DISCLAIMER: These characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer. I'm just playing with them!!

A tiny drabble I wrote for Edward/Bella, post-Breaking Dawn. ENJOY!

His fingers brush lightly against the soft skin of her neck, gliding along, tracing patterns on her shoulders. He angles his neck softly to press his lips against the silk of her curves and she sighs in satisfaction.

"Is the baby in bed already?" he murmurs against her shoulder.

She doesn't speak, just nods softly in response. Her hands find his face and draw him back to her. For a moment, they don't speak. Getting lost in each other's eyes was more than enough for them at the moment. She lets her hand linger along his jaw, her thumb pressing against his lips.

"What is it?" he whispers, pressing his lips against her thumb.

"Shhh…" she whispers. She closes her eyes and concentration washes over her face.

He realizes what she is doing half a second before the thoughts enter his mind. Her voice, her sweet, innocent, beautiful voice drifts through his consciousness. Never in his existence has he heard thoughts so pure and perfect. Every time she works on turning her shield off for him, on letting him into the secret spaces of her mind, he finds himself overwhelmed. The more time he spends with his wife, the more he comes to understand her love for him.

At first it was difficult to accept; it was easier when her mind was blocked and he imagined she was only humoring him. But now, having iseen/i her love, heard her private thoughts echoing in his brain… he could not control himself.

Every time.

He brought his lips down to hers fiercely, desperate for a physical connection to match the mental and emotional ones. But, as always, her shield slips back and her mind is once more blocked to him.

He growls; why can't he have both?

She grins at his scowl. She knows how much it pleases him to see so much of her, and how frustrated he gets when she can't hold it.

"You can't ido/i that Edward," she whispers, running her hands back through his bronze hair. "You know I can't control it that well yet."

He continues to scowl and buries his head in her neck. "Someday…" he begins to whisper, cutting off quickly by pressing his lips on her neck. "Someday, Bella, I'll have you in my mind…" He trails off and she can hear his breath quicken.

"Someday I'll be in you," she mumbles, stroking his head through his hair, "while you're in me."

He moans into her neck, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

He's been patient for over a hundred years. However long he has to wait for ithat/i connection… he can survive.