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Summary: There is a story that has spanned thousands of years, one of a city that was lost to the sea. But as Expedition Atlantis is about to discover, the great city's story is just beginning. . . AU RononTeyla

Rating: T

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla, some Sheppard/Weir

Warnings: Violence

Spoilers: Rising; Michael

Title: Empire

Author: fyd818

Part 1/?

Dedication: To Dia.Dahling, for keeping me writing even when I hit the dreaded writer's block. And to Mama Jo, who always helps me make my work worthy of being posted. -hugs- Love you both!

Author's note: I have always wanted to do an AU fic like this, ever since the first season of Atlantis. Of course the characters and plotline has changed over the years, but it's still the same basic story I thought of way back when. I know the prologue is very confusing, but I promise it'll all make sense in time! I hope you enjoy this story, and thanks for checking it out!



". . .in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea." —Plato, 360 B.C.


Huddled in the very back of the ship, Janus tried to keep what was left of his belongings safe and dry. It was hard to do, however, since great waves battered the ship, knocking it about in the water. It was hard to breathe: clouds of ash dirtied the air, even this far away. He had no clue where he was going – just away from Atlantis.

Atlantis. For the first time, he allowed himself to grieve all the knowledge, splendor, and people lost with the great city. When he'd discovered the coming problems, he'd tried to implement some things that would keep the city safe. . . But he wasn't sure he'd succeeded. So many things had started happening at once, he'd rushed through the last of his plans, and he couldn't be certain he'd gotten everything right. That he'd managed to save Atlantis.

Janus sighed. He'd never know. There was no going back – not in his lifetime, at least. Hopefully future generations would be able to return. Hopefully there would be something there!

"Land ahead!" called one of the men posted at the front of the boat.

Drawing in a sharp breath, Janus finally lifted his head. Squinting hard through the twilight and ash cloud, he was just able to see the glitter of lights on the horizon. Hope blossomed in his chest. For so long he'd been afraid he would die in the water, without a chance to pass on Atlantis's story to someone – anyone. Atlantis needed to survive. Her story needed to be told, so future generations could find their ancient home and return her to how she used to be.

"Egypt," the woman sitting next to Janus whispered.

He smiled tiredly. Thank goodness he'd managed to save his clairvoyant friend. Her eyes did not see, but she saw things far greater than those whose eyes still functioned. "Will we be safe there?"

Monica bowed her head, hands clutching her shawl closer to her body. "Yes," she said. "We will be safe."

Janus sighed. He wasn't sure he could trust her, because she'd been close to hysterical since she'd first Seen Atlantis being destroyed by the Cataclysm. Whether he could trust Monica or not, they were going into Egypt now. Hopefully someone – anyone! – there would listen to him.

And, hopefully, he'd be able to find places to hide his clues. Atlantis will rise again, he vowed to himself. I may not see it, but Atlantis will once more be a great power in this world.

With Monica's help, maybe the plan formulating in his head had hope of success.

-To Be Continued-