Chasing the Rainbow
Title: Chasing the Rainbow
Characters: Ahamo (pre-Oz)
Rating: G
Word Count: 323
Disclaimer: Long-Mitchell and Van Sickle made these characters. I'm just a fangirl.
A/N: Written for picture #2 of purplerhino's April Picture Prompts.


John "Omaha" Kolowski had a pounding headache from the sickeningly-sweet smell of cotton candy mixed with the greasy cheeseburgers from the booth across the midway. Dressed up as a reject from Sgt. Pepper, and his face coated in greasepaint, he handed out balloons to the kids passing by. A stereo nearby belched out tracks from Dark Side of the Moon.

The carnival wasn't bad work. For someone who had never settled in one place for more than a couple months at a shot, and had a high tolerance for strangeness, it was actually the closest he ever felt to home. He even managed to haggle his way into drawing caricatures and painting faces. Nothing fancy, but kept him in art supplies. However, it was the last day of the Nebraska State Fair. After this, he hadn't a place to go.

The storm from a few hours ago had broken. Dark clouds lingered in the sky, but the most brilliant rainbow Kolowski had ever seen shone through. His mom told him that rainbows were the bridge to lands inhabited by fairies and creatures of fantasy.

Sighing, he wished he could reach out and touch it, entertaining the fantasy that he managed to cross beyond it, and find somewhere he really belonged.

"Hey, Kolowski!"

He was startled out of his daydream by Mr. Morgan, who ran the carnival.


"Get to the soccer field. They're firing up the hot air balloons "

"Thought Ebsen was handling the big green one."

Morgan rolled his eyes. "He was. Then he got a lungful of aluminum dust that he thought was a good idea to use in his greasepaint. Had to haul the idiot to the ER."

Kolowski smacked his forehead. "Okay, I'm on it." Reaching down to his feet, he grabbed the rucksack full of his precious art supplies as he headed for the field.

Looks like you'll be chasing the rainbow after all, Omaha.