Though Harry had not had any serious complications they had not released him by New Years. It was a week later that Harry and the twins were heading home for the manor. It was on a weekend so his dads did not need to be at school so they had come to the hospital to accompany him home. Harry was excited to get the twins home. They had been in the room with him and after three days he had been allowed to begin nursing but he hated hospitals. He wanted to take the babies from the plastic little beds and lie them down in proper cradles. He wanted to see the nursery his husband had planned for them. The babies would be in their master bedroom for another two weeks or so as neither wanted them far away but still.

Harry's dads and sister came in when Harry was dressed and they were settling the twins into their carry seats. Harry hated the twins were over two weeks old and they had never been out of the hospital yet. Both could have been released but as Lucius had stayed here when Harry was in the hospital it was foolish. Besides Harry had not wanted the twins out of his sight for even a moment.

Harry leaned down and kissed Evan's sleeping brow. "Little prince Papa finally gets to take you home and see the nursery your daddy made for you and your sister."

Lucius smiled and kissed him. "I have been waiting for so long to show the three of you this room. I am just happy we will both be putting the twins down in it."

Severus smiled as he watched his son and grandson though Lucius and his new daughter were quite the picture as well. They knew Harry was slightly disappointed as he had been hoping for a big family but they knew he would be happy with the twins. He was alive to bring them home. It had not taken any convincing to get him to realize they had to stop with the twins. He had been so scared he would never live to see the twins grow up. He would not risk being taken from them and another.

Remus led them out of the room and towards where they could floo. "Lucius has not even allowed us to see the nursery. We are all anxious to see it,"

Lucius saw his husband's look. "You did not think that Draco and the Weasleys would stay away the day the twins come home from the hospital."

Laughing Harry had to admit he didn't. They had visitors every day when they were here and after the first few days Harry had been willing to let others hold the twins as long as they were always in sight. It definitely made it easier for his husband to slip away from time to time. Though Harry could nurse both twins at the same time it was not as comfortable and he usually alternated and someone bottle fed the one not at his breast. He nursed them both for their first feed of the morning for they both did better that way. He had already seen their little personalities and they were only two weeks old. Harry was marvelling in it.

At the manor they flooed into their bedroom so that they were not hounded by the others right away. Harry was in tears when he saw the bassinettes next to the bed but he broke out into full out crying when they walked into the nursery which was just through the door.

Lucius held him for the twins were with their grandfathers right now. "You know the room is meant for crying but it is supposed to be the twins crying not you."

Harry elbowed his husband but held to him. "I knew you would do something amazing Luc but this is beyond words. Thank you for this."

The only time he had seen the nursery it had been furnished with the two antique cradles, the rocking chair, a wardrobe and changing table. The furniture set up was the same but that was where it ended. Three walls were covered in a beautiful mural, the fourth was the one with the window and had the wardrobe on one side and bookcases filled with books, toys and other baby gifts in them. The mural on the walls of the bedroom. The mural was nursery rhymes, muggle ones to Harry's surprise. There was panoramic scenery and one could find Humpty dumpty on a wall, and Little Miss Muffet and the spider, and many others. The roof had been made to look like the sky like the Great Hall at school. One crib was done in pink and had a C above it and the other was done in blue with an E above it. He found a frame next to the rocking chair on the table. There was an ultrasound picture on one side of the frame and on the other the first photo taken of the four of them, Lucius with Harry in his hospital bed, the twins happily cradled in their arms.

Lucius helped him into the rocking chair for Chloe was fussing for a feed. "I wanted it perfect for my husband and for the twins. I thought the theme best for both."

Harry accepted his daughter who hungrily latched on to him the moment his shirt was undone. "It is. The theme definitely suits a little girl or boy. Thank you."

Dobby who had been assigned with another elf to take care of the twins arrived and brought a bottle and moments later Evan was crying for a feed. Lucius was amazed but he remembered he had bee the same when Draco was a baby. Lucius sunk down on to the ottoman and fed his son a bottle. They were so lost in the twins they did not notice the rest of the family coming in. They barely noticed the beautiful nursery at first for they were just taking in the sight of the daddy's home with their new babies finally. It was not until he was done burping his daughter that Harry noticed everyone had come in and smiled.

He handed her off to Draco. "It seems your godfather has good timing. He arrived just in time to change your diaper."

Draco smirked but took his baby sister and goddaughter from Harry. "Remind me why I was complaining in the hospital when you did not want to let them go."

Though he said the words Draco was more then happy to change his sister and even changed his brighter when he was done. Harry was definitely a doting big brother and was using it as experience for when he got married one day and he and Pansy had some children of their own. They eventually headed down stairs where there was a small luncheon waiting for the adults now that the twins were fed. Harry was touched to have everyone there but later that evening when they were alone again and the twin were sleeping, he was happy to be just with his husband and the babies.

Harry snuggled into his husband. "I am just so grateful that I was here to put the babies down to sleep in their nursery. I was so worried the day would not come."

Lucius kissed him on the head. "You are. You are and are never going any where. Those precious babies will have their daddy and Papa by their side all their lives."

Harry looked at the beds and he was so happy. He knew his husband was right. He would see their first steps and birthday but more then his parents had. He would teach them to fly, he would take them for their wands, he would when he became a professor down the line, see them sorted. He would walk them down the aisle and become a grandfather. He would have it all. And with the most amazing ma by his side sharing all of the precious moments with him.


The twins were two when Harry finally returned to Hogwarts as the new charms professor. Harry and his husband decided it would be easier for Harry to commute and spend some nights there when he needed to, at least till the twins started school. He had readily agreed. He had taken up a fourth bedroom in his father's suites for after baby Sage his fathers had been blessed with one more child, Harry's little brother who they had named Jase Cannan, who was born a year after the twins. Harry had everything he wanted. All those precious firsts with the twins and when Draco and Pansy made him a step grandfather three times over, he forgot his disappointment in not having more kids.

Tonight was special. Another special first. Harry sat with his fathers and husband at the head table. His father was headmaster and dad assistant, and tonight Harry was waiting for the twins to be sorted. He could not even believe they would be eleven in December. It seemed so unreal. He wondered what house they would be in. Sage had done her Papa proud when she had become a snake. The twins no one was sure about. Lucius assured his husband he would be happy what ever the twins were.

Harry kissed Lucius when "Malfoy, Chloe Artemis." Was called. "Our beautiful little girl, I have a feeling she will be joining my sister among the snakes.

Sure enough the hat called. "Slytherin." Chloe was a beautiful mix of her dads. She had the Malfoy smirk and sense of humour but her Papa's heart and laugh.

Lucius watched as his son was called up and he thought they probably had a lion. Chloe might have had her Papa's heart but Evan was Harry in his interests and his behaviour. Chloe loved to read and was even into potions. Evan loved quidditch; he loved climbing trees and was always into something. He took after his godfathers definitely and they were so proud of him.

Lucius smiled when his son became a lion. "I guess like my husband my son was always meant to break tradition. The first born Malfoy not to be a snake."

Author note: Jase Cannan Snape: Jase (American) means healer for his medic trained Papa, and Cannan (English) means wolf cub for as son of Remus he is the son of a wolf, and like Remus called Harry his cub, Sage and Jase were definitely his cubs.