Prince of Heart Remix

By TLSoulDude

Edited by Dimensiondude

Prologue: Crystalli

??: Before time began, we were here.

A large, white crystal erupted from the surface made of black rock. Then, it jutted out, creating more crystals that rocketed out to parts unknown. Eventually, several began to turn into shaded, humanoid figures.

??: We are the Crystalli. Beings created from inorganic matter. We may look ordinary, but given the chance, our shapes will change. We then learned of other worlds out there and explored. You find most of us if you find an ordinary gemstone. We were willing to make peace, but, like most great civilizations, some beings wanted to use the power for the greater good, others for their own twisted desires.

A massive, crystal foot crashed into the black ground and night seemed to come early. The only things that pierced the darkness were a pair of blood-red eyes. Then, a sick roar echoed through the sky.

??: One of our own kind turned on us and attempted to purge our planet of those he deemed "unworthy". I learned of this treachery and barely escaped with our civilization's most priceless treasure. I then traveled through the stars in search of the one person who could help restore our world to the paradise it used to be. While I was gone, this monster quickly turned his attention to a newly discovered world called Destiny Island.

A boy with copper hair, wearing an Organization XIII cloak was running with two others—one was another boy with black hair tied into a ponytail and the other was a girl with hair the same shade of silver as Riku's. They were being chased by several figures that looked like they were made of crystal and they were shooting at them.

??: Meanwhile, a boy named Sakuzy and two friends race for their life to go on a mission that will change the universe…forever.

Sora was fast asleep on his bed, dreaming. There was a photograph on his dresser of him, Riku, and Kairi. Riku had an arm slung over Sora's shoulder and Kairi had both arms around his midsection. He, on the other hand, had his arms over both of them.

??: None of what's happening with Sakuzy and his friends is known to Sora. Little does he know that he will go on the biggest journey he has done since his journey to stop Organization XIII. His life and the universe will NEVER be the same again.

Three people were running in the streets of Radiant Garden. One was the tallest and was wearing a large Australian hat, the other was wearing a black jacket and sunglasses, and the last was the youngest and was wearing a red hoodie.

??: The same will be said for these three outcasts who run for their freedom from the law.

The three were soon surrounded by police officers and put their hands up in defeat.

??: Though these stories seem too far apart, they WILL connect and I will be there when it does.

Meanwhile, a massive crystal floated through space like a meteorite, passing several worlds. As it floated out of sight, a beam of light shot past.

??: I was already too late to stop this evil being or these stories from coming together. Who am I? I am…

A part of the crystal shifted before the entire screen snapped to black.

??: This civilization's only protector.

In this adventure, Sora and his friends will visit 36 worlds. Twenty-five are Disney Movies, two are from Final Fantasy games, three NON-Disney Movies, three from the Kingdom Hearts series, and two of my own creation.

Well, the ORIGINAL POH was removed, so I'll be rebooting it. I won't be using script-format (save on this chapter, I dunno. Just seemed right), because that's the ONLY reason that it was removed. I'll be re-doing this entire fic, so it can be better than it was before. All credit of the edits go to Dimensiondude.