Title: Apprentice
Author: Allronix
Team: Tin Men
Challenge 11 (song lyrics)
Disclaimer: Baum made the mentor and his world, Long-Mitchell and Van Sickle gave us the apprentice and his world. I own none of it.


"But the Wizard gave you nothing at all!" Ambrose protested. "He turned out to be nothing more than a humbug!"

The painted face broke out in an amused smile. "That's one lesson you can take away, I suppose." Sitting stiffly in the chair and adjusting his straw, the old Scarecrow asked, "But what else?"

The teenager thought hard before answering. "That everyone already had what they went looking for."

"Even if you forget your own name, apprentice, remember this. Whatever you seek? Look in your mind first and heart second. Failing those, the Old Road's not a bad walk."