SpongeBob/Timmy Power Hour

SpongeBob/Timmy Power Hour

Chapter 1

"Timmy, are you ready to go?" Timmy's dad shouted to him from downstairs.

"In a minute Dad!" Timmy shouted back. He was in a fishing outfit, and he wore a fishing hat. He grabbed his fishing shorts and got into it.

"Where is your dad taking you Timmy?" Timmy's godfather asked. He, his wife, and his son were disguised as goldfishes in Timmy's fishbowl. Wanda was trying to wake Poof up from his crib. Timmy grabbed his fishing rod and started playing with it. He cast his line at his toy box.

"My dad is taking me on a fishing trip!" Timmy told him proudly.

"Neat! What're going to fish for?"

"Fish! What else Cos moron!?" He pulled back the fish line. At the end of it was his Crimson Chin Doll. Cosmo looked at the doll, then back at Timmy.

"Not according to your fishing pole." He said. "According to it, it rather fish for Crimson Chin dolls instead!"

"That's because we're inside you idiot! The fishes are outside in DimmsDale Harbor!"" He untied the doll and threw it aside.

"Ok, fish for fishes, chop them up, cook them, and eat them for dinner if you like. It's your dad's decision, not mine! Go on and…" Suddenly Cosmo realized something. He looked at himself all over and gasped, then looked at Timmy.

"But but, we are fish!" He said. Then he got teary eyed and sniffed. "Are you going to get rid of us? Do you not like us anymore?"

"No no Cosmo, it's not that at all! Besides you are a fairy and…"

"I knew it; you are going to get rid of us!"

"No, no Cosmo! It's not that at all!"

"After all of the things we've been through! It's like that pig in that story/movies, you were waiting for the right time to...to...to kill us!" Cosmo began to cry loudly.

"Cosmo shh!" Timmy tried to such up his god father, but he just kept on crying.

"I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"

"Cosmo you're not going to die, now stop crying and…" Cosmo cried harder. Wanda picked up Poof who was awake in his blanket, and went over to her crying husband.

"Dada?" Poof asked. Seeing his father cry like this, he started to cry to. Wanda grabbed Poof's pacifier and made Poof suck on it. Poof's crying instantly stopped as he sucked on the pacifier. Wanda sighed, and then looked mad at her husband.

"Cosmo quit it!" She scolded. "You made Poof cry!"

"Wanda, I can't help it!" he sniffed, then pointed at Timmy. "Don't you see Wanda? Pretty soon Timmy is going to chop us all up and he and his parents will eat us for dinner!" He began to cry again.

"Cosmo, Timmy won't do that!" Wanda comforted her husband. "He loves all of us very much. Besides, we won't allow it!" Wanda looked at her innocent godchild. "You weren't planning to kill and eat us weren't you Timmy?"

"Of course not!" Timmy told her. "I meant I was going to fish other fish, not you guys!"

"See Cosmo?" Wanda told her husband. "Timmy was just going fishing with his dad; he's not going to kill us!"

"Are you sure Timmy?" Cosmo sniffed.

"Course I'm sure!" Timmy told him. "I would've never dreamed of killing you guys! Without you, I'll never be able to face Vicky or Francis alone!"

"Are you positive Timmy?" He kept on sniffing tears.


"Are you…"


"Ok, if you promise." Then Cosmo was joyful again. "Man, that's a relief, I'm glad he's killing and eating other fish and not us! Can we come to Timmy? Poof has never seen fish before!"

"Yeah you can come!"

"Ah right!" Cosmo cheered. He nudged his wife. "Come on babe, we're going fishing!" Wanda looked at her baby and took out the pacifier and poofed it away.

"Are you ready for your first fishing trip Poof?" She asked her baby.

"Poof, Poof!" Poof wriggled his arms and legs.

"Ok Poof let's go and…" she took off the blanket, and saw a nickel on her son's body. "Oh you were sleeping with a friend I see!" Poof laughed a little.

"There you are Philip!" Cosmo said, grabbing and hugged his nickel. I was wondering where you went girl! Well we all are going fishing with Timmy and his dad so will you be a good little girl and watch the house while we'll away?" There was silence, and then Cosmo hugged his nickel again. "You will? Great! Now we'll…:" Poof pulled gently on his father's sleeve. Cosmo looked down at his baby.

"Poof?" Poof asked.

"You want Philip to come with us?" Cosmo asked.

"Poof!" Poof nodded.

"Okay but if she comes with us, who will watch our house while we're gone?" Cosmo thought a while, then came up with a solution. "I know! Snowball will watch it!" Cosmo was about to poof up the hydra, when Wanda stopped him.

"You know what dear," Wanda said. "I think our house will remain exactly the same as it is right now."

"Ok." Cosmo said as he, his wife, and Poof all turned back into fairies outside the fishbowl. "But if any fishbowl thieves come and take our home away from us, don't blame me!"

"I won't!" Wanda promised.

Later, Cosmo and Wanda were disguised as dogs, (Poof as a puppy, but Philip was still a nickel) watching Timmy and his dad fish. Poof was holding Philip.

"You know Wanda," Cosmo told his wife. "I can't believe they let dogs on the docks, as well as at the movies! I'll say this is a dog free dog world!" Mr. Turner sniffed the early afternoon air, and sighed heavenly.

"Can you smell that delightful smell in the air Timmy?" he asked his son.

"You mean the week old nacho in your back pocket?" Timmy asked his dad.

"Egad!" Mr. Turner gasped picking up the fly invested nacho in his back pocket. "How did I not eat this for 7 days?! Oh well, I'll eat it later!" He put it back in his pocket. "Are you ready to fish son?"

"Ready dad!" They looked out at the open see, waiting for a bite.

"Look Poof, the fishes are coming!" Wanda told her baby. They all got up, and looked closer into the sea. Salmon swam up to greet them.

"Awe, they're saying hello to you Poof!" Poof laughed and jumped around with excitement.

"Careful with Philip you little jumping bean!" Cosmo told his excited son. "She's valuable to me you know!" Poof laughed some more close to the sea.

"Oops!" Poof suddenly dropped Philip into the sea!

"PHILIP!!" Cosmo cried out. He and his wife looked into the ocean. Philip and the salmon have disappeared!

"Dan Bennett Poof!" Cosmo scolded him. "Look what you done now!"

"Relax Cosmo!" Wanda said to her husband. "It was only an accident. Poof didn't really mean what he did!"

"Yeah I know!" Cosmo said. It's just that…" He began crying. "I may never see Philip again!"

"Awe dear, don't start crying again!" Wanda comforted her crying husband.

"Dada." Poof said in his best apology tone. Then he looked serious. He knew what he had to do, he looked at the ocean. He turned back into a fairy, and splashed down into the ocean!

"POOF!!" His parents cried, and looked at the ocean.

"Poof come back!" Wanda hollered into the sea.

"Yeah don't tell Philip this but I love you more so come back!" No matter how many times they called his name, Poof just kept on going, he was determined to return Philip back to his father.

"You go and warn Timmy!" Cosmo ordered his wife. "I gotta go after him!"

"But Cosmo what if something bad happens to you?"

"I'll be alright! Just go and warn Timmy!"

"But Cosmo!" Cosmo kissed Wanda on the cheek.

"Awe Cosmo!"

"Warn him, bye!" Cosmo then turned into a goldfish and went after his son into the sea.

Wanda took one last glance, then ran to tell Timmy what happened.

"Timmy!" She called. "Bark, bark, bark!"

"Timmy your strange pink dog is barking!" Mr. Turner said. "I think it wants you! And where do you keep on getting your pets? There's the fish, the cats, the mice, and the dogs! Where on earth do you get them boy?"

"Uh, Internet?" Timmy said hopefully.

"Do you always use our money on the internet?"

"No, I buy the pets on Ebeach!"

"Well, ok! You talk to your pink dog son; I gotta go and use the men's room!" He hurried of to the men's room. Timmy looked at Wanda.

"What is it Wanda?" he asked her.

"Timmy it's a catastrophe!" Wanda started. "Poof went into the sea after he accidentally dropped Cosmo's nickel in it, and now Cosmo went after them!"

"We got to save them!" Timmy ran towards the sea. Wanda fallowed him.

"But what about your dad Timmy?" Wanda asked her god child.

"Hopefully it's a long line to the men's room!" Timmy answered. "Because this is too important to miss!" He jumped in and made a splash. "Now I wish I was Timmy Turn trout again!" Wanda turned into a goldfish and went into the sea beside Timmy. She turned him into a merman.

"Awesome, now let's go!" He and Wanda went into the sea to search for Cosmo and Poof.

Meanwhile, under the sea SpongeBob and Patrick were playing a game of Underwater Tic Tac Toe on the ground near SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob was Xs, Patrick was O's.

"You know something SpongeBob what I don't get about this game? Patrick said as he drew an O in an empty space.

"What's that Patrick?' SpongeBob looked at the chubby starfish.

"This game is called Tic Tac Toe!"

"Yeah so?"

"Well if the title has toe in it, What does it have to do with real toes?" SpongeBob laughed a little.

"Beats me!" he chuckled as he drew his last X, making three in a row. SpongeBob stood up.

"But I do know that I just won!" Patrick looked at the Xs all lined up.

"Where?" he asked SpongeBob. "All I see are thee Xs all lined up in a straght line." SpongeBob drew a line in the middle of the three Xs. Patrick still looked puzzled.

"I don't get it!" He said. SpongeBob sighed, and then saw a nickel float down and clink to the sea floor.

"Patrick look!" SpongeBob picked up the nickel. "A nickel fell from the surface; do you know what this mean?" Patrick began to panic.

"Oh my gosh!" he cried. "The sky is falling!"

"Uh no Patrick, what I mean is…" Patrick began to run like crazy, chanting the same line over and over.

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" He went to Squidward's house.

"SQUIDWARD WE NEED HELP!" Squidward quickly opened his window and looked at Patrick.

"Patrick can't you see I'm practicing my clarinet?"

"But this is far more important then your clarinet!"

"Ok, what is it Patrick?"

"I, uh, I forget!" Patrick then smiled innocently at Squidward.

"I should have known." Mourned Squidward, shutting his window after him.

"Now I remember!" Patrick remembered. "THE SKY IS FALLING!"

Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs was at his house reading a "How to get lots and lots of Money Real Fast magazine," when he stopped to sniff the air.

"Do you smell that Pearl?" he asked his daughter.

"You mean my new "Girl Delight lipstick?" Peal asked holding a bottle of lipstick. "Then yes!"

"No! not your teenage girly stuff!" Mr. Krabs replied. "My money sense is tingleling, I, smell, MONEY!" Mr. Krabs ran out the door excited. Peal sighed.

"There he goes again!" She sat back to put on more lipstick.

"Relax Patrick!" SpongeBob told the starfish, showing him Philip. "This is just a nickel, the sky isn't falling!"

"Oh!" Said Patrick.

"The poor nickel must've fallen down here from a human's pocket, so we must now…"

"A nickel!" Mr. Krabs appeared and snatched Philip away from SpongeBob.

"Mr. Krabs, I think that nickel belongs to someone on land." SpongeBob exclaimed to his boss.

"How do ye know this here nickel's not for me?" Mr. Krabs asked.

"Because that nickel just floated down from the surface. Therefore we should return it to its owner. The owner might be worried sick trying to find it right now!"

"Let the owner find another nickel!" Patrick and SpongeBob both gasped. "This here nickel's mine!" He danced around happily with Philip, chanting: I got a nickel! I got a nickel!"

"He got the nickel SpongeBob!" Patrick told his friend. "How are we going to get it back?"

"I don't know Patrick." SpongeBob admitted. "But look!" Patrick saw his friend pointing to Poof who was heading towards the dancing crab.

"What is that thing Patrick?" Patrick asked.

"I don't know Patrick." SpongeBob replied. "But it looks like a peach and purple basketball!" Suddenly they saw the "basketball" grab the nickel and pulled.

"Hay watch it weird purple thing!" Mr. Krabs shouted pulling back. "I found that nickel! It's mine!"

"POOF!" Poof wasn't giving up on his father's nickel. He just kept on pulling.

"Let err go!"


"Yey! A fight!" Patrick cheered. "Go strange peach purple basketball, go!" SpongeBob and Patrick just watched the fight, not wanting to stop them.

"Poof!" Cosmo cried, seeing his baby. He then saw him and a crab fighting over Philip, and gasped.

"Poof, Philip, don't worry, daddy's coming!" Cosmo charged towards them, helping Poof. Poof was glad to see his father, then they both continued pulling on the nickel.

"No fair!" Mr. Krabs said still pulling. "Two against one isn't fair!"

"Tough luck crabby!" Cosmo told Mr. Krabs. "Because the baby and the nickel are both mine!"

"I only want the nickel!"

"Well you can't have her, she's mine!"

"No she's not, she's mine! Let go!"

"No you let go!"

"No you!"

"No you!

"No you!"

Timmy and Wanda both gasped when they saw Cosmo and Poof fighting a weird crab with cloches on, fighting over Cosmo's nickel. They gasped again when they saw the weird sponge and starfish just standing there, clueless what was going on.

If Timmy and those two sea creatures won't stop the brawl, Wanda thought, then I will!