DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just playing with them!

Part 4 of my Breaking Dawn Quote Drabbles.

Anger caused me to slam the door of the Guardian shut harder than usual. Emmett's face popped up next to the Jeep where he had been checking for scratches.

"Whoa, Bella, what's gotten into you?" He asked, straightening up and taking a good look at me.

I was fuming to the brink of a verbal explosion. But my anger with Edward was still too jumbled and fierce at the moment for any concrete words to form. I just stood there, shaking for the moment, wondering if I should… what? Go after them? That idea was ridiculous, especially if they really had gone hunting.

After several seconds I sighed. My knees threatened to give out beneath me as visions of Edward and Tanya, out in the woods, together somewhere, swam in my head. I sank down to the cold, hard ground of the garage and pulled my legs close to my chest.

Emmett continued to stare at me from across the Jeep; he seemed uncertain of what to say, so he just didn't say anything. For that, I was grateful. My cheeks were flushed with the tinge of jealousy and I couldn't help the wet tears that leaked from my eyes. At the sight of tears, Emmett quickly moved around the Jeep and cautiously came closer to me.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You don't want to deal with me right now Emmett," I said, anger shaking my voice. "Really."

Emmett smiled at me, in a brotherly way, and I felt bad for treating him this way. He was only trying to be nice and here I was, overcome with ridiculous emotion from some stupid misunderstanding. That's all it was, right?

"Bella, I can take on predators three times your size with more than twice your anger. I'm pretty sure I can handle you, human." He laughed and crouched down low, meeting my eye level.

I swallowed hard. "I'm serious Emmett. I want to punch someone right now and it's not you. But if you keep pushing me, I can't make any promises."

He held up his hands in faux-fright. "Oooo, scary." Emmett stood up again, this time reaching his hand down towards me. "Come on, Bella. Let's go find something for you to punch."

My hands went to my face first to wipe away the traces of my anger. So what if Edward wanted to go hunting the night before our wedding? So what if he wanted to take that beautiful succubus out into the woods with him? Deep down, I knew I should trust Edward to do the right thing. To be noble and good and… to remain virtuous. But Tanya seemed to taint the Cullen household with her very presence. I sighed, looking up at Emmett's warm, brown eyes. He was treating me with the concern and care like the brother I never had. And he wasn't invasive; he didn't care what had me so upset. He just cared about me.

I reached up and put my hand in his, scrambling to my feet.

"Better?" He asked. I nodded slightly even though the tension was still twitching in my muscles. "Good. Now let's go see what Rosalie's doing."

He started to walk across the garage and I followed, confusion settling over my anger. "Rosalie? Why?"

Emmett turned back at me to smile. "Well she's the closest representation of who you want to punch, right?"

A smile broke out across my face. "Yeah, Emmett, I'm sure Rosalie would be happy to let me take a swing at her."

Emmett chuckled as he walked into the house. "I doubt she'd even feel your fist, Bella. You've got such weak human arms."

The anger really was starting to ease, finally, as I laughed. "Thanks a lot! Besides, she'd never do me a favor like this," I said, playing along.

The laughter on Emmett's face turned serious and I swear I saw something malicious flicker in his eyes. "Oh I'm sure she'd be happy to help… I've got certain… things I can offer."

That was it. My anger dissolved for a moment and I surrendered into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.