Chapter One: Move

August 19th

"Alex, turn off the TV and get to bed already!" My dad yelled from the stairs.

"But I don't wanna!" I pouted. My bangs did a good job of covering my "pouty eyes", and you would probably guess I was bulimic (which I'm not), by how pale and skinny I looked in the dark. Hell, you'd probably think I was diseased. That's right, take a good look, baby. It might look kinky, but underneath this tee, it's pure muscle…I smiled, pleased with my inner sex-goddess-ness.

"Go, Alex." He said. That's okay, Dad, don't sugar-coat it or anything. By the way, remind me to thank you for allowing Seth's friends to fondle my clean underwear. Oh…wait, silly me! I should thank you right now with--

Oh, right! Seth! I smiled to myself, mustering up the best pout face I could.

"Seth's still watching TV…" I pleaded louder.

"Only because you won't turn it off, shit-head!" Seth mumbled from the armchair. He stretched his arms, yawning wildly, and fell asleep instantly. I hate that…seriously! As if it wasn't enough that he could sleep like a hooker who just knocked up some pills after awakening from an all-nighter with a dyke whose ass is the size of a small child, but he can sleep anywhere! One time he even fell asleep on a Ferris wheel at a carnival. What the fuck?

"You have school tomorrow. Now, Alexis." He ordered.

I groaned, and buried my head in my arms. You know Daddy dearest means business when he starts cranking out the full names. Plus, tomorrow was the first day of freaking school, I'll give him that. I just hate the fact that I have to go. High school is supposedly full of great "Life Long Experiences", but I still couldn't give a fuck.

"Aleeeeeex!" Seth whined groggily. He started rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"How cute," I smirked. I started picking popcorn kernels out of my teeth, thinking back to my self.

"Alex, what are you gonna do with your twenty?" My other sibling cooed. We were playing baseball at the local park together…well, not really. Mainly him throwing me the ball and me throwing it in a completely insane direction. Like…backwards. Just for the pure joy of watching his little chicken legs scurry around like he's lost his head. Again, and again--

"Alex?" he barged into my thoughts.

"Uh…What'd you say?" I asked lazily. I started chewing on my fingernails (nasty habit I have).

"What are you gonna spend your money on?" He chirped. Eww. I hate that sound. Nick and his stupid voice. Does he need to talk to me? I know we're siblings, but, Jesus Christ! Is that whiney thing the only sound that he can make? …does that seriously turn chicks on? Is that normal?!

"Alex!" Nick whined. God, I think I just puked.

"Eh, gonna blow it on cheap porn and a hooker or two…You?" I leered at him. He just stood there, gaping at me. Shit, Nick. Better shut that trap before I shove this ball up your--

"Kids! We have to get to the Airport!" My Dad called.

"C'mon, Alex! " Nick cheered. Yeah, run to your death like the goody-two-shoes you are. I thought to myself.

Run to your death, Cali-style. I grinned. I knew I would probably be the only one who wasn't excited about leaving my whole childhood behind, but then again, when did my opinion matter to anyone besides…Mom?

I sighed deeply. Maybe they'll just leave me behind. You know, just forget I'm not in the car. They'll get to the airport…Move without me…

Beep! Beep! Beep!


Beep! Beep! Beep!

"What the fuck…?"

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Shut up!" I groaned.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"What in the name of Jes--"

"Alex, are you coming?" Nick chimed from downstairs.


"Ugh…" I moaned slightly, licking the drool from my lips.

There's no downstairs here…

"Alexis!" He chirped again, practically singing my name.

"Oh, crap!" I slapped myself in the face. Stupid head got the best of me. We did move, didn't we? Shit, shit, SHIT! I forced myself downstairs, lazily recalling all of the events that had taken place the previous month.


Managed to grab Seth's plate while he was busy talking about his car. Mmm… I love the smell of my brothers in the morning…wait…no!

I ate into Seth's-- Err, my meal quickly, suddenly caught back on guard by Nick's pesky existence….pube' voice. I shuddered.

"Yeah, Alex'll probably end up plowin'some random cunt." Nick started laughing. Aren't fourteen-year-olds supposed to be done with the whole I-sound-like-a-pussy-and-I 'm-not-that-gay-but--Wait, cunt plowing?

"What did you just say, douche?" I slapped him on the ear, all the while still chewing Sethy's breakfast.

"If you would ever so kindly--" I cut him off, "'Ever so kindly' up your ass!" I snickered. "Speak, Pencil Dick." I said, still chewing.

He blinked.


Twice now.


Is that a third I see?


he is breathing right?




C'mon, it's not like I've never said that before! I was kidding!


"…Nick?" I looked at him quizzically.

No response.

"You okay…Brah?" I forced a grin as I spoke, but still winced at the word. I always thought it was creepy when guys gave each other nicknames, but, good lord, that had to be one from my Say this in front of me and you die List.

"Hey!" Seth whined. I glanced at him. Did he seriously just now realize I stole his food?

"Nick…?" I waved my hand in front of his face to get his attention.

"Jesus Christ, Alex! When's the last time you took a shower!?" he sneered.



Took a long, hot shower just for you, "Knickers". I grinned slyly. He always hates it when I call him by a pet name, however hardcore it sounds when I'm talking to myself. Where's my shirt? I looked around my half-packed room. Even though it's been over a month since we've moved, I didn't take too kindly to my family telling me what to do. I never have, even when it was pretty good advice. I'm just that kind of person.

I started searching through random boxes while combing my hair. Yeah. I can multitask. Show's how good I am. I snickered to myself. Not just "good", but good good…you know? Gooooood?? Eh? Eh?? Inner sex-goddess-ness, what can I say?

"Hell yes!" I shrieked. I found my Steriogram tee and threw it on. Looks like I'll be hitting it off just fine with the ladies. I thought to myself. Just fine…