Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The waves were crashing against the sands. The seagulls were flying across the peaceful, cloudless sky. The crabs were scurrying over the shells and rocks. What a peaceful place to swim or paint or sunbath or…play volleyball.

"Oy Tommy, strike it hard!!" Takuya, a spunky boy of 18 screamed to his friend of seven years. "Let it rip!!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying," Tommy, a small 15 year-old boy screamed back. "Urgghhh…I just can't…haha." He pumped his fist in the air, laughing, after he hit the ball squarely over the net.

"No…darn Tommy. That was goooo…." Zoe, a girl of 18 was cut off as the ball came right at her. Her hand connected and the ball went right back to where it had begun. "Yes!! Beat that!!"

Rika, a tall 18 year old girl went for the ball, her arms held out in front of her. "I got it…yea!!"

She turned to her friend of six years and stuck her tongue out. "See, Takuya, I can play just as well as you can."

Takuya responded by sticking his tongue out right back at her. "I know you are but what am I."

Rika turned and stared at him with an incredulous look on her face. "Are you serious Takuya? Just how old are you?"

"Will you two just concentrate and stop flirting," Zoe smirked at the fighting pair, earning a bright blush from both of them.

The ball was now on the other side of the net and Koji, a 18 year-old boy went for it, his arms connecting strongly with the ball, sending it flying over.

"Well, you've seriously got to try harder if that's the best you can do, Rika," he taunted.

Kouichi, Koji's twin brother rolled his eyes. "Come on you guys, focus on the game. Talking just…whoa…" He was cut off as Takuya sent the ball back to him. "That was super close. Nice one, Takuya!!' He shouted back to his friend of seven years.

Takuya gave him a thumbs-up sign before catching the ball. "I think that's enough for now you guys."

Koji groaned. "Come on Takuya, you can't be serious. You're just jealous because we're winning."

Zoe shook her head. "No Koji, we've been playing for nearly two hours. We should give it a break."

Koji frowned, but he did turn around and follow his friend of seven years back to their beach house. Takuya made a whipping noise behind him, and started to run when Koji started chasing him with a long stick.

"Some things never change," Zoe laughed, turning to Rika.

Rika nodded. "Boys will be boys."

"Wow, I'm pooped!!" Kouichi said, pulling a water bottle out of the refrigerator, once they got inside. "I never knew volleyball could be that much fun."

"Anything's fun when you play it with your friends," Tommy replied, jumping onto the couch.

"Fair point kid," Takuya said, ruffling Tommy's hair as he went past the sofa to plop down on the armchair.

Tommy playfully scowled. "I'm not a kid anymore you know. I'm 15."

Kouichi laughed as he sat down next to him. "But to us, you'll always be the little one."

If someone were to see this sight, they would have sighed at how adorable it looked.

Takuya was sitting on an armchair sipping a can of Coke with one leg carelessly over the arm of the chair, while Rika sat on the other arm. She playfully tousled his hair, causing him to pout up at her. Koji was sitting in the armchair on the other side of the room with his legs folded Indian-style underneath him, while Zoe sat on the floor with her back to the same chair. She was eating chips from a packet in front of her and Koji was silently watching everybody, not saying anything himself. Tommy was sitting on the before-mentioned sofa, while Kouichi was sitting on its arm, playfully kicking Tommy every once in a while. Tommy would give him a mock hurt look before breaking up into chuckles.

These six kids were best friends and were ever since their adventures in the Digital World. Takuya, Koji, Zoe, Kouichi, and Tommy had met there and formed an unbreakable bond of friendship while saving the world. They had also met J.P, now a 19 year old, who had decided to travel the world studying exotic food recipes after graduating high school. They had met Rika after, but she had also been to the Digital World, just sooner than them, so they felt that they could trust her with their secret.

But that all happened about seven years ago. Now, they were all in high school. Everybody was about to graduate except for Tommy who was going to be in 10th grade. They decided that they needed a vacation and convinced their parents to let them rent a beach house together and stay there for a month before college started.

Their parents' had agreed and here they were on their first day of freedom, enjoying the sun, the waves, and the shell hunting. But most of all, they were enjoying being together. What they didn't know, however, was that much was going to change in this one month. They were going to learn things about each other that they didn't know before. New relationships were going to be formed and others were going to be tested.