The Organization waved as The New Greatest Band Ever left through the hole in Castle Oblivion to go back home. It was sad to see them go, but all good things come to an end. When the last person was out of sight, Xemnas sighed.

"Alright. Let's raid that castle."

Axel raised an eyebrow. "What, all of us?"

"Everyone. I want to kill every last heartless in the place."

"Can I come?"

Xemnas scowled at Namine. "Can you fight?"

"I kill with my mind."

Xemnas blinked. "What?"

Vexen raised his hand. "I can vouch for that, actually. She spends her down time killing my clones."

Xemnas threw his hands up in defeat. "Fine."

"Yes! I'm one of you guys now!"

The Castle at Hollow Bastion

The entire organization (including the new number XV) stood at the entrance to The Castle at Hollow Bastion. They filed inside quietly, all business, and were surprised to encounter, rather than heartless, two humans battling to the watched in awe as the duo danced about the entire foyer in a violent display of martial skill and deadly efficiency. It was beautiful, like a thorn on a rose, and awe inspiring, due to their superhuman strength and Godlike speed. One threw a punch that was deflected into a pillar that crumbled and collapsed into a singularity under the crushing blow. Almost immediately after, a spinning roundhouse kick did the same thing to the air it flew past. The all destructive battle captivated the Organization as spectators, right until Namine shouted, "Alright! Let's get 'em guys!"

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee broke from their sparring to glare at the Organization, then redirected their stances at them as well. Demyx ran and made it out the door... almost.