Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, DMC, or anything else that might appear in this fic

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, DMC, or anything else that might appear in this fic. I wouldn't even be writing it if I did anyways, so leave me alone you pesky lawyers!!

NU: Legend Reborn…


By: 26 Lord Pain


Human Speech…

Human Thoughts…Radio In Use…Jutsu In Use…Demon Speech…Demon Thoughts…Inner Spirit Talking…



A fire roars upon a hill, three tents lay out with the sounds of sleeping people within them. Near the fire however are three weapons, an ornate Katana, a Large Sword, and a pair of short swords all lay before the roaring flames. Beyond the swords is a figure; he sits with his back to the fire and his face looking past an ominous field of fog, to a city, which lay in ruins. Fires burn in the distance while a looming figure hovers over the small town, massive wings outstretched to consume the village in darkness.

The boy whom sat looking towards a massive crater has silver hair which shines even in the dim light, in one hand is a pendent with a green gem at the end. "It's finally come to this…" The silver haired youth said softly before slowly standing up and looking behind himself to the small camp of warriors with him. 'And to think, all those years ago, I still believed I was just another kid…' The silver haired young man thought as a small smile graced his pale lips.

He then reached up and slicked back his silver hair, leaving some spiking back and down into his face. He then walked off towards a tent and enters; looking down he smiled seeing a girl fast asleep. 'Pleasant dreams…' He thought while grabbing a bag and exiting the tent quietly. The silver haired young man then reached into the bag as he sat before a small fire and pulled out a small black leather book which was several years old and showed signs of wear and tear.

"Lets see… It'll be nice to relax and relive the good old days… If only for one more fleeting night…" The silver haired boy said to himself as he fingered the worn old pages of the book. Taking a thoughtful expression he wondered which page he wanted to read first. Then it hit him and the silver haired boy rubbed the tips of his fingers together before turning to the first of what was to be many pages and smiled…


(Valley of the End…)

"Your too late now, Naruto!!" A dark haired boy exclaimed just as he threw a blond in orange off the side of a cliff and towards the waters below. The dark haired boy then jumped off also and grabbed the blond by his waist, crossing his ankles at the boys throat they both fell towards the ground below until the blonds head hit, his red eye's wide in astonishment. The dark haired youth then released the blond child and backed away as the boy fell into the water face up and floated away.

The child looked up to the sky with dim eye's, within him however another looked on in disgust as the child floated there also, eyes closed and mouth open. The beast growled towards the child from behind the sturdy bars of its cage. How could it be sealed within such a weak brat and not take control of the boys mind? What was it that kept it from influencing such a worthless child? These questions filled the beasts mind with a great annoyance before it then began chuckling darkly.

"You had better be grateful to me, brat… And to your beloved Fourth Hokage… For sealing me into a worthless little runt like you…" With that said red energy formed from the beast and floated into the blonds form, however, a spark appeared at the child's stomach at that moment and pushed the energy away. "What?" The creature questioned then felt its eye's widen as purple flames began to emerge from the child.

A dark Shadow hovered over him at that moment and the beasts eye's became wider still as three glowing red eye's opened upon what looked to be the shadows head, a maw filled with sharp teeth also coming from the darkness, it looked down on the blond, a softness to it's eyes unseen within the red eyes in the large cage. The shadow kneeled down and placed a clawed hand onto the blond before then sinking into his form.

"N-no! You… HE! It cannot be! HE can't be YOU?" The beast within the cage exclaimed as the shadowy figure looked at it and chuckled lightly before he vanished, becoming a shadow that attached itself to the child, a pulsation forming from the child's body alerted the beast, which seemed to pale.

The child's face then contorted into a look of pain as something passed within his mind, visible to the great beast as it came. A man was hovering over the child, while around him was what looked to be a battlefield of some sort, flaming buildings and bodies strewn along the ground. However the blond was transparent, and through him the beast saw a baby, the beast growled, this was the day of it's sealing.

"My son…" The blond man said and the beast scoffed, it figured the runt was his kid… "I… I wish it didn't have to come to this… But I won't lose you before your even born… I can't honestly say you'll have a good life, nor would I blame you if you hate me for doing this… But please understand… I have no choice…" The man said quietly before then drawing a seal onto the boy's stomach… "I seal Kyuubi into you, not for this village, but as your weapon, so you can face the obstacles you shall face in the future." The man said as then he began making hand seals, tears forming in his eyes as he did so.

"I regret many things as I do this Naruto, that I have to place this burden on your shoulders is the greatest of them, that the most time we have together are these last few moments… That I won't be able to hold you in my arms, watch you become great, or ever feel the pride of a Father who has raised his son well… All I can leave you with is these last fleeting thoughts, as well as these last words my son…" The man said as he finished the hand seals, a great beast, and the same one in the cage coming into view as an orange toad holds it down.

"Surpass me, and all others before us. Not just as a warrior, or even as a Shinobi, but as a person… Live your life for your own reasons, and become someone I can say lived his life to the fullest… Someone who deserves the Title of Hokage…" The man smiled down towards the sleeping infant at that then turned to the floating figure of the Shinigami behind him with sad eyes.

"Heh, I always knew the Sparda Line was cursed, they all die fighting, they never live to see old age." The creature said then grabbed the knife from his mouth and held it towards the man who bowed his head and held his arms to the side. "Your bravery is commendable, Son of Vergil… You truly have not inherited the spirit of your own father like Dante did his…" With that wisps of white flew from the man and formed in front of the Shinigami in his own image. The Shinigami's hand then flew through the blonds' body into the infant and then reached into a struggling Kyuubi.

"Worry not mortal, for your son shall live on, and through him shall the soul of a great warrior rise once more…" Shinigami said as he ripped the Kyuubi's soul from it body and pulled it into the blond child. "But until the day that this power shall be needed, I shall seal it away, only when his blood truly awakens from within him shall the power come forth…" Shinigami said as his hand came out of the child and into the blond who grunted as something was coming out of him as well. "But also, this child shall bear the weight of all Humanity on his shoulders mortal…" The being said as it then pushed a violet soul from its body and into the infant, the man fell to his knees a trail of blood flowing from his lips down his chin.

"Should he choose to spear the world, he shall become it's greatest champion, should he choose to destroy it, he shall be it's worst villain… But which path do you think he will choose?" The Kyuubi's body formed into ash before the eyes of the man, as the beast vanished his eyes drooped and became heavy. With one final pull the blonds' soul was ripped from his body, and he fell to the ground. Looking to the infant with cloudy eyes he reached out to hold his son one last time while he was still alive. Wishing beyond hope this moment would last longer than the time he had left in this world…

"Now your world rests solely on this child's shoulders… Have you doomed or saved this world… You tell me…" The Shinigami said cryptically as the Kyuubi looked at the blond with wide eyes. This could be VERY bad… If the brat decided nothing about the world was worth saving… All things would be lost… And judging by what the brats life was like thus far that wouldn't be ending well at all… 'And it's not like I've helped him much either…' The Kyuubi thought to itself, as the most it had done to "help" the brat was heal him of wounds…

Another pulsation then formed threw the boy as the Shiki-fuujin on his stomach changed to reveal its true form, before then shattering completely. Then the water within the sewer like prison Kyuubi resided within began to change into blood as the child's body began to shiver all over. "Oh shit… That Uchiha Brats in for one hell of a surprise…" The great beast said to itself then chuckled darkly…


On the outside the blonds' body had begun to sink into the water, he had seen flashes of what the beast had seen, but not all of it. Questions raced through his mind as he wondered if the blond man was truly his father… "Yes…" A voice came, filled with power he had never heard before as he saw Sasuke's form through the water as he looked down towards the sinking blond.

'I… I made a promise to Sakura… I can't die here… not yet… I still have to bring Sasuke back to her… I never go back on my word… never…' The blond thought and then heard that voice again.

"Why? She belittles you… Betrays you for this Uchiha child… Would it not be easier for you to give up on her? On all of humanity?" The voice questioned and the child's eyes opened, showing the slit like pupil and red iris.

'Maybe… But just because it's easier doesn't mean it's the right thing to do… If I just gave up I'd be no better than everyone else in the world… I can't just sit back and watch the world… I have to protect those who are precious to me myself… If I don't, no one else will…' The child argued with the voice, which was silent for a few precious moments as Naruto saw Sasuke turn to leave.

"Would you protect them? Even if it meant becoming a Devil?" The voice questioned and the boy gritted his teeth in anger.

'Yes! I want to protect them! And if I should become a Devil, I'll bare the Exile, just so long as I can protect everything that is precious to me!' The boy screamed in his own mind, the voice was silent for a few more seconds before he felt something strange.

"Then why not fight for power instead? It would be easier and you would never be betrayed. No one would ever be able to harm you if you choose to seek power for yourself… Think of it, more… More Power! Power enough to defeat this Sasuke and take Konoha as your kingdom!" The voice offered, making the blond boy snarl as another pulsation rippled from his body and shook the waters around him.

'NEVER!! Power is worthless without a reason to use it! The reason I fight, the reason I wish for more power… Is so that I can protect those who are precious to me!' Naruto said through gritted teeth and saw a glow surround him, a presence then filled his mind as the voice returned, now soft and feminine yet with a harsh metallic undertone…

"So be it, Lord Sparda, I shall be your sword once more. I shall assist you in anyway you should wish once more. I am yours to command and control my lord, I am Yama of the Mountain, and I am Yamato, your Sword… Sire…" The voice said as Naruto's eyes widened when something shot towards him from the bottom of the water and into his right hand, his eyes widened farther as a pulsation wracked his body and he began to shiver all over.

Sasuke walked away from the blond's watery grave silently, however he stopped when he felt something beneath the waters stir. Turning around he saw something begin to rise out of the water, a clawed hand, in it was an ornate and beautifully crafted katana. The sword was straight, with a gold cross guard that had two Kanji printed on it, the handle was wrapped with white leather with a gold pommel, a dragon printed on the very end of the pommel in an S shape.

Then following the sword was the pale arm of a young man, then Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw Naruto's form come out of the water. But he was all-wrong, his skin was paler than normal, his hair was now hanging down into his face and seemed to have changed to a silver shade somehow. Then the more freakish features became more apparent as his claws had cracks growing from them, down his fingers skin; his eyes were still the same, that being the Kyuubi red with a slit pupil, only with a black sclera also. The whisker marks he had had all his life had somehow vanished among his pale flesh, leaving his cheeks bare, and his ears had somehow become pointed.

The blond's jacket then seemed to burn away as a violet aura covered his form, looking towards Sasuke his Hittai-Ate fell from his forehead to reveal a strange jewel was growing there also. Naruto caught his Hittai-Ate before it could fall into the water and placed it into his pocket while continuing to look at Sasuke. At that moment a burst of power came from the former blond and hit the dark haired Uchiha, nearly pushing him back as then from the blonds lips cracks formed from the sides, reaching towards his ears in an evil grin, two more cracks reached down from the bottom of his eye's like tears, while cracks reached towards his ears from the sides of his eyes to his lips with more cracks from the jewel on his forehead…

"What is this?" Sasuke questioned while holding an arm up to attempt to block the wind from the former blonds power. "What are you?" The dark haired brat questioned as Naruto reached up with his left hand and slicked his hair back, leaving some of it to spike backwards and down into his face. Looking down to the water and his reflection Naruto smiled grimly, then looked at Sasuke with that same look on his face…

"Truthfully Sasuke… Even I don't know that anymore…"




AN: (If you want an idea about the cracks on Naruto's face, think of the cracks on Chaos' face in Dirge of Cerberus) This is a remake of Naruto of the Demon Village, repaired and redone! This time I'm actually going to expand on Naruto having Sparda's power instead of just adding it for a good plot addition! All of the OC's I made will still appear, minus Virgil unfortunately, but I think I made him a wee bit to powerful for an OC. Oh yeah, I'm not sure about the pairings this time, I'm probably going to keep Naruto and Shadow, but I might change it… But no harem! Also, this story will probably be updated once a week rather then every couple of days so I can continue with the other stories I've got out. So Until next time Readers... Ja Ne!