Title: Bad Dog
Team: Tin Men
Challenge: 09
Prompt: Traitor
Characters: Tutor
Disclaimer: Long-Mitchell and Van Sickle cooked up the Outer Zone, which is based on Baum's Oz. None of the above belongs to me.


I barely qualify as a Conjurer, but I can certainly teach the basics. Some fancy papers got me a job as "Tutor" to the Queen's girls. I thought I was smart, but it turned out that Advisor of hers was smarter.

So, I got jailed by the Queen as a spy. Azkedellia wasn't inclined to let me out, either. At least DG is still the trusting sort, and that damn Ambrose can't even tie his shoes anymore.

When this is over, I'm headed back to the Nome Kingdom, Whatever the King wants to punish me with can't be any worse.