The war had ended at the end of their sixth year. A battle in Hogsmeade had seen the destruction of the Dark Lord and the death or capture of his loyal Death Eaters. The warning for the students had come in time thanks to the unknown spy, Lucius Malfoy. Unknown to most he like Severus had taken an oath on their magic days after being tortured into taking the mark and had been spies ever since. Jones and Fletcher were killed among the order and a few students like Cho, Corner and Nott but the lossses had bee minimal.

Getting off the train at Hogsmeade Harry was accompanied by Draco. Draco and Harry had become good friends when Lucius was revealed as a spy. Draco's mother had tried to kill him when she learned her husband and son were spies and for their protection even Lucius had moved to school under the official pretense of being the governors eyes and ears. The ministry liked it so much they demanded he do it the following year as well.

Ron turned to Harry. "I don't get why you're moving in with the Malfoys. I thought Remus got custody of you."

Harry nodded."Unfortunately he was injured in the final battle and will not be out of the hospital for a few weeks and Draco and his father are taking me."

Draco smiled. "They are staying with us even after. Grimmauld is such a tomb and the manor of course has a pool and quidditch pitch and riding stables."

Though Harry had been hoping for some alone time with Remus since they were finally allowed to live together and in the last year as he returned to DADA, Remus had stepped up to fill the role of his father that had been vacant even since Sirius was alive for he had never wanted to tread on James. Remus had promised they'd spend plenty of one on one time whe he was out of the hospital.

Lucius appeared. "There you are boys. Set your owls free so I can shrink your trunks and cages, and we can head home."

Harry and Draco did so and he turned to his friends when they were done. "Remus assures me I will get to see you guys this summer."

Harry felt odd following the two Malfoys out and even odder when he saw they were taking the bus but as Lucius ushered them on he informed Harry and Draco tjat due to security measures the new portkeys for the manor had not been completed and it was hard to do side by side with two of them.

Draco looked happy when they took a seat. "My birthday is next week and I can go for my test finally. It will be so cool."

Lucius looked at Harry. "Remus or I will of course be happy to take you for yours on your birthday as well. I believe you took the training at school."

Harry nodded. "I did sir."

Lucius laughed. "If you are going to be living with us all summer I insist on Lucius. This sir or Mr Malfoy stuff is too much."

As the bus moved along Lucius and Draco told him more about the manor and Harry was surprised to find Draco not only shared his father's love of riding but liked it nearly as much as flying. They told him they'd be happy to teach him and there were a number of extra horses they had which Harry could borrow.

When they got off the bus Draco smile broadened as they headed up the drive. "It is good to be finally home but it looks different."

Lucius nodded. "Wait until you see the inside. I had it renovated and redecorated, after Christmas. I only saw it a few days ago but I over saw the plans."

Harry had never been inside but the manor definitely didn't look like what he expected for he had thought some much larger version of Grimmauld but it was actually quite light and airy inside and all the house elves there were alive and not mounted on walls. From the look on Draco's face it was definitely a change.

Lucius directed them up stairs and showed Harry to a room next to Draco. "This room has been made for you. Mine and Severus' rooms are across and Remus'."

Harry had forgotten the potions professor often lived with them in the summers though he had his own home. "Thank you Lucius."

The thanks he added to when he saw his room. This summer in room alone even f they locked him in like his relatives would be a step up. There was a huge canopy bed, dresser and wardrobe as well as a fireplace with a chair in front and some book cases. The room had been done in red and gold and there were quidditch posters hanging on the walls and some of his personal photos set out as well.

Harry turned to Lucius. "Thank you. I did not expect you to go to such effort for one summer."

Lucius smiled. "I wanted you to feel at home here and considering how close you and Draco have become, I suspect this will not be your only stay."

Draco shared a smile with Harry and went off to his own room so their trunks which Lucius unshrunk they could unpack and settle in before dinner.The unpacking of his trunk alone seemed such a huge change for Harry whose things had always been locked away.

Harry was startled to find a whole new wardrobe of clothes waiting, both muggle and wizard. "What?"

He had not realized he was not alone and Lucius had returned. "Draco told me you only had over sized hand me downs. I saw the need so I had these ordered for you."

Harry remembered from Draco that they never wore robes around the house. "Thank you Lucius. Thisis far more then I could ever ask for. Thank you."

For Lucius it seemed little to give but he was happy to see his gesture had made Harry smile and when Harry and Draco came down for dinner and Harry was in new clothes, he knew he had been right. He sent an elf to destroy Harry's old over sized clothes as he did not need a reminder of living with his relatives.


Later that night Harry had tried to sleep but seemed unable to.. He was restless for some reason and he slipped from his room for a walk.and found himself out in the stables eventually. He had no idea why he found himself out there but he did. He was visiting Draco's big bay when he was surprised to feel a hand at his neck and even more surprised by one on his ass.

He tried to move away but the hands held him. "I know the secret about you Harry."

Harry felt himself being led towards an empty stall and towards stacks of hay bail.. "What are you doing?"

The voice whispered. "I noticed something at school. You run into trouble because no one has ever cared enough about you to keep you under control."

Harry found himself pushed over a stack and felt his pants being undone and moved down. "I don't understand."

A hand gently run down his ass. "You don't need a father figure, you already have one. You need someone to take control and guide you."

Harry had no idea why he was not moving from the place especially when he heard the pants being lowered down of his partner behind him. He had realized the last year he was attracted to men but he was not one of the boys who experimented in alcoves. He had never been with anyone before.

Harry tried to pull away when he felt a finger pressing against his anus. "No. I won't be a simple fuck. I won't become your whore."

Lips pressed against his neck. "You won't. You're no whore. You will become my lover. I will take care of you and guide you.I will teach you your boundaries."

Harry felt himself relaxing into the gentle warm caress."Okay."

There was a soft laugh. "Good my little pet. Now this will hurt a bit but trust me my sweet this gets better, Trust me."

Not able to find words he nodded and he felt the finger withdraw but it was replaced by a wand tip and he felt tingling and he knew he was bing lubricated. He felt the finger slide back in and he whimpered against the tightness

The free hand had gone back to his neck gently stroking it. " pet...remember it gets better. Trust me. I am here to protect you."

Harry fought the whimper and tried to relax as a second and then third finger entered him. "Please."

The lips brushed his neck. "Don't think I find pleasure in your whimpers. My sweet pet I'll show you this can get better. Just trust me."

The fingers withdrew and he knew what was coming next and as he felt his lover position himself at Harry's entrance Harry tried to relax as much as possible. His lover did not slam into him but gently eased into him. It hurt and his muscles were tense but the hand continued gently caressing his neck and head and the warm voice continue reassuring him.

The voice whispered. "I am all the way in. I am going to start pumping. This time I'll be gentle."

Harry felt so full but his muscles had slowly started to relax and his body was responding. "Yes."

The body over him began pumping inside of him to the hilt as his balls slapping Harry's, A hand left his neck and he felt it against his own cock which had been growing hard and any of the tension there still was left his body as he was gently coaxed into his own intense and amazing climax. His partner did at the same time but remained burried in him till he emptied himself. Harry felt him withdraw and a cleansing spell cast.

"Turn around my little pet." His lover told him. "You will join me in my bed tonight my pet. I promised you were no whore. My lover will share my bed."

Harry turned to look at him and felt him relaxing into the continued gentle petting and caress. "Yes..."

His lover kissed him. "At night you are my pet and I Master. When you have learned your boundaries in and out of my bed, you will earn the right to names again."

Harry knew he should find shame in being called the man's pet but he did not. He found comfort in those words. "Yes master."

He found himself led as he was though his clothes collected, back into the house and to one of the rooms across the hall.He was led to the bed where he felt the last remnats of clothes removed but his master went to his drawer and took something out. Harry quackedwhen he saw what it was.

His master saw. "Oh sweet don't be scared. No one but I will see, it is charmed. It is your choice whether I put it on you but once it goes on only I can remove it."

Harry looked at the green collar. "Why?"

His master ran a hand down his neck. "Just like a puppy who needs to be kept on a leash till he is trained so does my pet. Remember I love you and this is to guide you. Trust me my pet I treasure and love you. This will help me guide you and make you safe and help you succeed."

Harry hesitated only a moment. "Yes master, put it on me master."

His master smiled at those words and undoing the collar he slid it about his pet's neck and fastened it again, the magic sealing it so it looked like it had no end. There was a small pendent with his crest on it.

Master kissed him. "You please me greatly by taking this. This summer we will work on your bedroom skills and you'll keep to studies but at school my little pet you get detention, back talk or get a bad mark and master will need to correct you."

Harry shuddered at those words as he was led to the bed. "Yes master."

He was drawn into the arms of his master. "Remember pet I don't want to hurt you. Any punishment my pet is meant to teach you not simply cause you pain."

Harry felt so safe and protected snuggled in his arms he drank in the words. Master told him what was expected study wise this summer and how he was to act to show proper respect outside the rooms. In these rooms he was Pet and Pet wore nothing but his collar unless master let him. He fell asleep so safe and protected in his master's arms.He had never felt like this before.


Harry came down to breakfast the next morning and sunk down into a chair next to Draco. Severus had joined them at the table for breakfast unlike dinner last night when he had been busy in his lab and an elf had brought it down. Harry could feel two sets of eyes on him and he had to keep his hands from going to his collar, reminded that it was invisble to everyone but he and his master.

Draco was anxious to get back riding. "You're coming aren't you Harry?"

Harry nodded. "How about this afternoon? We really should get started on some of our homework."

Draco had of course been kept to study schedules by his father and godfather in the summer but had thought Harry might be an excuse to get out of his morning ones but seeing Harry was prepared to do 

homework he shrugged. It was the reason he had always been top male student, his family expected no less.

Draco agreed. "We can ride this afternoon. I am sure that this will help you do better. I'm surprised you're suggesting it."

"Indeed." Severus' response came from across the table. "Mr Potter, why such the change?"

Harry felt the eyes of his master on him but he knew better then to look at him. It was a sign of obedience he was taught. "I would like to ace my NEWTS this year."

Draco led him off to the library where they spent the morning working on their homework but both boys were happy when they were called for lunch. Harry went up to change for a ride and he was not surprised when he felt a hand snake around his waist and pull him back against a firm chest.

A hand went to his collar and fingered the pendent. "Good pet. I am very impressed you learn so well. You comtinue like this at school and you'll earn a name quick."

Harry relaxed against the petting. "Yes master. Thank you master."

His master turned him around. "I feel a bit jealous Draco gets to have you down in the stables but I'm sure you won't have more fun with Draco then with me."

Harry relaxed into the hand caressing him. "No master. I would never let anyone else touch me master. Your pet is obedient."

His master raised his head so he was eye to eye but Harry closed his eyes as he was never to look directly at his master.He missed the smile but not the slight chuckle before the firm lips were pressed against his.

Master pulled back. "Open your eyes my pet."

Harry didn't. "Master I am a good pet. Good pets don't look in master's eyes directly."

Master kissed his eyelids."Pet is allowed to when asked. Master wants to see his pet's beautiful green eyes."

Harry opened his eyes but after only seconds he felt guilty and tried to close them, pankicked it had been a trick to see if he would obay at all costs but as he tried to lower his eyes his master tilted his head back up.

"I don't test my pet. I know you'll be obedient. If I ask you to break one of my rules, I will not punish you for it. Remember my pet I am here to teach not cause pain."

Harry nodded. "I'm sorry master. I should have trusted master. I'm sorry master."

Master kissed him one last time. "You'll come to trust me more. I only collared you last night.Now kiss me one last time and run along or Draco will come looking."

Harry surrenderd into one more passionate drawn out kiss before his master waved his wand to change Harry's clothes and shooed him out the door. His master had been right, they had needed to rush for Draco was moments from coming into his room.

Draco smiled. "There you are. Ready for a ride?"

Harry nodded and headed with him to the stables. "I'm ready for some fun."