Chapter Four: Lindsay, My Dearest.

October 11th

Lindsay's POV

It's been a few weeks since we've first met and everything, but it's obvious to any one who cares that Alex isn't into Allison. I thought silently. Allison can't seriously be going out with her, Alex is way too hot for her and…Whoa! What was that? Shut up, brain, shut up! I grabbed my ears with both hands and put my head down on the table. I wasn't even thinking about lunch right now… just about my conversation with Alex at school Friday morning.


"So where are you from?" I asked eagerly. Alex pondered it for a second, then smirked,

"Over the border. Where else, Ho?" she grinned. I nodded, looking away from her so she wouldn't see the intimidation in my eyes. Yeah, tough luck.

"You alright?" she frowned. I looked up at her, and met her deep blue eyes. I took in all of her features at once. Her dark blackish-brown hair, and her lean frame, her chest--Mmm, I wonder if she's wearing some foreign bra or something. Do they even where them in…where's she from? Shutupshutup! Okay, wait: Nice eyes, nice smile, nice--

"Are you staring at my boobs?" Alex said huskily. I opened my mouth to speak, but got flustered,

"No! I don't want… I-I mean, not that I wouldn't like to-No! I didn't mean…" My face was burning, and I knew she was still looking at me. I looked around to make sure no one else was watching us. I was trying very hard not to look at her, until I felt a soft, firm hand under my chin.

"Shut up, Lindsay…" Alex muttered. I felt the butterflies laying in my gut stir up violently. I swallowed hard, and looked at the ground. Alex smiled at the reaction she got and started walking to our next class.




"Hey…You okay?" Alex asked. I immediately shot up, having forgotten about her, and the restaurant she insisted on bringing me to. Alex looked concerned, then blinked a few times. The concern was soon replaced with her stealthy take of your pants and I'll make you feel good look. I turned away from her to decide on what to order.

"You wanna hangout after this…?" she asked quietly. I furrowed my brows at her tone. What, was she asking for my permission or something?

"What?" I retorted angrily. Alex looked around the diner as though she wasn't the only person that I could have been asking. She then looked at me like she had done something wrong. I blinked and stuttered, "What, Alex?"

Alex looked hurt for a second, then sneered,

"Lindsay, my dearest, you don't how badly you need me." she said it huskily and winked, moving her eyes to places they shouldn't be. This got me all huffed up, so I turned back to my menu to cover my scarlet cheeks.


"The food was really good, Alex." I mumbled. She smiled warmly, then quickly went seductive,

"So, why don't you come with me back to my house for a little while?" She licked her lips as she said it, making me subconsciously stare at her features…again.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Allison after lunch?" I changed subjects. I could tell she wasn't pleased.

Alex snorted, "Why would I do that?", she paused, continuing her lust-filled scan over my body, "Besides, it is after lunch right now." Alex looked at the street corner for a second, then grabbed at my arms and pulled me into her. I struggled a bit, but her grip was too strong on me.

"Alex!" I whined quietly. She looked at me and blushed wildly, then turned her gaze towards the thing she had heard before I had seen:


They must've been a sport team or something. There were at least twenty of them, high-fiving and talking about…well, only God knows what teenage boys talk about. Alex groaned slightly, and I turned my eyes back to hers. She looked…nervous. If I knew anything about Alex from our few months around each other, it's that she acts completely different when she's alone with a person (or at least me, ha ha), than when she's with a crowd.

"Alex?" I whispered. She stopped glancing at the jocks and put her full attention on me. I looked her over again, then thought back to another conversation we shared.


"Are you on any teams, then?" I sneered back at her. Alex had asked me if I was on every possible sport that our school had to offer. When I had said no to her latest suggestion, her face eagerly light up as she asked, "Cheerleading?!" I went into a laughing spree and walked off.

--"No, I hate sports. It's always jocks coming over to your practices to watch you bend over and shit." she replied coldly. Aww. Poor baby. I thought sarcastically, making me sneer. Alex was hurt by my not taking her seriously, and tried walking away.

"Aw, Alexxxx!" I moaned loudly. That caught her ear. She buzzed around, blushing fiercely. I grinned slyly at her reaction. I did that three more times in the hour, getting the same reaction every time. It's really obvious when she's turned on, and she knows that I know how to do it

--"Hey, Lindsay?" Alex shyly muttered.

"Yeah?" I replied softly. She was playing with her fingers, then looked up and asked, "Hey, umm…if we ever get caught up with football-fags or something, like…you and Chase or me and…you…uh. Try acting like a couple or something, it makes 'em leave you alone." She wouldn't look at me when she was talking, and she kept her head low. Later, when we met up with Charlie, she was acting completely normal. I mean, she would talk very confidently and secure like always, and then she would see me looking and smile back so…adoringly…

Suddenly I was snapped back into reality. Alex was looking at me nervously, while the jocks were actually trying to start a conversation with us, saying stuff like "Hey baby, is that a mirror in your pocket, cause I see myself in your pants!", and, "Do you work at Subway, cause, girl, you just gave me a foot long!" My favorites so far are probably the witless, "Nice Ass!" and "Are you guys gonna Makeout?!" I smiled at hearing that, and squealed a bit on the inside when I felt Alex's heart racing. Alex's…

"…Hey, Alex?" I whispered. Her gaze had never really left me, but it wasn't always on my eyes. Her hands had long since moved from my arms, to my waist for security. I moved my own up around her neck, and glanced around again to make sure I was doing the right thing. Alex looked confused, then suddenly her smile went wide. I couldn't help but grin back at her, but I tried so hard to hide my excitement. I looked into her eyes for approval, then made my mark, on her delicious lips…


A/N: Next Chapter's going to be a mix of Alex and Lindsay's POV (Point Of View). If I get some good reviews on these, I'll post more chapters. Anyway, thanks for reading! Here's a brief Summary of the story so far (in case you got lost) and some character summaries/ backgrounds, i.e.: Alex, Lindsay, Allison, Chase, Chris (Skater boys from Lindsay & Charlie's social group), Seth, Nick, and possibly Alex's Dad. Enjoy!! :D

P.S. Be aware that all characters have made-up names. FYI: Their story and appearances are based off of my friends and my actual life, so don't assume that these are real people's names. i.e.: Johnson, Kane, Brady etc. are all common last names where I live.

Story Summary/Alex (All chapter so far): Fourteen-year-old Alexis Brady (Lesbian) and her family have decided to move out of their urban lives in Canada and into the fast-paced heart of California. Alex was probably the only sour apple of the bunch about moving, but her two brothers, Seth and Nick, wouldn't have it. The day after arrival, Alex decided to explore the town, where she met Allison. Alex flirted a bit, but she would have stopped instantly if she had seen what Allison was hiding under her formless dress. Over a month later, The Brady's had their first day at a new high school; Alex being a freshman, with her eldest brother being a senior (In the words of Alexis herself, "One of them!!"). Allison quickly finds Alex and drags her over to meet some of Allison's lower grade friends. Alex instantly likes Lindsay, a goodie-two-shoes who looks like the kind of teenager that could probably get by as a 'druggie'. Lindsay and Alex become fast friends, with some mindless flirting on Alex's part.

Lindsay: Lindsay Johnson is a wannabe Scene, but she loves skateboarding, and is too much of a tomboy to pull of the personality. She's actually bisexual, and all of her friends know ( except Alex : ), and are easily amused by Lindsay constantly trying not to flirt back with Alex. She doesn't want to love her, only because she doesn't want Alex to reject her (Lindsay thinks Allison is in the way), but Alex takes it as pure "Closet Denial", and pushes it nonetheless. Lindsay soon gets into a hot spot with Alex that involves lots of lesbian lovin', only to be fought off by Allison (stupid con).

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