Chapter 5

"Well thank you for the fun time girls!" Wanda said when they were done. "I had a superb time! See ya later!"

"Glad ya had fun!" Sandy waved. "See ya!" They waved, and then departed.

When they were out of sight, Wanda herd SpongeBob crying. She turned to the sobbing sponge.

"SpongeBob is it?" Wanda consoled him. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I'm crying causeā€¦" SpongeBob sniffed. "Patrick doesn't want to be my friend anymore!"

"What do you mean?"

"He's now friends with that weird green eyed goldfish."

"You mean Cosmo?"

"Yes, him! Ever since you four landed in Bikini Bottom; he's hanging around with Cosmo more then me now." Wanda patted SpongeBob's shoulder.

"Awe, don't cry! Patrick is still your friend."

"What you mean?"

"Friends can have more then one friend SpongeBob. In fact, they can have as much as they want! But, the main thing is; your first friend will still be your friend, it all depends on you!"

"Me?" Wanda nodded.

"If you can have more then one friend, so can Patrick!" SpongeBob stood up.

"I guess that makes sense! So when you guys leave, Patrick will still like me?" Wanda nodded.

"If you're nice with him in return."

"I guess." He sighed, "I shouldn't have yelled at him, I should go apoligize to him and Cosmo."

"Tell you what; we won't leave until you say you're sorry to them."

"Sounds like a plan to me! I'll go right now!" He ran to find them. Wanda went to the sponge's house.

At SpongeBob's house; Poof was riding on Gary's Shell. Poof enjoyed it, Gary didn't.

"Meow!" He said, looking exzasted.

"Poof, poof!" The baby cheered. "Snail, snailie!" Poof giggled. When Wanda saw them, she went by Timmy who was watching.

"Hey Timmy!" Wanda greeted.

"Wanda!" Timmy said when he saw her. "Boy am I glad to see you, Poof seems to enjoy his snail ride!"

"I can see that! By the way, I've brought six tickets to see Squidward's concert tonight."

"Awe, really?"

"Yes, but after the concert, we shell go home!"

"As long as Cosmo doesn't cry over his farewell with Patrick."

"Well, he'll live!"

"I know, after all he's immortal." They watched until sunset.

"Ok, time to go!" Wanda said at ten to six. "The concert starts in ten minutes." She grabbed Poof. Gary collapsed from exzation.

"Did you have a fun snail ride Poof?" Wanda asked her son.

"Snalie, snailie!" Poof replied.

"Glad to hear it!" She patted his head, he laughed.

"So, when are we going?" Timmy asked.

As soon as we get Cosmo, Patrick, and SpongeBob."

"Sounds good to me!"

They got to the concert just in time! The five found their seats, and sat down. Wanda held Poof in her arms. They all ate Cheetos that Wanda poofed up for all of them.

When it began, SpongeBob looked at Cosmo and Patrick who was watching carefully. He still felt bad about yelling at them earlier.

"Hey Patrick?" he said.

"Yes SpongeBob?" He responded, after showing Cosmo he could flip a Cheeto and make it land in his mouth. He chewed and swallowed.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"Huh?"He asked the sponge.

"I mean, it's ok to have more then one friend right?"

"Uh, I guess so."

"I should've understood that at the beginning. I'm sorry."

"What are you guys talking about?" Cosmo wanted to know.

"Cosmo." SpongeBob told him. "I'm sorry that I didn't accept you and Patrick's friendship. I guess I was envious of you!"

"I'm sorry you were jealous of me to." SpongeBob looked at Patrick.

"So, friends?"

"Friends!" Patrick said. SpongeBob hugged him.

"Friends?" Cosmo questioned.

"Friends!" Patrick told him. Cosmo hugged him too. They stopped, and watched Squidward performance.

"Don't feel bad Squidward!" Wanda told Squidward when the concert was over. "You tried you very best, and that all that matters."

"Thanks." Squidward said. Timmy looked at his watch.

"Well, we better go home. My dad must be wondering where I am."

"Bye!" SpongeBob said, "We'll miss you!"

"Well, Poof fell asleep at the concert." Wanda said. Poof was sound asleep in Wanda's arms. "So we better go and put him in his crib."

"Ok, bye!" SpongeBob waved.

"Bye!" Wanda and Timmy said, they saw Patrick and Cosmo hugging and crying their farewells. Wanda gave the sleeping baby to Timmy, while she went to comfort her husband.

"Cosmo." She said. Cosmo cried and hugged her. "Its ok, you might be able to see him again."

"But what if I don't Wanda?" He sobbed. "What if we leave forever and never see him again?"

"Don't worry, we will!" And if we don't, Patrick will always stay in your heart forever." Cosmo looked at his wife, and looked disgusted.

"Eeeew, gross!" He said.

"I don't think she meant really in Cosmo." Timmy told his god father. "She means that, no matter where you or Patrick will go, you guys will remember each other for eternity." Cosmo looked at Patrick.

"You won't forget me now right?" Cosmo asked.

"If you don't forget me!" Patrick answered.

"It's a deal!" The two shook hands.

When they said all of their farewells; Wanda poofed all of them home. They turned Timmy back into a boy, and they turned into dogs. Wanda held Poof in her mouth.

"Well son," Mr. Turner said when he was back. "I'm sorry it's late, but you wouldn't believe how long the line was to the bathroom, and the line to see Santa! It was packed!"

""Its ok dad." Timmy forgave him. "We can go fishing another day."

"Well ok son. If that's what you want."

"Trust me dad, it is!" They packed up their stuff, then they all walked all the way home.