit Pokemon. Once that whole scene was finished, I walked into my kitchen.

"Do you guys know where-AH!Empoleon! Don't scare me like that!" I nearly shrieked as I turned around and saw Empoleon standing right there! It was laughing. I playfully stuck my tongue out at my starter Pokemon. Even though I have grown up, around them, I might as well still be ten years old.

"Not funny!" I pouted as I opened my shiny silver fridge in search of a quick breakfast.

I heard Empoleon criticize me as it poked me in the back. A sweat-drop dowsed against my forehead. Of course...I shouldn't eat today if I have to model in a few hours.

"Eh heh heh..." I laughed sheepishly as I put my hands behind my head, "Sorry..." Empoleon simply shook its head.

"Hey, where's Swinub everyone?" I asked the others as I pulled out a bag of pokemon food from underneath my kitchen's island. Carefully, I began to pour the contents into porcelain bowls, "It's usually so hungry in the morning! I hope it didn't get lost."

And as if on cue, I felt a bump against my leg. I looked down and saw Swinub sitting there, sniffing up at me. It smelled the food.

"Aw, there you are!" I cooed as I picked the small brown pokemon up. Swinub sniffed all around and instead of me, it saw the food. It immediately jumped out of my hands ( I wasn't surprised one bit) onto the island and began eating furiously out of the many bowls that I set.

"You're not patient at all." I narrowed my eyes. I shouldn't be surprised though, and I was going to have to make a batch of more poffins tonight anyway…

I checked the clock once more.9:30am.

"Well, I should be going." I said as I placed the newly refilled bowls in place for my pokemon, hugging them all goodbye. "Empoleon, keep an eye on things!" I called out as I headed towards the door. I saw Empoleon nod out of the corner of my eye. After all, a pokemon with so much pride, how could it not say no?

I blew them all a kiss as I opened to door, ready to leave, but then...

"Lop-lop!" My Lopunny cried as it made its way over to me, my black coat and pink tote in its hands.

"Ah! I forgot! Thank you!" I gratefully took the contents from its hands and threw my coat on. It was sleek and black, and it only ran down to my thighs but yet my dress was still concealed by it. I hastily fasten all the black buttons up but Lopunny shot an angry looked my way. It tossed my hands aside as it undid the top of my buttons, revealing a little bit of cleavage.

I rolled my eyes, and sighed. "I know, I know, show it while I still can."

Lopunny grinned my way. I slinked my tote over my shoulders and waved them all goodbye.

The last image I saw before shutting my door was Pachirisu pouncing off the walls (again ), Ambipom trying to catch everything that fell in Pachirisu's wake, Empoleon trying to give orders, Swinub happily eating out of the pokemon food bag , and Lopunny going upstairs (probably to my closet ).

I smiled. People in my world ( the modeling world) may think it's strange for me to live freely with my pokemon, but they don't know how rewarding it is. It really keeps you upbeat! Much to say, I could have sworn I heard a crash and a cry from Ambipom as I made way towards the elevator.

I sighed, and then smiled as I put on my designer sunglasses.

Yup, it still is rewarding!

As the elevator opened with a DING! In the lobby, I walked out confidentially. I gave a smile to the concierge before walking out of the huge luxurious apartment complex where I now reside. I felt the stares of many bystanders as I walked by past them. Any person who walked by couldn't help it. The Hikari was standing right there!

But sometimes, all that publicity isn't all that great sometimes. If you don't know how to manipulate it, it can kill you.

I pulled on my designer sunglasses when a black limo pulled up in front of me just in time. A man, in his late thirties, popped out of the driver's seat, jogged over to me, and pulled open my door.

"Ojou-sama," He bowed as I stepped into the limo.

"Yoshitaka-san," I acknowledge my driver as the door was closed behind me. After about a minute, I felt the car drift into a steady drive. With nothing else to do besides wait, my eyes drifted to the scenery that passed.

"'Where hearts touch each other'…Yosuga City is so beautiful..." I sighed contently as I watched the streets go by. We passed by the beautiful yet almighty skyscrapers, the majestic cathedral, the famous Contact Plaze even...

My heart stopped. A Contest Hall.

I tried my best to dismiss any old memories I had of the place and as soon as the building was out of sight, I felt okay. Taking a deep breath, I knew I would be okay.

"Oh! OH! Yoshitaka-san! There it is!" I cried out with delight as we drove by a huge billboard, pointing at it like an overly-induced sugar addicted child. He looked in the rear-view mirror and smiled at me.

"Ojou-sama, even though you're a celebrity by now, you still get worked up over a simple billboard as that." He teased, I laughed at his remark. It was true. Even though I was well into this world already, a billboard still made me excited. The one we just passed was no different.

'Heaven's Kiss' The brand was called.

It was for a super pink and glittery lip gloss, which personally, I did not like. On the billboard, you saw me. My back was arched as I had my hands placed sweetly behind me, supporting my weight. My long blue tresses was fluttering in the wind behind me and my eyes stared out suggestively. The whole scheme was heaven and white. I was to be of the appearance of a sexy angel, and it wasn't even hard. Wings were digitally added to my back as they spread out gracefully behind my body, framing my figure. Small white feathers fluttered all around me in glee, and then there was the case of what I wore.

Barely Anything.

A long silk cloak was draped over my body, covering my bare figure. It trailed all around, feather gathered around in its wake. I swear, that was the MOST revealing lipstick ad I have ever done. But it paid well. My mind began to wonder.

'Hmm, I wonder how many husbands encouraged their wives to buy that lipstick now after seeing that?' I giggled to myself.

' Oh God...I don't think I could face Takeshi anymore...' I sweat-dropped. He must be ten times more perverted now in his adult years.

Pretty soon, the limo came to a stop in front of a large skyscraper. I watched Yoshitaka-san jog over to my door and open it for me. I thanked him and once he was off, I headed inside the building with a confident stride. This was the place where I would be doing my modeling shoot. One of the biggest of my career.

"No time for nerves now Hikari," I told myself as I took another deep breath.

The building was called Poise Perfect! A well-known modeling-agency where various types of photo-shoots and designing took place. I was well-known here, after all, I am one of the best. And Poise Perfect! was the place for models to be.

But this was different. This shoot could make or break my career. Not for the actual product itself, but for who my partner shall be. As Nozomi said, he is a big-shot in the pokemon world. One who is currently aiming to become Champion, and for that, he will need a lot of publicity. And right now, I can't goof this up. It pays so well! Well, not that money was a big concern for me. But still.

I made my way towards the revolving door, the entrance to the building. But as soon as I spun around the door, walking inside the building...


I felt my body hit against another person who was on their way out. How embarrassingly ungraceful for a supermodel! I stepped a few feet back, regaining my balance.

"O-Oh, Sorry!" I apologized as I helped the person regain their balance as well. But as soon as the person looked up at me, my eyes widened. T-That couldn't be!

"R-Reiji-kun?" I asked incredulously as I recognized the man. He looked at me, and he looked confused. I don't think he remembered me...

"Do I know you?" He asked. I mentally slapped myself.

"It's me, Hikari!" I took off my sunglasses to prove it, "It's so nice to see you!"

"...Hikari-kun!" He finally noticed me, a huge smile on his face."How are you?"

"Good, did I hurt you?" I chuckled as we both walked out of the entrance's way, allowing for more people to walk it.

"No, I barely felt it." He laughed. I noticed how his hair was slightly longer than the last time I saw him. Well, it has been awhile.

"You've grown up so much!" He mentioned as he took in my new appearance, I couldn't help but blush.

"Y-Yeah, I model now!" I pointed to myself. He stared at me wide-eyed.

"No way, really? I knew that girl in that lip gloss ad looked familiar!"

I laughed sheepishly as I scratched my head. Great, I wonder what he thinks now...

"And that would explain you being here," He noticed, my head perked up.

"Um, why are you here Reiji?" I asked. He smirked slightly. "Dropping my brother off."

"...Shinji...?" I asked, recalling his name from long ago. Wow...haven't seen him in a while either. Well, it's not like I miss him. Him, I can do without.

'That cruel bastard!' My inner-self cursed as I remembered how mean he was to his pokemon.

"Why is Shinji here?" I asked. Reiji looked like he was trying hard not to laugh.

"He's kind of embarrassed by it. I think he'll kill me if I told you," He went on, "But he's here to get his picture taken."

"Oh, well that's new." I laughed sweetly, "Maybe if I find him, I'll give him some advice." I offered.

"That's so sweet of you, Hikari-kun! Well, I have to be on my way. We should catch up later, maybe for a drink of coffee. I'm sure Shinji would like to catch up too!" My eye twitched. I didn't believe the last thing he said one bit. Shinji...catching up...ha!

"Sounds lovely," I lied. "Well, I must be on my way. Apparently the model is kinda important in the photo shoot for some reason." I rolled my eyes and laughed. Thank Arceus Reiji caught the joke and laughed too.

"I'll be seeing you, Hikari-kun!" He waved as he walked out of the building. I waved back before walking up to the head desk to sign in. Once that was done, I headed towards the left where the elevators were located. After all, I'm not going up the stairs in these heels!

As my heels clicked down the white tiles, I noticed a bunch of stares as I walked.

'Of course, everyone just has to stare at the supermodel!' I bitterly sighed in my head while a smile was plastered over my face. I tried to ignore the drools that the men gave me too...It was really embarrassing! Once I reached the small square area where the three gold elevators were, I again gave an irritable sigh. Of course, with my luck, all the elevators were currently in use and I had to wait. I pressed the up-arrow button and it lit up, signifying an elevator will be ready soon.

And then, I waited.

My foot tapped impatiently again like it did this morning as I crossed my arms. I watched the dial on top of the elevator, 200 floors? My teeth cringed as the arrow went slowly across the dial. I tapped my foot harder, and since I wore heels, it made an even louder click!

"Would you stop that!" Someone harshly ordered towards me, the voice was deep but yet it sounded strangely familiar...

I turned my head towards my right, suddenly aware that I was not the only one waiting for an elevator. My bad. But then, my eyes widened. There standing before me was a man around my age, that or maybe a year or two older. His coal eyes glared harshly at me with an unnecessary coldness as I stared back at him, shocked.

"Shinji...?" I asked as the man whom I have not seen in about 9 years. He continued to glare at me. Was it just me or was he more, built than the last time I saw him? Well duh, Hikari! 9 years can do that to a person!

But then all of a sudden, I found myself comparing him to the last time I had seen him. His purple hair was maybe about an inch longer than it used to be and it looked really good on him. Then I noticed that his torso was broader as he wore a sleeveless navy turtleneck-styled shirt with a black leather jacket , which I am not going to lie, looked really sleek. On top of that, he wore normal black jeans.

But besides all that, yup, he definitely was the same person whom I met eight years ago in my youth. I hated to think it, but...he looked kinda hot. I was about to analyze more on his appearance but Shinji spoke up.

"Do I even know you?" He asked, a tone of irritation in his voice. I could feel a sweat-drop dowse against my head.

"Neh, " I sheepishly said I began to look foolish in front of him. After all, I just checked him out! "You probably don't remember, but I'm Hikari. I used to travel with Satoshi, your childhood rival, when we were all younger." I said, smiling. "Remember?"

Shinji stared at me for not even a second before facing away from me, keeping his eyes back on the elevator. "Nope."

If there was a sound for the sudden lash of anger that pulsed through my veins, it would be a snap! I seethed through my teeth mentally as I kept a composed face on the outside. I modeled professionally, so I was good at that.

My thoughts drifted to the time about eleven years ago when he did this to me, how I blew up on him. But this time was kinda different, I found this almost reasonable.

He didn't see me in nine years, so sadly, one point for Shinji...

"Oh, well...I wore a pink skirt and white beanie hat if you remember?" I anxiously said towards him as I caught a glimpse of the elevator's dial.

Floor 175.

I sighed, it was going to be a long wait and I might as well get him to remember me! His eyes flinched as I continued to talk to him. I guess he wasn't too happy that I was but I kept at it.

"When you had to team up with Satoshi in a tag-team battle, you battled against me in the finals!" I pressed on, that seemed to jog his memory a bit. I don't think he was the type to forget a battle.

"Oh, the troublesome girl." He muttered as he glanced my way.

"Ah-ha! So you remember!" I replied, pleased. "So why are you here, Shinji?"

There was a long pause, so long that I didn't think he would answer me but he finally did

" That's..." He began. I leaned in, anticipating with what he will say."...none of your business. Skank." He stated harshly. I winced as I took the harsh blow. How rude!

That's it, eight years or not, you don't treat someone that way! Or call them such a name! Especially someone like me!

"Well, that's rude!' I huffed as I put my hands on my hips, "All I wanted to do was chat!"

"Yeah, and all I wanted to do was get in the fucking elevator. But as you see, that's not happening. Is it?" He said as he now turned to face me, his tone impossibly snide.

"Arceus, you would have thought all these years would change a person!" I scowled.

He looked at me smugly, "Obviously they don't," He eyed me up and down, which made me a little uncomfortable. "You little slut."

My jaw drop, my eyes twitched. He didn't...just say that!

"What's that suppose to mean!" I nearly shrieked right in his face. Hell, I had to restrain myself from tackling him to the ground! Not for the sake of being in public, but for the sake of my modesty. The slip-on dress was awfully short and there was no way I would be giving him a peek! He smirked and then turned the other way as he faced the elevator, ignoring my comment.

I gritted my teeth, "You bastard!" I spat towards him. He snickered, as if he enjoyed the comment.

"I would rather be a bastard than a slut. I don't spread diseases."


That's it. I had done it.I smacked my hand so hard against his cheek that it was throbbing from the aftershock. The sensations burned throughout my veins, but I bared it. I didn't show any emotion towards it, which would give him the satisfaction!

"H-How dare you?" I choked as my voice faltered, great. "Don't you have any regard for a person's feelings?"

"Look you troublesome woman." He said to me, annoyed. I crossed my hands over my chest, waiting. "I didn't come here to chat, socialize, or converse with anyone. All I am here for is one thing and one thing only, and before you even ask, it's none of your business!"

My brow furrowed at the man, and then an excellent idea popped into my head.

"Fine," I said in a bittersweet tone, turning away from him. There was a long pause before a constant clicking was heard. Shinji's eyes shifted towards me, his eyes cold.

I smiled towards his way as I tapped and clicked my heels 'impatiently' before him at a much faster and louder rate than before. I could see his teeth grind together and with that effort, I tapped even faster.

"I thought I told you to knock it off!" He finally said towards me, wait, maybe more like growled.

"Aw, is the little slut bothering the poor bastard?" I pouted. I could have sworn that I saw a vein pop on his forehead! I tapped even faster, then gradually, my tapping became stomping. I saw his teeth clench as he dug his fists into tight balls. His arms shook as he became more and more irritated. I couldn't help but giggle. The sound of my laughter made him face me with a curious expression. "What the hell is so funny?" He snapped.

"Your face," I said in between giggles, my rage temporarily at bay. "It's really hilarious when you're irritated!"

It looked like he was about to say something (probably an insult) but a sudden DING! broke both of our thoughts.

We both turned to the elevators. One had opened up! Yay!

But then I cringed. Only one was open. Out of all three, one was available while the rest where still on floor 145. I would have to wait in an elevator, with him! A sigh escaped me as I checked my watch. They'd be expecting me soon and I can't afford to wait around for the next one.

Resentfully, I made my way inside the shiny elevator and as I turned around to press my floor button, I noticed Shinji still standing in the small lobby, as if he were still waiting.

"Aren't you coming?" I asked, annoyed.

I saw him smirk as he looked at me. "I'd rather wait for the next one."

And his smug smile was the last thing I saw before the gold doors closed before me, showcasing my jaw-dropped expression.

My rage drifted back into its vicious sea.

"Ugh! The nerve of that guy!" I fumed as I made my way (finally!) out of the elevator and down the hall.

"I just come up to him, try to chat to pass the time and he just has to go and -UGH!" I stomped my feet hard on the ground to emphasize my point. "I so don't need this!"

I made my way down the sleek white hall, not even bothering to admire all the portraits of models that hung on them, I had seen them , I was of a higher rank anyway to be amazed. As soon as I saw the black double doors that would lead into the studio where the photo shoot would take place, my heart skipped a beat. A new photo shoot always made me so excited!

I pushed onto both doors and instantly I took in the familiar surroundings. It was a semi large room filled with the essence of modeling. On to the far left corner of the studio I could see a small dressing room ( with my name on the door!) and next to the door, a light-up vanity where the make-up artist was preparing her trays of products. And then to the right corner was a lounging area where everyone sat on their breaks, conversing about the latest shoot and new styles. Along with that, a huge rack of clothes was hanging against the wall (the creative director never seemed to make up her mind on what I am wearing).

On top of all that, many people scurried back and forth, the room was nearly packed!

The shoot was that big of a deal.

And then there it was.

My haven.

A large white backdrop was arched against the far back wall with various cameras and equipment all around it. Computers were to the side, where the photo editors and camera-person could quickly display the taken photos.

I took in a deep breath, awaiting it all.

"Hikari!" A familiar voice called out to me. I turned my head towards the sound and my face lit up.

"Paris!" I cried out with joy. The slender woman ran up to me and instantly intertwined her fingers with my own.

"Bonjour, Hikari!" She greeted in her sweet accent as we both kissed our cheeks. Paris was an old friend of mine. Yes, she still was a pokemon stylist but yet she also loved the modeling world as well. She was my dearest friend and gave me all the support in the world, even through the roughest jobs.

"Am I too late?" I asked, she smiled as she stuck a piece of red hair behind her ear. "You are never too late!" She giggled as she led me to the make-up down on a brown stool, I felt many shades of blushes and glosses spread across my calm face.

Paris sat next to me as the artist began working on myeyes. "So, where's the creative director?" I asked right before I closed my eyes, so that my eye shadow can properly be placed on.

"Somewhere over there, you should meet her once we're done. Are you excited? Nervous?" Once my face was free, I shook my head.

"I'm very excited, I always am. But I'm not nervous, I'm used to all this by now." I reassured as I looked all around the vast studio.

"A true professional." She smiled as I stood up from the stool, I leaned closer in the mirror to get a better look of my face. Perfection...

That was one word to describe it. My eyes had the most beautiful smoky eye look that only a master of make-up could perfect and my lips were a luscious shade of light pink. My overall skin tone has been touched up a bit with bronzer, but that was it. Before I could even stare at myself long enough, a woman, in her late-twenties or so, appeared from behind me. She had a sort of artsy look to her. She wore a simple white T-shirt with black pants. Her blonde hair was long and tied neatly up into a high ponytail, a look completed with a black beret. I could tell by the pop in her hazel eyes that she was excited to see me.

"You must be Hikari-sama!" She said as she approached me, "I'm Keiko Tatsumi, I'll be your creative director for this shoot!"

I turned a little pink as I heard 'sama'. It was just so...embarrassing!

"Oh, it's very nice to meet you!" I smiled, but then I flustered. "Y-You can just call me Hikari-san, 'sama' is a little embarrassing!" I tried my best not to flush.

She blinked at me before giggling, "She's very modest eh?" She hinted towards Paris, who giggled as well. "I hope you're not that modest though." Keiko once again directed her attention towards me, winking.

Getting her drift, I shook my head. "Nope, absolutely not! I'm really professional!" I assured as I waved my hands back and forth.

"Good, Good!" She sung, "Can we can get Hikari-sa," She looked at me, probably to make sure it was okay. I nodded, smiling. "Can we get Hikari-san into wardrobe, please?" She said, adding instead of 'sama' .

I small fluttering danced across my heart. The lights were being set, the camera's all ready.

Hikari has arrived!

"Beautiful, just like that!" Keiko praised as I arched my back the way she had instructed. I was already posing for my solo ads and I hate to brag, but I owned it! The ad was for some cologne for men and I had to portray the role as every man's desire. Oddly, it wasn't that hard for me to do!

There was a small stool against the white back-drop as I posed against it, looking into the camera. I was completely wet from head to toe, but my character wasn't supposed to mind it. I wore a black skimpy stringed-bikini as I knelt down on the ground. The kneeling was suppose to look like I had just fallen and I was pulling myself up ( my legs were facing out while I had my hands in between them) Overall, the innocent look in the camera made it all the more suggestive. It was kinda risque...but eh...it was for a men's cologne ad and that's how I could make it sell.

Sex Appeal.

"Lovely!" Keiko praised, "Now put your hands above your head like you're reaching for something!" I did so, and I got more praises from her.

"Très bien, Hikari-chan!" Paris said as she clapped her hands together.

"Can we add more water, please?" The photographer asked from behind the lenses, "She's looking kinda dry."

I shut my eyes tight as I felt a bucket of water whoosh over me. Yet the sensation was pleasantly warm. After all, it would be kind of bad if I got chilly in this outfit. I'd get so sick!

"Yes," Keiko said as she focused on my eyes, "I love how your eyes are acting innocent yet very sexy!"

She ran over to a small table on the side and picked up a glass bottle. The blackish clear bottle was simple but it had the words Sin engraved on it in white lettering. That was the cologne I was handed me the product and I carefully took it with my dripping hands.

"Now play around with it!" The camera-person instructed. I smiled, I loved it when I got to free-style model.

I began processing my character in my head.

'Okay, I am obviously the contents in the cologne. So what do men want from this bottle? Ah...I know...'

And with a sudden whoosh! I became my character.

I took the bottle in my hands and held in possessively as I arched my back, flaunting my long slender legs.

"Hikari-san, you're magic!" Keiko praised over and over again as I did many other poses.

The camera flickered as many blinding flashes hit me, and of course, I didn't falter one bit.

"Just a few more...you own this!" The camera-person said, pleased. "And...done!"

The camera lights flashed off as I let out a huge breath. Sucking in your gut for so long must be an acquired skill!

"Hikari-chan, you were so amazing!" Paris praised as she ran up to me with a towel, I happily accepted it. I dried my face and wrapped the towel around me as we walked over to the computer monitors to see my latest frames. Keiko sat there, clicking through many pictures.

"How do you like this?" Keiko said as she picked out my best frames for the ad. My jaw dropped.

I looked...gorgeous!

There I was, posing like the vixen I was. In the background, they digitally added a dark black and blue brewing storm and underneath me, they added a whirlwind of smoke. The contrast of each photo was darker and my features seemed much sharper.

I jumped up and down like a little girl. "They're so...awesome!" I squealed.

"Yes yes, and these will be used across all the regions, as usual!" She chimed, again, my heart fluttered.

It was all still so exciting!

"Um, do you think I might be able to take my break now?" I asked. Of course, Keiko nodded right away.

"Go ahead, Hikari-san. You deserve it!" I smiled as I headed into the lounging area. I grabbed my tote bag and pulled out my cellphone. Immediately, I called Nozomi.

As I waited for her to answer, I lounged against the leather sofa. I didn't even bother changing out of the bikini! After all, I probably would have to wear it when I pose with that guy...

"Hey, what's up?" Nozomi asked, I perked up.

"Nozomi-chan, hi!" I squealed into the phone. I heard Nozomi's laughter in return.

"Hikari-chan! How did it go?"

"Well, I'm done with my solos now and I'm on a small break before the guy comes..." I trailed off as I aimlessly swayed my tote back and forth.

"Hikari-chan, we need to retouch your make-up for the next shoot!" Paris called out for me. I sighed as I got up from the sofa and heading over towards the said stylist.

"So, how was the contest?" I asked Nozomi r as I was being ushered over to the vanity. I could hear Nozomi groan.

"I came really close to losing in the finals but I managed to break through at the very last moment! Literally! I swear, it was so exhilarating!" The excitement in her voice made me smile. If coordinating really made her happy…it made me happy. I couldn't sulk about my past failures forever.

"I'm glad, Nozomi!" I cheered,as I tossed the towel to the side, exposing my bikini. I allowed the many stylists around me to slip off my bottom into a new suit as I chatted with her. It was even skimpier than the last!

"So, the guy hasn't showed yet?" She asked as I heard voices in the background. I could tell she was probably talking still in the contest hall. She probably could hear the voices in the studio as well. Ironic, neh?

"Nope...OH!" I said as I saw a huge commotion towards the entrance of the studio, "Speak of the devil." I added as I felt my top slip off and another one being placed in its place. I lifted my arms as I stared at the commotion, helping the dresser place the suit just right over my torso.

Many people seemed to had gathered around a particular person as he entered the studio. There were shouts of "You're here!" and "So glad to be working with you!"

But then I noticed how he removed his shirt as they told him to do so. Whoa, he was BUILT!

I tried to stop myself from squirming like a high-school girl as I watched him. It's strange, I wonder what his face looks like? yet,

'So, you've seen him?" Nozomi chuckled. I bit my lip.

"Mhmmm!" I stifled. I knew I would squeal any second. The top was now securely on my chest but I didn't really notice. So...So...HOT!

I saw Keiko run up to him, giving him the same introduction as she did me. He was facing her, and his back was towards me. His back even looked hot! And the way his purple hair looked against it...

"Hikari-san! Come meet your partner!" I heard Keiko squeal.

"Okay!" I called out to her. And then suddenly, hot-guy's back seemed to tense.

"Alright," I whispered towards Nozomi as I began towards the group, "I'm walking towards him." I tried to manage to break into giggles. I was acting like such a school girl!

I made my way across the studio and once I made my way to the group, something intrigued me. Those black jeans looked kinda familiar...

"Hikari-san! Meet your partner, Shinji-sama!" Keiko cheered, and as of in slow motion, Shinji turned to face me.

I froze as we faced each other. Time was at a stand-still. What. did. she. just. say.

His eyes were cold, but yet, also shocked and surprised. Just like mine...

"I..." I stuttered in my cellphone as it shook in my hand...

"Hikari-chan?" I heard Nozomi's worried voice ask, but I ignored her

"I-I'm going to have to call you back..." I managed to say as I snapped the phone shut, my eyes not leaving Shinji.

There was no words. Silence filled the entire studio. Even the crew seemed to catch the stillness...

Shinji gave me that look he gave Satoshi all those years ago as he found out he was his tag-team partner and I gulped.

"...Shit.." I muttered underneath my breath.

Meet Hikari, no excuse me, The Hikari. She's grown quite alot since we last saw her in that childish miniskirt and sock-head beanie cap. And what do you know; she's ditched that cheap contest dress of hers for those luxurious couture gowns. Yup, that's right. Ciao to all those faux-gold contest ribbons and hello to the platinum diamonds and pearls. Hmm, what made the girl switch? Heehee, well of course I know and don't worry my darling; all will be revealed in good time. Just don't let this not so innocent blunette fool you. Her secrets are well hidden behind that crème foundation and that smoky eye shadow of hers.

No one can wear such a pretty mask for so long, and I'm determined to see just that. Let's put our beauty in my spotlight and watch the foundation crack as someone from her past life interfere with her glamorous, pretty little picture.


So…did you guys like it? Was my first person good? ( or was it that bad?) Eh, even so, I know I'll get better at it, plus, a challenge is always great!

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More Japanse terms!

'Where hearts touch each other': The Japanese motto for Yosuga City

-sama: ( in a nutshell cause there are many reasons for it) In the case with Keiko-san, addressing someone you deem higher than yourself. As for Shinji and Hikari (who are quite famous in this story) , she addresses them as so. Hikari found this embarrassing probably because she's not used to being called –sama at all XD Shinji however seems to like the authority….

-san: equivalent to "Miss" and "Mr."

-kun: More honorable than –san but not as extreme as –sama. Eh…that's like a nutshell, there's a lot more to it but yeah, basically it. Reiji calls Hikari, "Hikari-kun." I guess because wikipedia said that older males sometimes call younger woman that.

Ojou-sama: What Yoshitaka calls Hikari, in terms of what servants call their mistresses. Means "Young Lady".

-chan: females who are close to one another call each other by this. It can also be used for a pet name…Shinji-chan! LOL, sorry, couldn't resist XD

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