"What are we doing here Doctor?" Suzan and the doctor were leaning against the Tardis door waiting for Jack to join them.

"Jack is putting flowers on Ianto's grave, like he does every time he travels with me. It's been .. what...14 times."

"14 times? But he never mentioned him before." Suzan said, trying not to sound jealous.

She'd known Jack for some time now and every time they met, he had someone he cared about, or someone he shagged. But always someone new. She never thought him capable of being this committed to anyone.
Jack was a big flirt, he was playful and into anything with legs, even things without legs.

"Jack talks a lot doesn't he" the doctor said "a bit like me, but he's very secretive when he wants to be. I think Ianto's his secret garden. He hardly speaks about him, even to me. You never met Ianto." Even the doctor looked sad when mentioning his name. "Believe me, he was one of a kind. And for me to say that... well..."
He threw one last look in Jack's direction before tuning back to the Tardis.

Suzan made her way over to where Jack was standing.


"14 times Jack?" she whispered "The doctor says it's the 14th time you travel back to visit his grave... he must have been pretty special."

"Ianto was something else. " he said "It's been more than 90 years since he died, but every day, something reminds me of him."

A smile crept over his face while he looked at the headstone.

Ianto Jones

1983 - 2018

"I never found the right words to put on his headstone. We were never good with words. Not when it mattered." Jack took in a deep breath "Oh Suzan, you should have met him, he was just ... "

Jack couldn't find the words to describe Ianto. He didn't know how to tell people just what that man did for him all those years ago. How they had gone from Ianto wishing him dead to becoming as close as friends and lovers could be.

Sure he'd loved others since then, he'd loved others with passion, tenderness or both. He'd felt connected to many people and had sex with many more, but Ianto...

With his 21st century simplicity he had taken everything out of Jack, he had shown him just how loyal and true friendship and love could possibly be. He had made him feel so alive, so 'normal'.

There had been no time for goodbyes.
Ianto had died at the hands of a Lotak alien, it had been brutal and swift.

Ianto's body was at the Torchwood morgue but Jack had arranged this grave for him. He knew it was empty but it was the only place he could come to.

The only place where he could remember his lover, his friend.

One day he'll ask the doctor to take him back in time to look upon Ianto's face again, from a distance of course,( timelines and stuff) but not yet.

90 years wasn't long enough, he would still be unable to look at Ianto without wanting to hold him, one last time.

That day would come, but not yet...

Suzan took Jack's hand in hers.

"Come Jack, the doctor is waiting." She looked up at him and saw a single tear on his cheek.

Jack left a white rose on the otherwise empty grave, they turned and walked towards the Tardis.