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I heard the front door slam and an unfamiliar car screech out of the yard at the same time. My dad stomped of his boots and I could hear pans crashing and glass breaking as he rummaged through the kitchen.

" Damnit Jill, where are they, where are they." He mumbled it at first and then his voice raised.

"Jill, where are they!" His words were angry and slurred. I heard him turn around and start walking up the stairs. I knew he was coming, I knew I should move, hide, anything, but I couldn't. I was frozen in place. He was almost to the top of the stairs, getting closer, and closer, and closer…

Samantha Forester woke with a start. A humid breeze flew in through the window and the buzzing of her alarm clock mixed with the chirping of birds and the moaning of the other three girls she shared her room with. Shelby flipped over and pulled her pillow over her head. Delaney sat up looking dazed.

Christy rolled over to look at Sam. "Can you turn that fucking thing off?"

Sam rolled her eyes and turned it off. She had been living at the small Nevada boarding school for foster children for almost three years now. Her best friend, Christy, had been living here since the seventh grade. Before that she'd lived with her grandmother, but the state had taken her away when Christy's sixth grade teacher found out she'd been living on tuna fish and canned soap for four months. Christy had a loud mouth that got her and Sam in lot of trouble – and Sam had the commonsense or the fist that usually got them out. Shelby had only been there for a month. It had come down hard on her when she realized money couldn't save an underage kid with no parents and no family. She was still adjusting. Delaney had had a drug problem, and was never really in tune to things.

Unexpectedly Shelby jumped up,

"Hey, guys, I just totally remembered a new foster family is coming today, like a Mrs. Ely or something?" She ran toward her boxes. "I call first shower!"

Christy and me rolled our eyes at each other. Only a new kid would get excited about a visit, when they thought they might get out of this place. With Shelby's elbow length shiny hair and perfect clothes, she probably would. Something sparked my memory though. Mrs. Ely… did I know that name?

"Did she say Mrs. Ely?" I asked Christy. She looked at me as if I'd just asked her if my teeth were green.

"What do you care?" she asked.

"Lay-off Christy, I just thought I remembered it or something." She shrugged.

There was a sharp wrap at the door.

"Girls?" Mrs. Abbey asked it as a question, but we all knew it was a command. Delaney opened the door and answered in our perfect, rehearsed way.

"Yes Mrs. Abbey?"

"Be down in thirty minutes. I want you all showered and in your nicest uniforms, all right? And please be on your best behavior, I'm sure you don't want a repeat of last time?" We all answered this time.

"Thirty minutes!"

We managed to hold our laughter in until Mrs. Abbey was further down the hall. Then we exploded. Our last visitor had been the principal of a nearby boarding school who offered full scholarships to his higher-end school once every year. Needless to say, none of us would be accepted.

Chef Shepard, as he insisted to be called, was serving us oatmeal and oranges that morning. Our group was the first one down. Christy had been there long enough to know the rules – first come, first served, best served. Minutes after us came Melinda and her followers, Rachel and Gwen. Christy flipped her hair over her shoulder and exclaimed brightly,

"Wow, Sam, aren't these brownies the best?" Shelby giggled nervously and I shot her a look.

" I know Christy, they're just full of chocolate chips!" Melinda flipped her the bird and Rachel and Gwen rolled their eyes. Soon the cafeteria was full of the 160 kids who called the school home. Everyone talked over everyone, screaming to their friends across the room. A large group of guys walked by pushing each other around. Bryan, an average sized kid with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes was pushed toward my table.

I heard his friends jeering at him, "c'mon man, don't be a wimp, just do it!" Christy leaned over a whispered in my ear,

"Say yes, I heard he has some-" My temper lit off, as it so often did.

"Shut up," I whispered, and then turned around.

"What?" I demanded. He was taken aback by my annoyed voice.

" I uh, I was thinking, if um, well," Gosh, spit it out kid, I thought. He sounded so much like Jake- wait who was Jake? I searched my mind, for the second time that day. Bryan must have said something because Christy nudged me with her elbow.

"Um… yay, whatever," I said and turned around. I Heard whoops from his friends and was about to ask Christy what I had just agreed to when Mrs. Abbey called the room to order.

I never got a chance to ask because Christy, Shelby, Delaney, several other girls, and about seven guys, got called to report immediately to the visitors room. I sighed. I had been hoping I wouldn't get called to be interviewed by the new foster family, I knew I wouldn't get picked anyway. This was how it worked. The foster family chooses what kind of kid they wanted to foster or eventually adopt, and Mrs. Abbey tried to give them a selection that met their needs. The foster then picked the best behaved and best looking kid – that's why kids like Shelby got picked, and kids like me and Christy didn't. It was like going to test-drive a car, only not as fun and a whole lot slower.

I toke twenty minutes for Mrs. Ely to go around and great everyone. She explained she had the rest of her family waiting in the office; she didn't want to take forever to introduce everyone. When she got to me she paused, then shook my hand warmly.

"You look just like your mother," she whispered. My mouth must have been hanging open because she winked and said, " I'll explain later." I was shocked and curious. Who was this person? How did she know my mother? How did she know me? Christina was watching me, but she didn't say a word. Last time we'd talked during visiting time we'd ended up with two weeks of kitchen cleanup duty, plus our original chores.

I watched Mrs. Ely walk into the office with Gwen. My mind was working but I had nothing. I told myself to stop getting my hopes up – there was no way I was getting out of this hellhole. When I was called next my heart skipped a beat. Why was I getting so worked up, I'd done this a million times before… thump. I landed hard. I rolled over on my side so I could see the person who tripped me. Melinda stood with her hand over her mouth, a shocked look on her face. She was a good actor.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," she said, sounding truly regretful. I put on a sweet smile.

"Oh, that's okay… bitch." Melinda's mouth hung open, and several of the guys in line smirked at her. Bryan winked at me, and I rolled my eyes. Mrs. Abbey cleared her throat,

"Samantha?" I turned around with a real smile this time. My eyes locked with a somehow familiar pair of eyes, dark brown, almost black, that stared back at me. Mustang eyes.