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In every single romantic comedy I've seen, the girl always falls on top or into the arms of the guy she eventually will fall in love with. He will flash that charming smile of his while she, in return, will turn an adorable shade of pink. Then, they both will laugh. The moment is often a hilarious one, meant to amuse the viewer, and ultimately physically break the tension between the two.

My situation, however, wasn't exactly like that.

"Why are you so damn clumsy?"

He was his typical self, of course. Cold, rude, and most of all...arrogant. Like I would expect anything else from the man. Honestly, where Nozomi received the impression that he, of all people, showed any interest was beyond me.

I looked up and met his gaze. It only proved once and for all that hearing his tone was enough reassurance that he hated me. He was pissed off. An aggravated sigh couldn't help but escaped my lips as I pulled away from his hold, the warmth of his arms leaving me.

"Thank you." I cringed as I said it, mustering together whatever sweetness I could. Let's face it. If I were to haughtily retort against Shinji's bitterness, and he were to snap back ( which no doubt he will), the bickering would never end. And I could only take so many headaches in one day!

Why deal with the man when I no longer was obligated to?

Nozomi's muffled snicker was heard faintly over both of our shoulders at that moment. Shinji shot her a curious glance. Secretly, I glared at her, doing the best that I could to prevent my cheeks from turning pink. She must have simply enjoyed the little scene that had taken place before her. More so than a Meowth who stole all the milk.

She better not utter a peep about a certain trainer. Especially when he is right here!

"Er...Hikari-kun! It's great to see you again." Reiji's voice was a godsend as he managed to break the thick tension between his sibling, my perverted friend, and I. Looking over Shinji's shoulder, I smiled towards the sweet, polite, more sensible brother.

"Reiji-kun!" I happily smiled, "It's so good to see you too!" He happily gave me a friendly embrace. However, I think from the way he held me he was praying to the gods that Shinji and I didn't have another blowout in front of him.

"I-I'm going out to the car..."

"THEN GO!" We both hissed at him.

How embarrassing...

"I didn't know you guys liked this cafe as well." Reiji grinned. Shinji in return just scowled.

"Yeah, we really didn't know." He sneered and I could tell by the glare he gave his brother that he seemed very angry by the fact. I'm sorry, but how exactly did these two share the same genetics again?

I bit my tongue, swallowing whatever insult that Shinji deserved to have slapped right into his face. Don't freak out Hikari, just try to stay calm.

"Are you guys here for lunch too?" Nozomi managed to calm herself from her snickering long enough to ask Reiji, who nodded.

"Yup, I've heard great reviews about this place." The breeder smiled, "Isn't it lucky of us to run into old friends here, Shinji? And in such a big city too." At that moment, both Shinji and I just scowledat each other from the corner of our eyes. Yeah, real lucky.

"It sure is," Nozomi slyly smiled as she glanced over at Shinji and I. Oh no. I really did not like that look on her face. She better not be planning something.

"Why don't you guys join us?" Politely, the words spilled from her mouth. Like word vomit. I silently shrieked at my soon-to-be ex best friend as she just sat there, smirking and basking in her own selfish glory.

I will kill her.

"Sure, that sounds great!" Reiji answered for both himself and Shinji, completely ignoring the pissed off expression Shinji held. That I held as well.

"Aniki, I'm no longer hungry." Shinji muttered as he sent a look of disgust my way. I gladly returned the favor.

"What?" Reiji was shocked, "But you told me you were starving an hour ago!" He turned towards his brother in surprise but Shinji was already heading back towards the door.

He didn't look back to us. He didn't even glance back towards his brother. All he did was sneer as he opened the door, "I was hungry. Now I just feel sick." And with that, the door slammed behind him.

The sound of the slam echoed throughout the entire cafe followed by a hushed silence. I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't so pissed, I would mind that everyone in the cafe was staring at me. But I didn't notice. For once, I didn't care. All my attention was focused on the door Shinji just slammed and slowly, my blood began to boil.

I clenched my teeth as I fell back into my seat, seething. Who does Shinji think he is to act like that?! To say that I made him sick?! All because of a fucking photo shoot?!

"Neh..." Reiji sighed as he took a seat next to Nozomi, shaking his head. "I guess he really is upset after all."

"Upset?" I scowled, "He was downright rude!" I paused as Reiji and Nozomi didn't say anything as they witnessed my disgruntled behavior. I needed to calm down. If anything, I needed to not think about Shinji. As much as I hated to admit it, he has been the only thing on my mind for the past few days and its going to drive me insane! I can't stand it!

Reiji leaned back against his seat, folding his arms. "I can agree with you. My brother isn't the best person when it comes to handling situations with delicacy." He turned his attention towards me, "I apologize for his rudeness. He's just stressed out, that's all."

"Stressed out?" Nozomi asked, intrigued. I, however, ignored Reiji's poor excuses for his brother. With each swirl my finger circled around the rim of my empty cup, I paid less and less attention to what the two were saying. I wasn't particularly interested in this conversation anymore. Stressed out or not, that doesn't give Shinji the right to be the way he is.

Reiji took a breath,"He's been on edge ever since he started modeling with you, Hikari-kun."

My fingers stopped their mindless tracing. Slowly, I looked up at Reiji. His face was serious, not a single joke hiding behind his coal eyes. The same exact shade that Shinji has...

"What?" I found my voice softening a bit. Was Shinji's anger really my fault after all? No, of course not. Don't be silly, Hikari! I was just doing my job and sticking up for what I believed in. If that offended Shinji, then I am not the least bit sorry.

"Shinji's a strong trainer. Very strong. And you must have figured out by now that he is going to compete against Shirona-sama for the title of Champion." The breeder stated. Nozomi and I both nodded.

"He has been in the news a lot recently. Everyone is saying he has a really good shot." Nozomi added, "Even at the contest halls he's been talked about."

Reiji nodded, "Yeah. He's becoming really popular. It's still hard to believe that he's still my little brother." A chuckle escaped his lips as he said this. But when he looked at me, he again grew serious. "However, that wouldn't be enough to properly introduce himself as a competitor. Pokemon battles can only pay so much at a time and half of his matches weren't even televised. Shinji needed to find a way to obtain the money and the publicity so that's why he took up this modeling job..."

He was silent for a moment, "When Shinji was offered the position, he figured it might be with Kamiture-san since she is a big part of the modeling business and also an Unovan gym leader. It would have been a great way to earn publicity from both industries and send it out to the public."

My heart jumped a little at the mention of Kamiture. She and I had been involved in numerous fashion shows and, as much as someone could express, she was an idol for me growing up. Being a veteran supermodel and a gym leader, I can't help but look up to her. After all, she was able to find a perfect balance between two completely different worlds. Where I? I had completely left one world of altogether, leaving only fragments behind...

"I don't think Shinji realized that it would be you, Hikari-kun."

I frowned, "Because I am no longer involved with pokemon?"

Reiji shrugged, "Who knows? When I heard he was modeling with you, I was ecstatic because I thought maybe it would make it easier for him. You know, an old friend helping out another. However, I guess it just made it harder for him."

Harder? How could modeling with me make things "harder" for Shinji? I tried to be nice, I tried to cooperate but he refused all of it. That man...

"It's just," Reiji added, "Shinji knew from the beginning that the model he was working with would help him bring in publicity. That alone bugged him because he didn't want to rely on anyone else, and when he found out it was you, Hikari-kun, I don't know what happened. Everything was just so stressful from then on out. He couldn't even sleep at night."

A hesitant sigh escaped me. I'd be lying if I told myself that sleep came easy for me too. Especially last night, of all nights.

"Don't take this the wrong way, Reiji-kun," Suddenly, I found my voice to be strong and firm. "But your brother was not the easiest to work with. We disagreed a lot."

"I know, I know Hikari-kun." Reiji said, "But you don't understand how much this means to him. Listen. He told me what happened today at the studio and even though I am against what he did to you, I still want you to work this out."

"Work what out? Going back to the studio and finish the shoot?" I gasped, "Reiji-kun, you should at least understand why I can't do that!"

Reiji quickly shook his head, "No, no! I completely understand why you left and all. I just want you to work this out with Shinji. Talk to him about it. Just sort all this nonsense out."

"Conversing with that man is impossible. I can't have a civil conversation with him." Another sigh escaped from me.

"Oh, you can Hikari-chan. It just turns into a bloodbath in the process." Nozomi laughed as I shot a deathly glare towards her. She, however, simply continued her giggles.

"Hmm," Reggie pondered, "Then how about this? Why don't you, me, and Shinji have dinner at this nice hotel, The Corton, tonight? I'm sure if we can all just sit down and discuss the situation, everything will work out fine." As we spoke, Reiji dug for a pen and scribbled down the address onto a napkin.

However, the man didn't even half to write down anything. I knew exactly what hotel he was talking about. The Corton was world-famous for its A-list guests and five-star cuisine, and naturally so, a pretty expensive place to dine. For a second, I wanted to ask Reiji if he knew how pricey the place would be for a simply dinner date yet chose not to once I saw the confident look on his face.

"Here." He handed the napkin to me. What could I do besides accept it? The soft material was clenched underneath my manicured nails, the address wrinkling underneath my grip. If there was any place that I didn't want to dine at, it would be The Corton.

"R-Reiji-kun, I really don't think this will be a good idea. I'm appearing on a Kiku Matsu's talk show tomorrow morning so I should really rest tonight and-" I began, but Nozomi proved once and for all that she hated me.

"Hikari-chan!" She was grinning ear to ear by now, so happily please with Reiji's offer. She threw an arm around my shoulder in delight. What a bitch. "It's not like a simple dinner will take up your entire night! Why pass up a rare chance to catch up with old friends when you have nothing else planned for tonight?"

I rolled my eyes at her, shrugging her off with a silent growl. She wasn't helping at all.

I turned my attention back at Reiji, "I don't even think Shinji will want to come. He and I exactly don't see eye to eye and I don't see how a fancy dinner will make a difference."

"Nonsense. I know my brother." Reiji chuckled, "He just needs to be talked to in a calm atmosphere, that's all. Plus, I'll be there to smooth out any bumps along the way. Don't worry." His smile was reassuring, almost. For a split second, I considered the invitation. It's not like it will be just Shinji and me. Reiji will be there. After all, maybe he could smack some sense into his brother. And maybe, a night on the town will give me some good publicity and hold off any unwelcome Takeo rumors.

I couldn't pass that up.

"Okay Reiji," Holding back a sigh, I smiled sweetly. "I'll be happy then to join you and...your brother for dinner tonight." I didn't even have to look at Nozomi's face to see it brighten up with mischievous glee.

"But," I added towards Reiji, yet held my hand out in front of Nozomi before she added anything stupid. "Only if you promise me that everything will be settled tonight. I'm a very busy person and I can't have this little affair following after me."

Reiji nodded, "Of course, Hikari-kun. Everything will come to an end tonight." He smiled at the two of us, "Now, I think I better go find my brother. Let him know that he is booked for this evening just in case he gets wrapped up in another battle or something."With that, Reiji winked at me before saying goodbye. I smiled and nodded as he headed for the door, and gently closed it in contrast to his brother.

It wasn't until he was gone that I let out a huge sigh, one that was kept in for far too long.

"Alright!" Nozomi almost screamed out in glee as she threw herself around my body, choking me into a tight embrace. "Who knew this would happen so easily?! I'm so happy for you!" I couldn't even protest against her obvious enthusiasm this time as she shook me back and forth.

If there was anything to say about my friendship with Nozomi, it's that it was perfectly genuine. She didn't care who I was or how much money I had. The only thing that mattered was our friendship, and nothing else. To her, I was her best friend. To her, I was just Hikari. Sometimes, it hurts me to know that I don't tell her everything. That from time to time, I keep secrets. It just would be too much for her and it would kill me to even think of losing her support. So I'll let her embrace me cheerfully. I'll play along with her crazy ideas. I'll keep her in the dark.

Because I'll never let her know that the last time I dined at The Corton I was with Takeo. That it was our first anniversary. That it was the first time I told him I was in love with him.

I'll leave out that tiny detail.

"Perhaps we should have called Yoshitaka-san, I think I felt a rain drop." Nozomi sighed as she covered her eyes, glancing up at the cloudy spring skies. I chuckled as I walked alongside my friend, swaying my purse back and forth carelessly. This was the kind of weather I loved. Cool, crisp, yet still warm in the air. Nothing could top a late spring walk home with a good friend. That, I would gladly risk blisters in my heels for.

"And one would think I would be the one fussing over my hair or something," I laugh, taking a deep breath of fresh air. The idea to walk back home was my idea, after all. I figured that I should spare my driver the gas just in case he might have to perform an emergency exit for me later tonight. A pout hit my bottom lip. How embarrassing would that be.

Embarrassing, but possibly necessary.

"So I have good news for you that I forgot to tell you at the cafe." Nozomi-chan nudged my shoulder.

"I'm surprised that you would forget to tell me something for once." Another chuckle escaped me. I don't blame her, however. Today was so eventful! Even with my standards, it's more than enough to give someone a headache and produce memory loss.

Nozomi-chan stopped walking. It took me a few seconds for me to realize as I too stopped and turned back towards her. A bright and warm smile was on her face.

"I've finally...been accepted into the Ribbon Syndicate!" Her last words were a gasp, as if she could barely accept the news herself. My purse fell from my hands as a pure look of shock and joy graced my features.

"Oh my Arceus!" I screamed in delight as I ran over to my friend and embraced her, "Nozomi-chan, that's so amazing!"

"I know!" She was delighted, "I didn't know when a good time would be to tell you but I figured to just let it out!" A glow emitted from her and this time around, I don't think a few stray raindrops bothered her anymore.

"This is..." I was stunned, beyond words with happiness for my friend. "The biggest honor a coordinator could have! What didn't you say something earlier!?"

Nozomi laughed, "I received a phone call while I was waiting for you at the studio! I was so excited to tell you but then everything happened, so I held off."

I could have slapped her for being so stupid. "Idiot! Don't let my problems keep you from sharing the good news! Your name is going to go down in history not just as a regular top coordinator but as a master!" And again, we both smiled.

"It's so surreal, I still feel like a rookie sometimes. Like a dream that I'll wake up from!" Suddenly, her nose wrinkled. "Ugh...I'm going to have to wear a dress for my induction ceremony, aren't I?"

I laughed as we both continued on our walk, "You can borrow anything of mine if you like to save the money. I hear those ceremonies are pretty fancy and all."

"No offense Hikari-chan, but let's just say you and I don't have the same taste in clothing." And Nozomi was right. The redhead couldn't tell designer from vintage to trash. And she certainly wasn't the type to wear a lace couture original when she could opt for a nice, modest pair of slacks.

'Then I'll help you pick something out then, no need to worry!" I couldn't help but resist a sweat drop from dowsing alongside my head. Poor Nozomi, I think she knows that now is the time she can't avoid a dress.

The Ribbon Syndicate was a big ordeal for coordinators alike, especially for young women. It was a private, special organization that only coordinates with a legendary status could call their home. Members would finally earn that sought after "Master" status and finally become a part of the world's elite, setting an example for all young coordinators.

Growing up, that was my dream. To wear a beautiful ballgown on my induction ceremony and be crowned a princess, just as the young women were when they enter the syndicate for the first time. I would become the best coordinator there ever was and make my mother proud. To show the world that I wasn't just second best when compared to Nozomi...

"I'm very proud of you...Nozomi-chan." And then I smiled at her, trying my best to be sincere. I really was happy for my friend. Really, I am. It's almost like...through her I was kind of achieving my first dream. The thought was more soothing than the reality that I abandoned any chances I had long ago...

And shattered them with every photo taken.

-Konichiwa Yosuga! This is Chisa-chan, your local weathergirl, bringing you tonight's broadcast! Yosuga City will be placed on a high weather alert as a severe thunderstorm approaches our impending area. Humidity will be low, which we can be thankful for, but please be cautious when going out tonight! I repeat, please be cautious when going out tonight. Chances of flooding are about 55% along the northern region whereas in the southeast...-

"That's just great," I muttered as I grabbed the nearby remote and shut the television off. Blowing out exasperatedly from my bottom lip, I tossed the small device onto my bed and flopped down beside it.

"What am I going to do now?" I moaned to myself, running my hands across my face and into my hair. Going out when it's raining is tough enough, but a full-out thunderstorm? Not even a supermodel can keep her looks in such conditions and I should know!

Rolling over to my side, I made contact with my sweet Pachirisu. It was a rare occasion indeed to see it curled up so calmly in a ball but I doubt that will still be true once the thunder hits.

"What am I going to do, Pachirisu? I can't cancel this dinner without looking like a bitch yet I can't go looking like complete shit either. Nozomi isn't even here to pester me about it, she went home to prepare for whatever she has to do now." My precious Pokemon opened its eyes softly, sleepily, at me and grinned cheekily.

"Pachii...!" It squealed as it scattered over to my welcoming embrace and settled itself within my arms, its tail bushing up against my nose. Soft laughter escaped from me.

"Maybe if I just stay home all night and eat with you guys I'll have a much better time anyway." And as much as the idea was appealing, it couldn't happen. Reiji must have had good connections-to my surprise- to get a table tonight and I can't simply blow it off. Not that I wouldn't love to piss Shinji off more...but alas, that would just make me a terrible person towards Reiji.

A groan escaped me as my head fell back in frustration, "I don't even know what to wear!" Pachirisu seemed to ignore my problems as it scampered about my stomach, down my legs, up my shoulders, and into my hair. Oh no...that only meant one thing...

"AHH!" Dozens of electro shocks ran through my as my hair stood up on its own, completely frizzed and out of place. I sat up from my position on my bed and stared into my vanity's mirror from afar.

"Oh yeah, that's so sexy." I smirked, before falling back down against the bed. How could I even get ready for tonight? Whenever I go out, I dress to impress. Whether it be for award shows, fashion shows, private parties, dates, I make sure I look stunning. Yet this time...what am I dressing for? Obviously I have to dress my best for The Corton's sake but all my dresses have that certain...allure to them.

A allure that I don't want people to think is for Shinji.

This was just too much. A headache was bound to come hit me sometime this night, and just thinking about it now gave me the shivers.

"Puu~" Lopunny's soft voice broke me from my troublesome thoughts as I felt her soft paws run through my tresses, easing the frizz. I closed my eyes, welcoming the aide.

"Can you maybe help me out?" I grinned towards her as I leaned my head back, making eye contact. The rabbit Pokemon smiled with glee as it hopped up and down on its pointed toes, dropping my hair from its paws. With quick haste, it seemed to have an idea in mind as it rushed into my closet and disappeared within the room.

Sitting up in the bed, I glanced down at Pachirisu in curiosity before a noise was heard from the closet. Followed by some ruffling and a few cries.

And then, as Lopunny appeared, my eyes widened. Within its paws held a dress that I only saw once in my life, a dress that was long forgotten. My Pokemon grinned from ear to ear as it laid the dress carefully along the bed and shooed Pachirisu away.

"Lopunny...that's..." The words barely left me. I was too stunned to even speak. "I forgot I even had this..."

I ran my hand down the soft lace of the black dress, stopping when it reached the intricate hemline. It was a pretty little number, the perfect little black dress for sure, yet the sight of it made my heart ache.


"Okay, you can turn around now." Whatever uncertainty was left in my voice, I hoped he didn't catch it. Hell, who am I kidding. Like there is any hope when it comes to fooling Takeo.

My boyfriend turned around from our bedroom wall and as soon as his eyes met mine, his jaw dropped.

"That's..." Was all he was able to say as he took a step towards me, grazing his hands down my waist and landing at my hips. "Very, very sexy."

A mixed smile of victory, satisfaction, and pride hit me at that moment as I looked at the reflection in the mirror. There I was, standing in a dress that I designed all by myself! No fancy designers, no promotions, nothing. For once in a very long time, I was in control of what I wore and it felt so...amazing!

"I love how it ends right about...here." Takeo smirked as he rested his hands at the hem of the dress, clutching a small fist full of tight,black lace that laid a few inches above my knee. "And I like how it clings to your body..." His hands smoothed over my figure upwards and landed at the bodice, adorned with a few lace details here and there. "Here."

I leaned in and kiss him softly on the lips, "And what about the shoulder straps? Do you like..." I murmured as the shoulder straps fell effortlessly off my shoulder and into their proper place, exposing my neckline. "...my shoulder straps?"

Takeo groaned as he kissed my neck, sending a wave of heat through me. "You make me not want to go anywhere tonight." More kisses followed along my neck, my shoulders, and up my jawline as I closed my eyes in bliss.

"Then let's not. We don't have to go out at all." I whispered. Takeo ceased with his kisses...bringing me back to my senses. I blinked at him as he smirked at me.

"Hikari-chan, my love, now you are being selfish." He purred in his rich accent, "And waste a perfect little number such as this? It would be...unfortunate for the designer who made this to not see their beautiful work in action." Once more, he ran his hands down my body yet this time I couldn't help but protest.

"But I'm the one-" I was about to say that it was me who made the dress, sketched the design, spent my weekends working on the material in secret just to surprise him. However, Takeo cut me off.

"Wearing it? Dearest," He cupped my face, "You're a supermodel now. You of all people then should know the importance of supporting designers."

I pulled my face away from him, offended. "I designed this Takeo. Everything, I did it myself!"

This was when I thought he would apologize. Or congratulate me. Or even be happy for me. Of all things, I didn't expect him to laugh at me!

"You made this? Hikari-chan, don't be absurd." He turned away from me in his laughter, not caring for the shocked expression I held. "That dress is too finely stitched for someone like you to create it."

My jaw dropped. "You don't think I'm capable of fine stitching?!" I shouted as I put my hands on my hips. Takeo didn't seem fazed at all by my anger as he helped himself to a scotch. He tsked at me, waving his finger.

"No, love." He smiled as he took his hand in mine, "It's just that I've seen many dresses exactly like this in Valentino's latest collection. You look ravishing, as always, but it's nothing remarkable or special."

I clutched my hands tightly at my side as I held back the tears that threatened to fall and ruin my perfect mascara. "Not...special?" What was worse, or even worth crying over? The fact that Takeo didn't believe I could design quality dresses or that a dress I made was...nothing special? In other words, plain.

"Oh no," He soothed as he cupped my face again in his hands, "Don't give me that look." His lips leaned into mine and pressed firmly upon them. Almost as if he refused to allow them to tremble.

"If it makes you feel any better, "He pulled away, kissing my nose. "You make plain look so, so sexy."

My heart dropped.

I broke free from his hold, walking towards our closet in determination. "I'm going to change. You're right, I look too plain in this." And then his hand was on my shoulder, stopping me. This was it. Maybe this is when he will tell me I look beautiful in anything I wear. That he didn't mean it. That he wanted me to keep the dress on.

"Wait, Hikari,"

I turned towards his beautiful, charming smile and blushed.

"Let me help you get that off."

And before I knew it, he had me pinned against the fall and his hands yanking on the zipper that took me hours to sew on. Before I could protest, our lips met in a passionate lock.

I could have stopped him. I could have let him go alone to his stupid party for once and lock him out. But I didn't. At that moment, I figured the best way to forget about his cruel remark was to just have the dress out of my sight. For good.

At least...I thought I was rid of it for good. And now, staring at that same dress from years before me now, there was no describing the emotions that raged through me. There was sadness, of course. The memories of Takeo's discreet and indirect insults still hurt, and this dress alone was more than enough to open some old wounds. However, there was something else as well...

There was anger. Rage. Complete bitterness. The long nights spent working on this dress's sketch, the time put into the material, all my efforts came back to me. What kind of boyfriend would not believe his own girlfriend? What kind of person would allow someone else to sink into self-doubt? And even worse, use that low point as a scapegoat for sex?!


Lopunny was the one to touch my clenched fists, the soft lace still clenched around my fingers. I looked up to her and by the smile present in her eyes, I couldn't help but feel...determined. Rejuvenated. Vengeful.

"Well then," I smirked as I swung myself out of bed, picking up the sexy garment and carrying it with me to the mirror. Holding the dress up to my body, I'd admit that maybe it was a bit too sexy for a simple dinner date with friends but fuck it. Fuck everything.

A sweet yet devious grin graced my lips. Lopunny bounced beside me, reveling in my satisfaction as well.

"Shall I wear my hair up or down?"

What's sadder than a cup of cold cappuccino? A chipped nail? A faux designer bag? How about a desperate woman reliving her own rock bottom, filled to its brink with lace and kitten heels. Poor Hikari, poor love, I could only imagine what is going through your precious blunette head of yours. I wonder how much you will smile when you watch your best friend walk away with the only tiara you've ever wanted. Can you even lie and say that your happiness will be genuine? A friendship made of glass can only last so long, especially when its ever slipping through your fingers. Please tell me when you intend to tell someone of what you have done.

Who you have hurt.

Who you have shamed.

Who you have stolen from and can never be forgiven.


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