Azazeal watched as Cassie rolled up onto her side, blonde hair splaying out like a halo around her troubled face. It bothered Azazeal to see the woman he loved, the woman who was carrying his child, in so much discomfort.

"You shouldn't worry so much darling," he whispered to her unconscious form. He wished he could comfort her while she was awake, but Cassie wouldn't hear of it. She was still furious at him for getting her pregnant. But soon she would see reason; soon she would realize he had done this all for their best interest.

He was glad Thelma had found another ghost to keep her occupied, thus allowing him to visit Cassie uninhibitedly. It allowed him to say the things he didn't know how to express to the normally hostile Cassie, like the worries and concerns he had for his unborn son and his plans for their future. He liked to think that somehow the meaning of his words would get through to her.

"I'll always take care of you, don't you know that?" Azazeal lips almost touched Cassie's ear as he spoke to her.

Cassie's body seemed to reach out in response, her long frame twisting around so close to Azazeal he could have reached out and held her. Even now Azazeal was struggled not to stroke her beautiful face. But he took comfort in knowing that even though Cassie's conscious, logical mind may never allow her to admit her feelings for him, her body betrayed her. He knew she loved him, whether she wanted to or not.

"I know how much you want this child Cassie, and how much you want me. Reject me all you want, it does no good. I'll make sure that our son comes into this world, and when he does, he'll have the both of his parents to raise him." Azazeal could hear Cassie's heart beating; she must be having another nightmare. How he wished she would let him in, let him help her through this. But he would be there when she was finally ready to have the life they were meant to.