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NU: Legend Reborn…

Chapter 13: Into Darkness…

"It isn't a perfect world if everyone's the same, uniqueness makes us special, and specialty makes us all perfect in our own ways…"

By: 26 Lord Pain


"Human Speech…"

'Human Thoughts…'

[Radio In Use…]

"Jutsu In Use…"

"Demon Speech…"

'Demon Thoughts…'

"Inner Spirit Talking…"


(Akumagakure no Sato…)

"Crow seems especially agitated today…" Naruto mused as another Genin was sent flying by the black haired man and Dirge nodded his head, Shadow barely suppressing laughter. As it went, Crow had only passed a few of the Genin, and those who passed had only done so because they managed not to be tossed around by the young man like rag dolls. Naruto was fairly certain at this point, that Crow had a bad night with his sister, more than likely because she frowned on his acts as a notorious Letcher.

"And I was actually worried about these guys? I mean, c'mon! I know Crow is our villages best Taijutsu User, but I thought at least ONE of these weaklings could have laid a hit on him by now." Shadow said mostly to herself while snickering and Naruto frowned upon seeing that the boy was wearing something new. First was a metal object around his left wrist that had studs around its edges and wrappings around the center, and a yellow feather sticking out of his headband.

"He's got a Power Wrist Accessory on his left wrist and a Chocobo Feather in his Headband…" He said with a frown and the two looked as well and grimaced slightly.

"That explains it, more power and more dexterity makes Crow one very tough opponent…" Dirge mused with a thoughtful expression and Naruto nodded his head in agreement with his cousin.

"I thought we weren't allowed to use that kind of accessory in the first part of the exams?" Shadow questioned with a pout and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"We aren't, the Proctors ARE…" He said simply and Dirge nodded his head Shadow annoyed that she couldn't use some of her own items.

"Hey look, Misao's going up next! Now this aughta be good, she might not be full grown yet but she's anything but weak!" Dirge suddenly pointed out and the three looked to see Misao going up first for her team against Crow.

"Well well, little miss Oniwabonshuu huh? Nice, maybe now I can have a decent warm-up…" Crow said mostly to himself while rolling his right shoulder.

"Warm-up!" Misao growled out while glaring at the man who got down into a stance, the smirk almost visible even through his mask.

"C'mon…" He then said as Misao lunged forward with a roundhouse kick Crow easily blocked then threw his hand forward. Misao moved at the last second however, using her hand she grabbed his wrist and then flipped her body into another kick, nailing the side of Crow's head. "Nice one." Crow commented then inwardly grinned as he slammed his fists together and ran towards Misao. "Lets see if you can block!" Crow called out as he then jumped into the air and slammed his fist into the ground, Misao flipping out of the way at the last second as sparks of Chakra rose as the ground shattered and started to rise into spikes.

"Why block when I can dodge." Misao mocked and Crow chuckled while standing up then kicked into one of the spikes, sending it flying at the girl who yelped and ducked to the side. The girl then managed to roll and weave her way between the spikes before lunging at Crow and used a head-butt to his gut. The air was expelled from the young man's lungs and he was winded just long enough for Misao to do a handstand, her legs coming up as she locked her ankles around his neck then flung the teen away.

"Alright, alright. Jeez, you pass already…" Crow conceded as he then rolled onto his back and then flipped up to his feet as Misao grinned to herself and held her arms up in victory. "Just be glad I wasn't really trying to beat you…" Crow then said, bursting the girl's bubble as she then went to the next Test, Genjutsu, in which Will formed a Genjutsu that they would have to break, and then they would have to show him their best Genjutsu skill.

"Alright! My turn now!" Yuffie said while walking forward with a grin and Crow grunted, crossing his arms and glaring at the girl.

"Yuffie huh, this aught a be interesting…" Crow mused to himself with a shake of his head before taking a combat stance while Yuffie smirked.

"Oh great, it's your other fangirl, Naruto." Shadow commented with a frown and Naruto rolled his eyes, Dirge snickering to himself.

"Jealous, Shadow?" The older Sparda teased playfully, only for Shadow to slam her fist into his jaw, making the young man grimace in pain while Naruto shook his head in annoyance.

"Yuffie's main skills are with her Shuriken and using Jutsu, unlike the rest of her team her Taijutsu is basically just street brawling. Lacking any kind of finesse or tact… though she is smart, she'll probably end up making Crow mad in order to make him sloppy during the fight." Naruto said mostly to himself and Dirge blinked.

"So? Who needs fancy as long as it gets the job done?" Dirge questioned seriously of his cousin who slapped his face.

"For once, I'm with dipshit." Shadow then offered and Naruto grunted before looking back to see that Yuffie had something up her sleeve.

"Don't underestimate me you old Crow!" She said with a grin and Crow blinked before glaring at the girl.

"I'm not old Dammit!" He growled out indignantly before lunging forward, with a quick roundhouse punch Yuffie blocked with her gauntlet, then countered with a quick kick towards the young man's head. Crow leaned back however then lunged forward with an uppercut that Yuffie had to roll in order to evade while Crow then spun on his heel as the Girl suddenly lunged at him with a Roundhouse kick. Narrowing his eyes Crow grabbed her leg by her ankle then spun her to the ground.

Groaning, Yuffie rolled out of the way as Crow used an Ax kick that would have probably broken her neck had it connected. Shaking her head Yuffie watched Crow while remaining low to the ground then lunged forwards, evading a Punch she slammed her shoulder into the young man only for him to bring both fists down onto her back, making Naruto's team wince as she fell to the ground groaning in pain. Before Crow could attack again however, Yuffie twisted her entire body into a sweeping motion, knocking Crow to the ground before flipping over onto her back into a drop kick to the teen's sternum.

"Alright Yuffie, you pass." Crow said while getting up, seeming bored as if nothing had happened to him and Yuffie managed a weak grin as she got up and then walked over to the next test with a grimace of pain.

"I think Crow went a bit to hard on her back with that last one… though she shouldn't really have called him old." Naruto mused to himself and Dirge nodded, Shadow snickering slightly till Dusk walked towards Crow.

"Oh hell yeah! Dusk is the second best Taijutsu user in the village, now this is really going to be something to see!" Dirge said with a grin under his bandages, a smirk on Naruto's lips and Shadow watched with rapt attention.

"Everyone take several steps back please!" Vincent called out upon seeing Crow and Dusk stair towards one another. The two then took a single step back from one another and Crow chuckled darkly.

"You have no idea, how long I've been waiting for this…" He said with an almost manic tone and Dusk shook his head then reached up and threw off his cloak, revealing his demonic form and frightening several of the Genin.

However, it was the mask he wore over his face that was freakier still, it was solid black and made from wood that was completely smooth, having no defining features of a humans facial structure at all. It did have two red slits for eyes and that wide jagged red Glasgow Grin over the front, a pair of horns curved off the forehead of his mask and then curved back over his head to the base of his skull, a pair of curved horns coming from the sides of the mask to wrap around his ears and point forward along his jaw. His ears poked out of the mask however, both of which were five inches long and reached into jagged points with silver earrings in each lobe, his obsidian black hair was pushed back into numerous spikes and came down to frame his masked face, while two very thin black tentacles reached down from the back of his head and passed his shoulders.

"W-what is that thing?!" One of the Genin from Amegakure demanded with wide eyes and Naruto rolled his own while Dusk crouched down, his long prehensile tail swaying back and forth behind him. Crow was the first to move forward with a quick jab that Dusk easily evaded before spinning on his heel into a roundhouse kick that Crow blocked then threw a punch at Dusks chest. The obsidian skinned demon merely hissed as he took hold of Crow's wrist, then jumped into a kick to the mans head that connected, Dusk's two talon like toes slicing into the mask Crow wore.

"Ouch…" Shadow grimaced seeing the blood flowing from the wound but Crow merely rolled back to his feet with Dusk crouching down before lunging at one another once more. Dusk twisted his body into a flurry of slashing claws and his whipping tail, Crow was just as fast as the demonic Genin, soon grabbing his tail and then throwing Dusk to side only for him to flip in the air and skid to a halt. Growling low in his throat the obsidian skinned beast lunged forward with a roar, swinging his claws once more. Crow managed to stop the claws however and kicked Dusk in the chest sending him flying back once more.

"C'mon, is that really all you got?" Crow demanded incredulously and Dusk crouched down further, looking like a wild beast.

"You wish…" Dusk growled out in his three voices, shocking and frightening several of the Genin around them. However, when black and crimson flames then burst to life over Dusk's talons several Genin looked on in surprise and fear.

"Proctor, that can't be legal, he's using Jutsu!" One of the Genin called out and Vincent merely cracked his neck.

"Denied. Dusk doesn't use Jutsu, that's part of his own natural bloodline. It's perfectly legal to use a Bloodline in Taijutsu." Vincent reminded as Dusk then lunged at Crow, swinging his now flaming talons at the other Akuma Nin. Crow's eyes narrowed in response and he then sidestepped the first of the claws before spinning on his heel into a Roundhouse kick. Dusk grabbed the other Nin's leg and flipped him off of his feet however, landing him on his back when Dusk then twisted his body into an ax kick.

Crow maneuvered to stop this however, catching the kick and then pushing back on Dusk's leg, the obsidian skinned demon landing in a low crouch, a guttural growl coming from low in his throat. "Enough!" Vincent called out as soon as Dusk lunged forward, causing him to skid to a halt in front of Crow. "I believe you both have had your fun, it's time for the next few to run their course." Vincent ordered and Dusk nodded his head, merely looking at Crow when the flames on his hands died out. Turning on his heel Dusk then grabbed his cloak and pulled it on over his shoulders as he then walked over to Will's test, the passing Genin giving him a very wide birth.

"Idiots, Dusk is probably the nicest of all of the people on the council…" Dirge grumbled out mostly to himself with Shadow and Naruto in silent agreement with the older teen.

"Ignore them, we're up next." Naruto informed with Dirge giving a "Finally" in response once they walked forward. "Shadow, you go first, then Dirge, and I'll go last." Naruto ordered and Dirge looked at him incredulously.

"Ah c'mon man, you'll just show us both up with that lineup!" He stated and Shadow rolled her eyes while walking towards Crow, said other teen grinning in response.

"Ah finally, a Genin whose fully developed. Now I actually have something nice to look at while I kick around the cute ass." Crow mused and Shadow twitched while looking at the older teen with a glare.

"Keep your eyes on my face lecher, unless you want me to rip your balls off and shove them up your ass." Shadow threatened and Crow crossed his arms behind his head for a moment, smirking under his mask.

"Like to see you try." He offered while still smirking widely and Shadow growled while crouching down into a stance. "Alright, now we're really talking!" Crow said mostly to himself as he also crouched down and Shadow lunged forward, swinging her legs into a roundhouse he backed up a pace to evade before then slamming his fist into her gut and sending her flying back. Shadow quickly got back to her feet however and they could swear that her eyes turned green as she lunged at Crow once more, swinging her hand into a swipe into his chest and ripping through his armor.

"Shit, you're not playing are you?" Crow asked while taking a step back and noted her eyes really were green all of a sudden.

"No shit Sherlock!" She growled while lunging at Crow once more.

"Then I won't play around either!" Crow offered with a grin as Shadow ducked into a low sweeping kick that Crow avoided by flipping backwards. "Not bad, but your not quick enough, a person will see you coming with that from a mile away." Crow mused mostly to himself and Shadow growled lunging at the older teen with a high kick, which he evaded by taking a step to the side, and then spun into a kick to her waist. "Impressive, but you need a bit more subtlety, thus far all I've seen is you moving too slowly to connect and all of your moves being far too easy to read." Crow mused to himself once more and Shadow noticed something.

"Bastard! Your using that damn Jigokugan thing aren't you!?" She demanded angrily of the boy who shrugged his shoulders as if in disinterest.

"Maybe…" He offered and Shadow roared, making Naruto slap his face as she sent punches and kicks soaring at the man before finally connecting with a roundhouse, sending him skidding back.

"She really shouldn't allow her anger to get the best of her like this…" The Silver haired teen mutters with Dirge nodding his own head in agreement with his cousin. Meanwhile Shadow narrowed her eyes Crow before lunging at him once more, the dark haired older teen batting away punches and blocking kicks from the girl.

"Anger is like water…" Crow muses aloud as then girl flips into a strong roundhouse kick, sending him skidding back to the side once more. "And yourself you're like a boat…" Crow muses once more; annoying Shadow as she slams her fist into his gut then backhands the older teen, sending him rolling to the side, only to flip up. "A boat floats in water, allows it to travel." He says, annoying Shadow further.

"Would you just shut up already!" She shouts out angrily while jumping into a flying kick Crow easily rolling to the side, evading the attack.

"However, the same water that allows the boat to float…" He muses as Shadow stops and glares at Crow with panting breaths. "Also can cause the boat to sink." He says before lunging forward with a powerful uppercut to Shadows gut, knocking the wind from her before then slamming her into the ground. "You pass, but learn to control that anger for the future. Next!" Crow tells the girl then calls out loudly and Dirge walks forward, Shadow slowly getting up and walking away with an angry scowl.

"Bastard…" She mutters under her breath while Dirge stands in front of Crow and the two look at one another for a short while.

"So what'll it be? Same old routine, or should we cut loose a little with some power?" Dirge asks the older teen and Crow places a finger against his chin with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Let's liven things up around here!" He offers and Dirge pumps a fist while crouching down, flames forming over his forearms as soon as he does, surprising those who are watching. However, unlike Dusk these flames soon vanish, a pair of strange gauntlets appearing over the teen's arms. These gauntlets looked like a dragons head was pulled over his forearms, leaving only his hands and wrists free, gold spikes covering the dark burgundy colored dragon head with gold eyes and gold metal formed over his hands, wrists and fingers.

"Alright! Ifrit and I were just itching to show off little power!" Dirge says in response and Crow scoffs slightly while taking a single step back Chakra covering over his arms and legs and forming into spiked translucent silver gauntlets and grieves.

"C'mon…" He offered and Dirge lunged forward with a flaming punch towards Crow, the older teen evading then kicking Dirge into the gut. Spinning on his heel Crow then sent Dirge flying back but the young Devil mentally smirked as he then stopped and lunged forward in a flash of red, slamming his flaming fist into Crow's gut, then spinning into a roundhouse punch to the side of his face and finished with a dual upper cut, sending the boy flying back into a skidding roll.

"Like that?" Dirge asked and Crow spun up and onto his feet to glare towards the young Sparda before crossing his arms.

"Not bad, I've seen better however." Crow mused while flipping up to his feet and then lunged forward quickly slamming his fist into Dirge's gut then moving his arms and legs into a flurry of punches and kicks that sent Dirge flying back.

"Alright! Now lets really get this party started!" Dirge called out with a very excited tone and Naruto mentally wondered if the other Genin were going to survive this with Dirge obviously enjoying himself.

"Everyone find someplace to lay low, Dirge doesn't know the meaning of hold back and I won't be accountable for any injuries sustained because you choose not to listen to me." Vincent suddenly says while moving out of the way while Dirge and Crow go at it once more, Dirge forming a fireball into one fist before throwing it at Crow, the older Teen. Crow cursed audibly while ducking low on the ground to evade the flaming ball of death that then slammed into a hill, leaving a crater and a scorch mark and surprising the other Genin into shocked awe.

"Watch it!" Crow shouted at Dirge only to see he was above him and bringing his fist down on him. Cursing once more and rolling out of the way the ground split open as soon as the boy's gauntlet encased fist connected with it. "Sneaky devil…" Crow muses mostly to himself with Dirge giving an amused chuckle in response.

"Blame my father and the "Trickster" style for that!" He says while rushing at Crow, throwing his fists out in a machinegun punch, slamming his flaming fists into the armored young man before rearing a final, flame coated fist and sent Crow flying back and skidding along the ground to a stop, his body singed all over and covered with minor burns yet the teen looked towards him before flipping onto his feet.

"Not bad. You pass, Dirge." He offered casually while brushing the small amount of soot off of himself and Dirge chuckled while making his way over to the next test, his gauntlets vanishing from his arms with a brief flash of fire as soon as he did. "Next!" Crow then called out and Naruto walked forward, watching intently were the Konoha Genin, only to be shocked when red energy began to surround the silver haired Sparda. "Same as, Dirge?" Crow asked the young teen and in response Naruto released his hold of Yamato and held his arms at his sides, flames forming over them until his Kyuubi gauntlets and grieves formed over them.

"What do you think? I actually believe that Kyuubi was more excited about this than I was…" Naruto offered with a smirk, the Konoha group gasping at the name of the demon that nearly destroyed their village being spoken of so casually.

"Alright then Sparda boy lets see some real skill at last!" Crow offered before then lunging at Naruto with surprising speed, Naruto merely side stepping the first punch before flipping into a kick then seeming to fly down with a punch to Crow sending him flying back. Crow easily flipped and righted himself in the air however and landed in a low crouch before lunging at Naruto once more, only for him to smirk and vanish into a flash of violet light, shocking all those Nin from Konoha, Kumo, and Iwa greatly as he then appeared behind Crow and lashed out with a flaming kick to his spine, sending him sprawling onto the ground.

"Was that the Hiraishin?!" One of them demanded loudly while Crow flipped to his feet and gave an annoyed look to Naruto.

"I hate it when you do that teleportation trick!" Crow grumbles angrily while quickly getting back to his feet and lunging at Naruto, only for the silver haired devil hunter to flip over him then form a red platform underneath himself and jumped into the air once more, surprising everyone once more. The silver haired teen then landed on the ground in a low crouch; smirking slightly as he turns to see an annoyed Crow turn a very annoyed glare onto him.

"Your not even taking me seriously, are you?" Crow asks and Naruto shrugs his shoulders with a disinterested expression on his face.

"Possibly…" He admits dully and Crow narrows his eyes, the silver chakra gauntlets and grieves over his arms and legs pulsing. 'I know he was going to show off…' Dirge thinks to himself with his arms crossed and watching his cousin with a frown on his face hidden by his mask and Shadow snickers.

"What?" Dirge asks the girl and she gives him a look.

"Now whose jealous?" She quips with her arms crossed and Dirge mocks her voice for a few moments before watching as Naruto looks at Crow as he crouches back.

"Okay mister Sparda. I know your family likes to play with people for a good laugh or something." Crow said aloud before silver Chakra began to flow off of his body and the teen took a crouched position. "Unfortunately I don't, and considering you're the last Genin in line, I don't have to hold anything back!" With that Crow launched himself forward with a powerful roundhouse kick, sending Naruto flying back and skidding back along the ground.

"Whoa…" One of the Konoha Genin said aloud just as Naruto then got up and cracked his neck, a wide grin splitting his face as strange black veins began to rise over his skin, eyes glowing a demonic red.

"Now I'm feeling motivated!" Naruto says with a grin, his voice distorting near the end into a metallic hiss of some kind before both Naruto and Crow lunged at one another…



"And so the Sons of Sparda show themselves again at long last…" The voice of the Scion muses as he looks down into a spinning orb, within it showing Naruto and Crow fighting one another when a person dressed in all black walks beside of him.

"Soon it begins then?" He questions and the Scion gives a hollow chuckle, a single slitted amber eye looming in the darkness of his hood.

"No, not yet, our pawn still needs to face the boy… Only then will we revive the Temen-Ni-Gru…" The Scion says darkly as a smirk forms over his nearly hidden features and turns to the person standing at his side. "And only then will you have the power you seek." He says with a smirk as the person in black turns on his heel walking towards the exit when the Scion smirks once more. "Entertain him, make him use his powers to defeat you… I must know the true limits of that boys abilities…" The Scion orders and the person grits his teeth before letting out a shaking breath.

"Very well…" He allows while walking out of the room and The Scion looks down at Naruto as he finishes his Taijutsu test. Watching the quick Gen and Ninjutsu tests the Scion grins once more as only a few of the Genin stay for the Kenjutsu exam, others staying to watch them…

"Now this should truly prove to be a most interesting test for the young Sparda's…" The Scion says mostly to himself before leaning forward to watch the upcoming show, after all, a Sparda was known for their skill with a sword…




Naruto's current Devil Arms:

Devil Arm: Weapon Type: Demons Original Name: Element(s)…

Yamato: O-Katana: Yama of the Mountains: Steel/Wind…

Kyuubi: Gauntlets and Greaves: Kyuubi no Youko: Earth/Fire…

Gilver: Katana: Vergil Sparda: Steel/Spectral (Ghost)…

Luce & Umbra: Chain Blades: Aubrey: Light / Dark…Death Penalty: Tri-barreled Handgun: Chaos: Darkness…


Dirge's Current/Known Devil Arms:

Rebellion: Broadsword: ??: Steel/Blood…

Alastor: Broadsword: Alastor: Lightning…

Ifrit: Gauntlets: Ifrit: Fire…

Ebony & Ivory: Customized Handguns: None: Steel…